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  1. Salaam bro, hope youre doing well iA :)

  2. That is true... Good point. But Skype can also be hacked.
  3. Can we have a Skype session on the moon? Why is the calender based on something that is just a projection...
  4. Brother sami, what if we do not know 2 momins? I live in the west, I know plenty of Muslims but Muslims here are the minority and always trying to fit in with the non Muslims. I know some very good muslims, but I don't think they are momins. The only one I know lives in Canada and I don't visit Canada very often.
  5. Here is an example of what I mean.skip to 2:40 min in.
  6. Actually I do have a question, if you film the moon near the time of the full moon something strange happens, the moon seems to have this wave go thru it.... It looks like the waves you see on old televisions. What's up with that? Is the sky just a projection?
  7. I can wait, I can read and learn from what others ask you, as other grass hoppers ask good questions, plus I work 6 days a weeks now so I'm much busier.
  8. Aren't you the one who said a man and a woman should not talk in private alone brother sami?
  9. Allhumdulilah, how are you and your family? Give them my salaams :)Inshallah, I hope many people PM you for a Skype session.
  10. Salaam br sami, will you be doing another Skype session again? Your views are very insightful. I especially enjoy the ones where you talk about things that are contrary to what one would think is true and make u really think about the Prophet (s). My favorite was when you talked about if the Prophet (s) would be an environmentalist or a "greenie". I also think it's nice to have a live interactive discussion if you can get enough people to listen. Ws
  11. Eid mubarak :)

    1. Khalilallah


      Eid Mubarak to you too

  12. http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/us-military-simulated-biological-warfare-san-francisco
  13. Belle

    Should I Keep My Friends?

    My condolences to you and your family as well. Inshallah I will and please keep me in your duas too.Yes I know... after you unregistered last time I thought you were gone forever.
  14. Belle

    Should I Keep My Friends?

    Salaam brother, nice to see you back Allhumdulilah. Ramadan kareem to you and your family.