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  1. Gaius I. Caesar

    unarmed black man shot dead

    The feeling of invincibility and the euphoria that comes the first time they take it. Cheap, only $5 on the streets.
  2. Gaius I. Caesar

    unarmed black man shot dead

    Probably flakka, I could tell by the way he was attacking the officer and proceeded to run out into the street and roll around on the road. No other drug will do that. Turns people into crazed zombies. I don't feel sorry for him one bit, you have no idea how dangerous people can get when taking flakka. That guy needed to be shot. Here's an example of somebody on Flakka @kirtc
  3. Gaius I. Caesar

    Do men have a harder time accepting rejection

    I agree, rejection can be difficult to swallow for guys, it's the mental equivalent of a monkey wench into the work.s. Especially when we start investing in the relationship over a period of time.
  4. Gaius I. Caesar

    Serious Question about Hijab - Living in the West

    Scarf, I shared a ruling and was told it only applied to niqab.^
  5. Gaius I. Caesar

    Fave food

    Same here
  6. Gaius I. Caesar

    Revert Name Change Rant

    I think your missing the point, it shouldn't be an issue, from what I have read changing names was frowned upon unless it has a bad/pagan origin/violent meaning. Taqwa is and should be the only thing that matters.
  7. Gaius I. Caesar

    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala muhammadiw wa ali muhammadin wa ajjil farajahum Astaghfirillah lihawadithi, arhamni ya rabbi.
  8. Gaius I. Caesar

    Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadiw wa ali Muhammadin wa Ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah x1000
  9. Gaius I. Caesar


    I agree 100%
  10. Gaius I. Caesar


    Not as long as immigrants put culture before religion.
  11. Gaius I. Caesar

    Revert Name Change Rant

    I have an Islamic name, but in English and I got the question if I was Jewish. I don't like it when people ask that stupid question because I know the implications of such a question.^
  12. Gaius I. Caesar


    I'm fly like Aladdin, I split rhymes by the gallon Fierce as Saladin, my rhymes are as fiery as a dragon As dazzling as Aurora Borealis , clever as Daedalus I keep them all coming, it's almost unbecoming Rhymes so cunning, it's really quite stunning The tongue's in motor, I am own my promoter Words bounce off like floaters, driven with their own locomotors Churning like the ocean, I am in motion If you have pollution, I have a solution With a little imagination, I can show you new perceptions And conceptions for a day, if you are willing to give me a reception I can give you something of perfection, something without exception Nations and tribes crumbled at the sound of one whose lips trembled Verses against those who sent curses, blackness will soon fall on their faces Along with the those who dwell in the eternal furnace, they failed to deafen the call of worship The last one in nearness to Allah, calls out to the peoples, nations and races Guide to the straight, free of worldly desires and impureness Bringing the worthless and furthest heart to the Worshipped Giving nations of the world an ark of salvation ^ I cant think of anything more, what do you think? This is what I thought when I read your lines.
  13. É interessante. Eu posso reconhecer algumas palavras de aprender romeno.
  14. Gaius I. Caesar

    Brothers need to be careful

    What would be the solution to this? Obviously education but how do we go about teaching/presenting this information to brothers?