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  1. Miss Wonderful

    Denial and Doubt

    You feeling sad about whatever u did means you really want to try and turn things around. Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is most merciful and he will accept whomever sincerely repents.
  2. Miss Wonderful

    God Is Capable of Anything

    God is Able. He is capable of everything.
  3. Miss Wonderful

    English translation highly appreciated

    Thank you so much. Many blessings your way. Ramadan Kareem to you too.
  4. Salam friends, I would love an english translation of the verses being recited in this clip. Thank you xoxo https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BZBr-qXYsN8
  5. Miss Wonderful

    Sayyed Ammar Naskhkawani done?

    This LOL.
  6. Miss Wonderful

    Sayyed Ammar Naskhkawani done?

    Guy is being a normal human being....that is doing absolutely NOTHING wrong.
  7. Miss Wonderful


    @Haji 2003 ohhh what about makeup or baby wipes? They are pre moistened so does that automatically fall under liquid rule?
  8. Miss Wonderful


    All that perfume .....tsk tsk....i bet they the workers take them at the end of the night. It's a nightmare paking. I bought this clear makeup bag from Walmart that hows picture of an airplane on it. so i'm like this must be tsa approved. and i was happily stuffing it , when then I got a ziplock bag and compared it to the thick makeup bag from walmart and realized the quart sized ziplock was much smaller I'm glad I caught it now otherwise they wouldve thrown it away
  9. Miss Wonderful


    Salam, Y'all do I have to put my powder blush inside the quart sized bag with the liquid and gel or can i just throw it in my carry on
  10. Miss Wonderful

    Will he find me?

    Gurl u are overreacting. Besides ur pic was in hijab and was appropriate. No one has time to track other ppl down from one blurry pic. He lost interest and probably already messaging other girls.
  11. Miss Wonderful

    #33 What is Your Favorite Reaction?

    Will look later lol! I don't really associate the eyes with "will look later", whenever I use it on whatsapp I use it for suspicion or as another way of saying "mmmmhmmmm sureee" when I actually mean to say " u crazy" lol
  12. I honestly found this post to be so heart warming and cute. As long as you have faith, good deeds, try your best in school, and have intention to take on a path where you can utilize what your good at in your future career to make a halal profit then you should be good.
  13. Miss Wonderful

    Is the Iddah after Mut3ah 2 or 3 months?

    I'd only ghost him if he doesn't give me my time back lol
  14. Miss Wonderful

    Is the Iddah after Mut3ah 2 or 3 months?

    That's exactly what I thought. Can he return me the reminder of the time if I request it? And if he doesn't I can just ghost him- but would still have to wait till the agreed time is over and then do the iddah of two months-right?
  15. Is the iddah 2 or 3 months?