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  1. Bilal (ra)

    he couldn't live in Medina after Prophet (saws) death nor did he wish to ever make Adhan. he requested to leave, he made his way to Damascus. he married the daughter of a wealthy arab there, and lived well. it is said that he made adhan on only two occasions after Prophet (saws) died. 1. when Umar was travelling through dimashq, he insisted Bilal recite the Adhan, so Bilal did. 2. when Hadhrat Bilal went to Medina to visit the Prophet (saws) tomb, he encountered people who were asking him to do the Adhan. he continually refused. however, two young men approached him and requested him to do the Adhan, which Bilal responded "Ya Allah, how could i refuse you two..." Those men were Imam al-Hasan (as) and Imam al-Husayn (as). he then recited it again. this is the most common seerah material i've heard and also found in Ramadhan al-Bouti's seerah.
  2. Tahir Ul Qadri Replies [edited] Of Dr. Israr

    i agree wid above 2
  3. Some Questions Related To 17:77

    theres a lot more evidence than this for twelve imams bro...so it is not of the most alarming importance. you can not read qur'an and make your own interpretation.
  4. amazing dream bro, khayr inshaAllah!
  5. Hi, i was wondering if someone could provide me with the complete speech, i'm finding it very difficult to find a complete version without some irritating commentary and interjected text. Also, more importantly, what are the sources for the Speech both shi'i and sunni. are there any sunni sources for it? wa sal Allahu alay ala Sayyid al Kawnayn wa Ala Alihi
  6. Convince Me Shiaism Is Right....

    because on the day of judgement i'd rather be raised with Imam Ali, Fatima al-Zehra, Imam Hasan, Imam Husayn then anyone else in this ummah, from Umar to Mu'awiya. righteous or not righteous.
  7. Recent: Sunni Sheikh Converts To Shia

    he may not have converted to twelver shi'a. but watch this video and you will see he is definitely NOT a typical Sunni. ma sha Allah, he cries over Imam Hussayn (as), so do all the crowd. if you understand arabic, its incredible. i have never seen a Sunni scholar conduct such a talk like that, no hesitation in naming the villians as well.
  8. Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) Shadow

    Prophet (saws) not having a shadow? how about this... i've seen hairs of the Prophet (saws), and they DO NOT CAST a shadow. Rasoolullah (saws) does not cast a shadow...and its very simple why. it's because he is LIGHT itself.
  9. How 2 Greet Imam Mahdi(a.s)

    tha translates as salam alayka wa baqiyatullah salam alaykum is pluralised. salam alayka similiarly to tashhahud, assalama alayka ayyuhan Nabi (saws) really nice ma sha Allah!
  10. I've Got Problem With Beard

    some people want to be taller, some people want different colour hair, some people want certain things, brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. but i guess this is just one of those things you have to accept... i think it would be a really ill-thought thing to do if you seek a way of furthering growth and dangerous for your face.
  11. moving. makes one think how many of us exhibit even a fraction of such qualities... really wish i could have been with him in in his time (saws). brill. post.
  12. I Had A Dream About Jesus (pbuh) And Mahdi (aj)

    have you guys seen this thread about dreams? http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=52179
  13. Sufism And Shia Islam Dilemma

    i know two major mureeds, who have ijaazat to initiate people into naqshbandi tariqat and they both believe in 12 Imams. they also explain how Sheikh Nazim does as well. remember terms like "sunni" don't carry much meaning in group referencing anymore, i know plenty of people who respect Shi'a Islam and Sunni Islam, its not that simple though, you have to identify what makes you Shi'a. is it believing in the superiority of the AhlulBayt? is it believing that there were injustices agaisnt the AhlulBayt and the Holy Imams? as long as it does not conflict with your tariqat, there is absolutely no problem, rememebr Sheikh Nazim touches people not through that but by encouraging people to make Dhikr and Seek Forgiveness of Allah, also to becareful of the vices of this world. thats IT. never does he address poltiical disputes etc, you can take that all from Shi'i Islam if you want - i know plenty of people who are in that situation.
  14. Sufism And Shia Islam Dilemma

    sorry but tasawwuf, or "sufism" as is the western trend to label it, has far more deeper an element than what you have written brother, i mean that with utmost respect. and remember, its the spiritual tradition of Islam, where the spiritual qualities of the Prophet (saws), Hadhrat Ali (as) and his Family are much recognised, and the similiarities with the Shi'a are overwhelming, purely on their exhaultation of the Prophet (saws) and his Family.. the more political ideas, or tar'eekh elements will differ, BUT they even differ amongst the ahlultasawwuf themselves so it can not be all put under one banner. of "sufism" i've noticed some Shi'i scholars are very critical of it and try to encapsulate it within some sort of heterodoxy - but this is a real misunderstanding. But having said that, there are so-called Sufis who try to become political themselves. The main idea is, that there are many Shi'i scholars and Sufis who are inclusive of each other. the sciene of dreams, cleansing the heart, the wonders of life, manners, ikhlaq and attitude to life from the Islamic tradition or what occupy the teachings of tasawwuf, not Islamic Jurisprudence, or Islamic History- which i totally agree are major elements of Islam and where arguably the mainstream Sunni community and Shi'a community differ. It is understanding the spiritual sciences, Khomeini himself was a mystic who read and studied much of Sufi literature, that can not be denied. hope this helps, salam alaykum