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  1. *squeak* This movie does bring a bit of nostalgia. It was a classic Sci-Fi comedy.
  2. Just played Mario Kart: Double Dash!! at school with a group of friends. It was fun. *squeak*
  3. Hey, the Switch isn't really a toddler's gadget. It's a system that has unique way of playing games. There is a lot of variety in the Switch. *squeak*
  4. So the Xbox Scorpio's specs were revealed today. It seems overpowered when compared to the PS4 Pro. But in all honestly the Nintendo Switch is more interesting and will sell like hotcakes due to demand.
  5. So I heard that the Nintendo Switch now has the problem of warping in the dock. This should be resolved soon.
  6. I remember watching this back in 2011. *squeak* What a classic that was.
  7. I hear the Switch sales are great. It's going to probably make it to 2 million. *squeak*
  8. Came back home from Ziyarah *squeak*

    1. wolverine


      @pwwnd123 Yay! I love to see your "squeak" at ShiaChat. Allah bless you! 

  9. Going off for Ziyarah. *squeak*

  10. Mashallah. May he become righteous and may Allah bless him.
  11. Sunni forum is the closest equivalent.
  12. I would want various places to explore in. That would be fun.
  13. The Nintendo Switch is out after months of rumors, announcement, and full unveiling of the system. It's going to do amazing. Who cares about what is better. It's about how a system gets it's job done.
  14. Yeah, that sorta thing.
  15. No, what I was talking about was a poll on the side of every page that has a question each day. That's what I am talking about.