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  1. Is He there?

    Salaam It s been for a long time , everything is messed up in my life. I sooo tried to make everything OK again,I talked to God sooo much and I asked Him to help n give me strength n help me to get good result. But it seems God aint there anymore. He's just making everything worse n worse. Before,I thought it s cuz Im not that close to Allah, so I did everything. Praying on time, reciting Quran and Duas. But nothing ever happened... Wth am I supposed to do now? Arent I His creature? Y He doesnt help? Y everything getting worse?
  2. Does He even hear us...?

    1. Shah Khan

      Shah Khan

      Yes, He Does hear us.

    2. Hameedeh


      @strength=Abbas One of the 99 names of Allah SWT is Al Sami" (السميع) The All Hearing.  

  3. Not just an athlete, A HERO

    He didnt decide himself. The coach told him that he should lose the game because if he wins,he should wrestle with the Israeli player then. Plus then in an interview he said I really wanted to win the gold medal,but they said u should lose,I practised sooo much for winning the medal,but I was told to lose the game
  4. Not just an athlete, A HERO

    Ive a question. All athletes do the same thing in Iran. In every sport they should not play with Israeli players. So y they talk so much about Alireza Karimi?? Like he was expected to do it,not such big n new thing.
  5. Not just an athlete, A HERO

    Basically he does it to say we dont believe ur country exists. So u r not a national player
  6. Anyone with ADHD?

    What medication ? Ritalin ? Or another thing ? I see students take it,but even me as an ADHD person,dont take it. These things have side effects. I also see some ppl take Ritalin as drug :/ I mean it really is drug ! So it s better not to use these things. Yea it s better,but still students get it, n here we r! We can do nothing to avoide it.lol
  7. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Stranger things ! Was greaaaat!
  8. Anyone with ADHD?

    Yes.me. I kinda prefer meditation rather than medication . The Ritalin thing ! I HATE it. I try to think how I should live, how I can control my mind n these things. Plus I guess it also helps to read Quran n try to focus on it. Like read Quran (or even in prayers) n focus on ur reading n try to concentrate on what u doing.
  9. ADHD & Depression

    R these really conncented ? :| I mean these r totally different but depression is more common among those ADHD ppl . Cuz basically they stick to an issue n think n kinda overthink about it! So I guess that s y it s more common among them. Plus it would be much reasonable if they said depression's more common among ADD ppl instead of ADHD ppl
  10. http://cafebazaar.ir/app/?id=IR.IRIB.LiveIRIB&ref=share Tap on نصب
  11. just help plz

    tnx but this wasn't hormonal . I'm just sure it was a real dream n hes tryna tell me hes mad at me n that's y I'm sad n depressed not cuz of hormones
  12. just help plz

    salaam ok. its been for weeks that I'm feeling down n depressed. I really dunno y. I even tried to say my prayers on time n recite Quran every night,but still no difference. I tried to focus only on my studies n tried to think only about good things but it didn't work. plus some nights ago I had a dream which made me even more depressed like real depression. I cant remember it so clearly but it was like قیامت n I think I saw Imams. btw I remember firstly it went all good but then I felt so bad like there were so pressure on me. I was asking Imam Hussain to help me but he didn't help . I asked many many times but.... I asked Hazrat Abbas too. first he didn't help but then suddenly his zareeh appeared n I got so happy but still I asked Imam Hussain to help I was kinda sure that he would help me so I was searching for his zareeh too,but nothing appeared. I remember all things were going badly n it was so hard for me that even I asked hey is it just real,like for real it is قیامت now? it might not be قیامت n I can go back or wake up to do good things n to clear my bad deeds . but it was said no,it s really قیامت . then suddenly I woke up n realized it was all dream but it just couldn't be a normal dream . I'm scared now. I'm so scared of death n these things . every night I cry n I say oh I might die tonight . I'm just all sad now. I don't want the life which my Imam be mad at me. I really dunno what the problem is that Imam Hussain is mad at me. all my life I was so sure that Imam Hussain n Hazrat Abbas will help me on قیامت but now.. plus I think I should mention that this Muharram was awful. like I joined no majlis, I didn't cry n I actually did nothing. so plz help me n plz pray for me tnx Abbas
  13. Is that over here ? I need information about practicing as a doctor in Iran .. pros n cons for a foreigner? Are there any tests to pass ?

    1. Hameedeh


      @strength=Abbas Salam. @Zari Naqvi is asking questions about medical education and doesn't have PM access. Please reply here on your profile or in the topic:

    2. strength=Abbas


      ws. yea I sent her pm . but I'm still busy with my exams. inshaAllah ill pm her again to answer her qs in next week

    3. Hameedeh


      @strength=Abbas Good luck in your exams, Sister! :) 

  14. About medical education

    Yeah? Hope I b able to help I study medicine in Iran U also can pm me