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  1. Force Hijab

    Salam aleykoum, Are there some narrations wich say that in a muslim country we must force women to wear hijab ?
  2. Could i have your opinion about that ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Behavioral_modernity
  3. yeah but do that answer the problematic about older humans than 7000 years old brother ?
  4. How explained that we found fossiles of humans older than 7000 years old brother ?
  5. Post sistani Iraq article

    I hope he will success for implanting more wilaya al faqi ideology in Iraq.
  6. Post sistani Iraq article

    Do you know if Mahmoud Shahroudi have some good influences in Irak?
  7. Post sistani Iraq article

    OK but this article is not agaisnt sayed sistani it is just talking about his succession.....
  8. Post sistani Iraq article

    Do you just read the article brother?
  9. Salam aleykoum, Even if this article had been written by an American website I found this very interresting and that talk about the influence of ayatollah Shahroudi in Iraq and the possibility he could succeed him after his death. What is your opinion about that dear brothers and sisters? https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2017-11-07/iran-vying-for-leadership-of-shiites-in-iraq
  10. That would be nice yes if could give it to me
  11. It looks to be that there are not real consensus about when prophet Adam (as) came to earth. Do you have narrations talking about the fact Adam is 20 000 years old approximately ?
  12. Do you have a reliable source about that?
  13. Do we consider them as exctinted brother?
  14. Salam aleykoum, A sheykh explained to me that according to Islamic tradition prophet Adam (as) appeared 7000 years ago approximately. He also said that it is true that there were humans before Adam (as) so it is normal than we found older human traces on earth than 7000 years. After I asked him "so not actual humans living now are forcely descendants of Adam (as)"? He answered me this "yeah it is possible". I was very surprised by this answer because I always thought that according to Islam we had all Adam k(as) as ancestor. What do you think about that brothers and sisters?
  15. How to build a strong Iraq

    I think a system exactly like iran is not applicable for the moment in iraq , maybe we must have a wilaya faqi system in shia régions and an autonomy for sunni régions but also based on islamic laws.