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  1. I'm not ready...(poem)

    I'm not ready... to see you go. I'm not ready, to bury you next to him. I'm not ready, to go through this again. Maybe I'm selfish. Maybe I wanted more, and maybe I just wanted to be just like everyone else: happy and free. I'm not ready, to lose my best friend. I'm not ready, to be the only girl. I'm not ready, to be alone...without you. I can't let you go. I can't be you. You belong here, with us. To see your children's wedding day. To see your future grandchildren. To see it all.... I'm not ready, at all!
  2. Dua got my mom

    Who’s sister? This is for my mom.
  3. Dua got my mom

    @LadyNadine I needs duas for my mom. Please keep her in all your salats and duas. In 2008 she had breast cancer and defeated it. Yesterday we heard bad news. She has bone cancer. I did not sleep all night and I’m very sad. If you know any prayers or duas or anything that will help please don’t hesitate to message me or reply to this thread.
  4. @Abu Hadi I have not heard from hajj hadi in almost a month. Is everything ok?
  5. Be positive today! You never know who's life you have impacted. :grin:

  6. Have a blessing day everyone.

    1. monad



    2. Zavon


      @monad *very blessed

  7. What's your BMI?

    very true!
  8. What's your BMI?

  9. Poll #2 - Will Trump Finish Term?

    I hope not and if he does, I hope he doesnt get reelected.
  10. Guys what is your gym secret?

    There are number of factors you need to consider: calorie intake, protein, carbs and fats. if you trying to gain muscles, you need to eat more. I dont know your height and weight so I can't suggest you a number. However, consider the macro diet. You eat a certain amount of carbs, fat, and protein. This is something you can try. You can play with it. I do 25% fats, 35% carbs, and 45% protein. With exercise, dont spend too much time on cardio. Use that as a warm up, like 15-20mins on the treadmill running and the rest of the time lift weights. I been doing this for 3/4 years. It works. I'm not bulk or big. Don't believe in misconception that if girls lift weights they will get big. Remember girls are build differently. We don't have a large amount of intosterone. The only way girls can get big (and guys too) they take a suppliment, such as creatine. If you need any help please message me
  11. Crow Dream

    crow arent usually good in a dream. It usually means enemy. It might be good that it flew away.
  12. Ok, I waited 40 mins for this "Skype" request invite. I signed up and filled up all the forms. I never got invite. If it was going to be cancel, it would of been nice to be notified. I worked my whole schedule around this. Also, if we plan on being late for every month of these meetings, I rather not be part of this. I'm very upset. Thank you for wasting nearly a hour of my life.
  13. I sign up but I didn't include a reference.
  14. Amaal Tonight (Night of Shaban 15)

    base on my calendar from my mosque, it is tomorrow.
  15. Amaal Tonight (Night of Shaban 15)

    I thought it is tomorrow?