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  1. Is that over here ? I need information about practicing as a doctor in Iran .. pros n cons for a foreigner? Are there any tests to pass ?

    1. Hameedeh


      @strength=Abbas Salam. @Zari Naqvi is asking questions about medical education and doesn't have PM access. Please reply here on your profile or in the topic:

    2. strength=Abbas


      ws. yea I sent her pm . but I'm still busy with my exams. inshaAllah ill pm her again to answer her qs in next week

    3. Hameedeh


      @strength=Abbas Good luck in your exams, Sister! :) 

  2. About medical education

    Yeah? Hope I b able to help I study medicine in Iran U also can pm me
  3. [BREAKING NEWS] Explosion in Shiraz, Iran

    Just saw this. No it wasnt terrorist attack. Hamdillah I'm OK. Wasnt near my home n thank u so much
  4. which univeristy ?

    tnx for what tho?
  5. Salam, Sister. Happy Birthday. :) 

    1. strength=Abbas


      thank u sooooooo much dear sister . oh u really made me happy :) jazak Allah khayr 

  6. which univeristy ?

    loool nooooo it's OK ! coz I may get accepted there too I.A
  7. which univeristy ?

    yes I heard too not Beheshti tho lol I asked about Iran university
  8. which univeristy ?

    salaam alaikum I need help ! which university is better ? Iran university in Tehran ? or Shiraz university ?? both in medical field ! tnx all
  9. sunnism in ahwaz (iran)

    no I'm not Arab . I was just born and raised in Ahwaz no not many ofc ! and they r mostly in rural areas . hamdillah we live here safely and no ofc no. who said many Iranians joined Isis ?? lol
  10. sunnism in ahwaz (iran)

    they converted to Wahhabism and some r even Daeshi now I'm saying this as a person who lives in Ahwaz
  11. Bahais in iran

    sometimes it s good that we open our eyes and try to use our brain more Baha'i isn't a divine religion . plus US and western countries try to lead ppl to this religion . western countries r Iran's enemies . y should Iran then allow Bahaiis to b active and act that freely in Iran ? while they actually wanna change Iran's policy and regime . no country surely allows to a minority to change the regime of that country . all countries want peace. which country u see that allows ppl to protest freely against their regime ? all countries want their regime to b fixed and powerful . surely Iran is the same . we don't allow to some ignorant ppl to change our policy and our leader I.A
  12. Are Khomeini and Khamenei your imams?

    what ?!?!?! lol they r not innocent ! ahaha ofc they r not! Imam means whom we can follow ! Imam isnt used just for innocent person !!! in this case,it means leader! and we believe them as our leaders! nothing more
  13. I have a friend.I can remember when she was studying for biology Olympiad ,she asked us if we know y we wipe special parts in wudu ! n we didn't know ...she then told us that scientifically ,it s proven that these parts are named chakra (if I don't spell wrong!)...chakras r some parts which realize energy ,if they get wet! n while performing wudu ,we make them wet! so they realize energy ! ...BTW she got silver medal then !!! n I just tried to remember what she said! I hope this helps Abbas
  14. HELP

    we missed her :| and we r worried about her ! so I guessed she might b her! that s y I asked tnx
  15. HELP

    @laithAlIRAQI isnt her way of speaking ,similar to Rosa??? but an angry version !!