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  1. FIFA is the same exact game every year. The Mario Sports games are clearly better.
  2. Squeaked like a Luma. *squeak*
  3. Likes lots of awesome PC hardcore stuff. *squeak*
  4. Assalam Alikum.

    Why are you always squeaking? Does that mean you are happy?  When you are mad what sound do you make?

    M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

    1. pwwnd123


      Just trying to be like a Luma by squeaking just like it.

  5. *squeak* Salaam. You can check out for online books and stuff. You can even check this forum.
  6. Likes Back to the Future. *squeak*
  7. *squeak* Likes to record Islamic audio on his website.
  8. A great chat mod and now a dev team member. *squeak*
  9. Not yet, but eventually.
  10. *squeak* Great Scott! ShiaChat was blue until it turned green. I guess that's a change after seeing blue for the last few years.
  11. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe came out yesterday and it is selling well. The Switch has sold 2.74 million units. It will make it to 10 million inshallah.
  12. *squeak* This movie does bring a bit of nostalgia. It was a classic Sci-Fi comedy.
  13. Just played Mario Kart: Double Dash!! at school with a group of friends. It was fun. *squeak*
  14. Hey, the Switch isn't really a toddler's gadget. It's a system that has unique way of playing games. There is a lot of variety in the Switch. *squeak*
  15. So the Xbox Scorpio's specs were revealed today. It seems overpowered when compared to the PS4 Pro. But in all honestly the Nintendo Switch is more interesting and will sell like hotcakes due to demand.