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  1. Just see video I posted in first comment. Also I don't see in why establishing Islamic Republic if majority of Lebanese are Shia Muslims is "taking over Lebanon".
  2. I don't understand your statement brother. That was maybe not the only original goal but that was among the objective of hezbollah at the beginning. You said this is "anti resistance" to say that? In which ways exactly? For being "resistant" we must be secular?
  3. Salam aleykoum, As you may know at the origin the goal of Hezbollah was to est lavish an Islamic Republic in Lebanon however Sayed Nasrallah later said that it was not possible because non Shia are too much in Lebanon and that would create a Civil War (wich I think it is here absolutely right) however didn't he totally give up this goal or could he do that later? For exemple even if it is utopic for the moment if one day Shia Muslims increase in Lebanon for different reasons and become something like 80% of the population could Hezbollah try again to establish an Islamic Republic in Lebanon? I don't find it but I think I saw one video explaining something like that a long time ago this is why I ask that.
  4. alidu78

    Marrying unchaste muslim women or from ahlulkitab

    Well I have maybe not understood well the narrations but this is what I had understood from hadith quoted by @Mansur Bakhtiari.
  5. alidu78

    Marrying unchaste muslim women or from ahlulkitab

    @Mansur Bakhtiari so it is ok to do mutah with a prostitute even if she continues in prostitution after mutah ?
  6. alidu78

    Why did Iran do this?

    I think there are more people like me than wahdat. I often heard among Iranians an expression saying "Iran and Iraq are one soul in two bodies".
  7. alidu78

    Why did Iran do this?

    I like Iraq à lot I would even love to see as an Iranian see an union between these two countries just for doing one powerful Shia country with most of sacred Shia places. I know this is really utopic but that would be great.
  8. alidu78

    Why did Iran do this?

    I would love to see Iraq and Iran united in one single country instead of all these hostilities between Iranians and Iraqis.
  9. alidu78

    Fast for 22 hours

    It is just impressive
  10. alidu78

    Is Islam Pagan? Kaaba built when?

    Why did you share this?
  11. I think personnaly admins must remove these person and this topic which is a lose of time and wich also look to be very fake. @Reza @repenter
  12. Seriously you look very fake or very naive i dont really know.
  13. Something like 95% of the poll said he had no chance to win even just before Results and you will be surprise that in Iran also there are polls which are made . Now could we stop this useless conversation wich has nothing to do in this topic?
  14. The same poll companies which said trump has no chance to win presidential election?
  15. alidu78

    Iraq Election Results

    Maybe one day inshallah.