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  1. Female staying single?

    Honestly, I encourage you to take your time and invest in finding someone good for marriage. Because choosing a good life partner can enhance your life in many ways. You will get best friend and companion if you find right man- someone u can grow old comfortably with and take care each other. Kids add joy to your life as well and make like more fulfilling. The key is finding the RIGHT guy tho. Because like many people stated the wrong person can make your life miserable and more lonely and depressing. If you choose to not marry,make sure you have a good paying job and plan for your future retirement . One of my colleagues is divorced, and she is well over 55 yrs of age and she is already struggling financially and is possibly deciding on working two jobs, even tho she has a great education background. Sometimes a pro in marriage is financial security- that is if the husband is well organized. Hopefully you will find a great man to be your husband.
  2. How can we know Allah is pleased with us.

    I really loved ur post siar
  3. convince me about hijab

    Heck I would love to wear the NIQAB even . Being admired and winked at by unhygenic persons is beyond gross. Men who just gawk at you and size you up with their eyes just because you are a young woman is not something I want. I do not wear make up or tight fitting clothes - because I do not want that kind of attention from random men. I would like to save myself for the man that I will be married to. Wouldn't it creep you out to have a 55 year old balding married guy with warts and sun spots all over him, size you up and wink at you? Hijab protects you from this. Also nice styled hair is beauty and can be envied by other women. So it protects you from this as well. Also hijab protects you from pollution fro the environment and the harmful rays of the sun that can do premature skin damage. GIRL JUST WEAR THE HIJAB ITS A BLESSING.
  4. This culture of staying busy needs to end

    Op u are so right. Multi tasking is praised and everything so fast paced.i dont even know what i like anymore.
  5. Juggling, Religion, Work, and Play

    I shouldn't even have to put juggling religion in the title, because Religion should be the base of everything. Yet, I found myself struggling, when my work schedule became so hectic that I had no more balance in my life. Life just began with work and ended with sleep. I craved to be more spiritual and do more Islamical duties, but I was drained emotionally, physically, and mentally. So I fought for my rights to get at least a couple of days to recharge. Because without religion life becomes empty and boring. This world can zap all of your high spiritual energy and make you into a robot. Dealing with rude customers all day can make you numb to people and harden your heart. It can make the zest for life gone and make you cynical. Allah gives us religion as a blessing to keep us grounded, to give us heart, and to motivate us to do our best in this life so we can have it even better in the next. If you feel yourself slipping away from the rope of God- start with tsbeh of God's name and do Salawt and Inshallah you will recharge. And the evil spirits will not bring you down nor can they dull your glow.
  6. Messy, lazy and unmotivated

    You need to get ONE higher paying job. And stop the second one. Are u in dire need of two jobs in this moment? Because two job back to back is getting to be a toll on u
  7. No Luck With Co-workers or Bosses

    The co worker presented me with an x-mas gift the other day as well as a card expressing how I'm a available staff. but that was only after I became aloof with her. Wallah ya hajj, I think ppl just want whats convenient for them. They don't want to do extra work even if they know we are short staffed. so they'd rather shift the blame on someone else. I[m just gonna be more aloof and not be too friendly
  8. No Luck With Co-workers or Bosses

    yes If I work extra hours my income increases, and its good to help my family out. But I wish there was balance. I feel like once they get more people my hours will decrease significantly-close to nothing. But now because they are in dire in need they are throwing all these hours at me with a day off once in a full moon. Work and personal life are not balanced at all. Honestly, when I tried being less available I felt like my boss would bully me until I accepted the work- because she has no one else to ask. Thank you for your dua, I think it really worked- because today imbakha3o like 5 times. I defended myself again, when I heard them talking about me behind my back. lol and many small things happened that showed them they were wrong. I'm going to start searching for another job too and spice up my resume inshallah Honestly, I think this corporation I work for is owned by jewish ppl-because the company is so cheap on hiring people. they know there are long lines of people, but yet they put few staff. so we can hardly ever satisfy the customer. my over time pay is not alot. As for spending my entertainment was to spend body perfumes, lotions, shower gels, but now that I find that making them on my own is cheaper and scent last longer i stopped spending . but i will look forward to buy some quality makeup i guess lol.
  9. Every place I worked, I always get the worst co-workers or the Boss has unresolved anger issues that she takes out on the entire staff. I am a very hard worker, and do lots of overtime, and even take other ppl's shift when there is no one else available, and don't take breaks, because I get so warmed up into my work that I don't feel the need to take a short 15 or 30 mins break.. I am also pleasant to work around with and friendly. We have been short staffed for a while now, because three people quit, two are on vacation, and one keeps calling off and hardly ever comes to work. So basically its me, another girl and the boss. I am getting scheduled with hardly a day off- this bothers me alot. This week I am lucky to get one- and that relies on if the other person will show up to work. I understand that this is temporary until they more people for help. But this has been going on for two months. The boss had opportunity to find more people, but she waited till the last minute to go on her hunt. And the training takes two months to complete after they hire someone. So this makes me upset. As for my coworker, shes been with the company. longer than me and gets to have weekends off automatically. She is also a mother with children-thats understandable. I've always covered her shifts when she had an emergency with family, or needed a personal day. I am overall friendly, dependent, and a hardworker- the best co-worker you could ever had. Yesterday, she had the nerve to tell me I wasn't doing enough work. This woman had her weekends off and she took Monday off, and she had the nerve to yell at me that I wasn't multi-tasking enough. While I havent had a day off for two weeks, been working overtime, and don't take a short break just so I keep business running smoothly because of how fast paced this trade is. Heck, I even came in special for four hours to help her out, cuz she had injured herself. Anyway I defended myself so good that it shut her up. But I am just so upset that people are horrid. It just seems like I have no luck with bosses or co-workers.
  10. What are some embarrassing habit(s)..

    Using any reflective surface to make sure im on fleek.
  11. How I Save A TON of Money on Body Sprays/Perfumes

    yup i most likely can, but too afraid ud sue me if u develop a skin reaction or try to blame your existing eczema on me :P :P ::P
  12. I simply buy body safe fragrance oils from wholesale websites- they cost only $ 2.65.( You can also use essential oils which are pricier but more natural) Then I add carrier jojoba oil or REFINED coconut oil, aloe vera gel ( some ppl use alcohol 40 or polysorbate 40 to act as binder / preservative.), water, and I add some of the fragrance oil that I bought. Thats all there is to it. Of course on the fragrance oil website it will tell you what percentage of what to use of fragrance oil and carrier oil. Last night I made an 8 fl oz Victoria Secrets Love Spell and it only cost me 2.99$ ....They sell that bottle for $18 bucks at the store if there is no sale. I no longer have to go into Bath and Body Works and buy 4 items that cost $60 bucks anymore lol. And some of these fragrance oils are exact dupe of the same thing y'all. lol You can even sell your creations online. You can make lotions, perfumes, room, sprays, laundry detergent, etc
  13. Personal Relationship Issue - What should I do??

    Ya enhar eswad? Eh deh ya walad masri? Wallah its up to you. I think you are having issues with this cuz of how the father approached you. He made you feel like your a Plan B birth control pill. He knew ur intention was pure from the beginning otherwise he wouldnt have come back to ask you for marriage. But in the beginning he was after the $$$$$$. Now that his daughter got into this unfortunate situation he need someone to cover the tracks so he went back to you. So you feel like ur less of the man. Thats the real issue. You have to try and get over this obstacle and see if u can. Otherwise u wont be happy in marriage. Keda keda?
  14. Desire for a huge family

    Get ready to sign up for food stamps