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  1. New Layout Experiment

    I see the list is back
  2. Not completely back, but hey I got internet now.

  3. New Layout Experiment

    Yes but some reason when I changed it to blue, the chat doesn’t work. I’m on my iPad.
  4. New Layout Experiment

    I still hate the green, but love how the layout is now. Glad you got ride of the list checkin layout. I can deal with the green if you keep this way.
  5. Moving day

    1. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine Are you moving or this is another way to say exercising. :) 

    2. LadyNadine


      We moved to another home.

    3. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine May Allah bless your new place, Sister. 

  6. Do you shake hand?

    That’s your opinion and what your culture interpret that is. Thanks for your input though. It was nice hearing ppl point of views.
  7. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    I was shock. He gonna make the war even worse. And how does the USA president have that kind of power to declare jersalem as head of Israel? He has no jurisdiction over Palestine or Israel. He just brought down hell. Well more of it.
  8. Try exercising. It might help.
  9. Do you shake hand?

    @hasanhh I'm not sure why you are sad. Everything is done in a respectful matter. This is where culture interferes. Everyone one is respectful and no haram is being committed. The imams, the sheikhs are following proper islamic laws. Here where I live males and females do not like the idea of separate rooms. We all like to be present where the imam is when he does friday prayers. We do not like to feel we are losing the opportunity to be with the imam. What if the sisters have questions? What if we like to hear the imam more clearly and be personally involved like the men. No sin have been committed and I know of all the shia Mosques I go that have done this. Women in the back and men up front with the imam.
  10. Do you shake hand?

    I like your explanation on this. You put it very nicely.
  11. Do you shake hand?

    It isn’t that uncommon. we do that here where I live.
  12. Talking on phone

    If both parents know, for yourself and hers it should be fine.
  13. Do you shake hand?

    Well example: praying. Where does the man pray and where the women pray? Women in the back or a separate room and men up front with the imam.
  14. Do you shake hand?

    According is life we should be pure and clean. Women aren't as sexual beings.