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  1. I would wait and study more about Islam first. Hameedeh is right, it will cause stress in the family and you will be looked differently at, perhaps disowned. I had the worst time with my father and for a while, I didn't feel safe in my own home. Thankfully,I don't live with him anymore but it is something to consider.
  2. Why? Their cultural identity simply evolved into some weird perverse behemoth of fatalism and consumerism, especially after World War II. I love Japan and it's Sengoku Jidai history. I love the traditional Japanese culture and it's soul and aesthetics, but the modern Japanese culture seems soulless and very unappealing to me.
  3. I don't know, people are people. We're always judging someone by their appearance, origins, how they speak or they live, etc. It's human nature and unfortunately, it's simply unacceptable. That's the beauty of Islam ^
  4. Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ali Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah for my faults. People, don't forget to post salawat. Let's keep the ball rolling.
  5. Nope, absolutely haram. No doubt about it, the Prophet (as) never ever hit his daughter Fatima (sa). Beating children was a practice of the Pagan Arabs and is an extremely ignorant thing to do.
  6. Me either, I think he was just upset that I was a former Qur'anist and I wasn't buying his nonsense.
  7. Good enough, I thunderpalmed at his ridiculous Afrocentrist beliefs too. Remember Shiaman, all that gobbledy gook about Nubians?
  8. Cool, fairness is a virtue; Don't worry, the feeling is mutual. jk
  9. How could I forget Khidr, (I refuse call him Alkhidr, seems blasphemous and disrespectful to the real Khidr (as).) I knew what he was up to, he was trying to"enlighten" and convert folks. Although what I could do to teach people about respecting reverts? Any ideas?
  10. Well, I am not naming any names here but I was told once that converts are untrustworthy and not sincere in their deen, one day "I would follow Islam" and the next day I would "worship Buddha". Said member also kept calling me "white boy" after I told them to stop, but that's entirely my fault because I tolerated it when I shouldn't have. "Pardon one offense and you encourage the commission of many" ~ Publilius Syrus. So there's discrimination against converts here, no doubt. Shame really,but I have my friends here.
  11. Really? I never even heard of that before. Personally,I believe that bad things happen to people because of their choices\actions or because of the choices\actions of others, if it is beyond their control. This too would also explain the reason why bad things happen to people and probably a more rational and realistic answer than the Creator dying in the Big Bang.
  12. ...and glared at me, crinkled his nose at me like I was a rotten piece of meat and proceeded tell me that I was a son of an adultress and a non-Muslim...
  13. 1. We're all human. 2. How little I actually know. 3. How Muslim communities apparently don't know how to deal with people who have disabilities. I am sure that I would think of more later on.
  14. I agree with you wholeheartedly, I don't understand it either to be frank. Look at the fiasco with Gibraltar, I think that was pure insanity. I am astounded at the lack of foresight involved with Brexit.
  15. @DigitalUmmah It sounds like a Prime Minister May like contracted a disease known as "growing-a-brainitis", symptoms include a sudden change of tune, statements of startling lucidity and having thoughts of reluctance, after facing harsh reality of Brexit being a lot rougher than anticipated. Then again,it could be an act, I hope that the Labour Party seizes the opportunity to deliver a decisive blow on Brexit.