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  1. A drinking pot from the Persian Empire

    Look at this interesting video from @Haimid http://uupload.ir/view/70y__postsazbot_1518771948.mp4/ To think that this pot could be 3000 years old, and it still works.
  2. #26 Amr bil Ma'roof

    Post in the poll above.
  3. Anyone know why Iraq's drug use is growing

    Probably because they are trying to find an escape from life, little do they know they are destroying themselves in the process.
  4. You do not sound American.

    They don't represent American views, bought and paid for by Trump. These people at Sinclair are tools in the truest sense of the word.
  5. Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadiw wa ali Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah. Audhu billahi minash shaitaanir rajeem!
  6. Poem

    I like it.
  7. You do not sound American.

    @IbnSina Psst, the Sinclair Broadcasting Group doesn't sound remotely American.
  8. Wahhabism:The root of terrorism

    Hardly, it is very rare. Shia terrorism is something that Faux News likes to believe in.
  9. Wahhabism:The root of terrorism

    By creating more terrorism? I am afraid that I don't understand that logic. Clearly people are admitting that there is a problem with the teachings of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab. https://www.al-islam.org/wahhabism-ayatullah-jafar-subhani ^Read this, it will explain what is wrong with Wahhabism and why.
  10. Big Five Movie Star Test

    When I was a little kid, I knew that guy as Batman^
  11. Give a Salawat! [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Allahumma salli ala Muhammadiw wa Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah.
  12. 1 week language challenge

    Hmm, good point. I am currently studying German, it has been very interesting and productive since I started taking the class.
  13. 1 week language challenge

    My list for reverts is 1. Arabic, because it is the language of the Quran and Ahlulbayt (as) 2. Farsi, useful for reading Shia books pertaining to theology, tafsir, irfan and hadith.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    You're welcome as always.