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  1. True love is when he loves you more than you love him. Stick with logical love and let him dive into foolish love hehe
  2. Lebanese Prime minister resigns.

    kan dayman na3san hal zalamy....always he looked half asleep....his 5 o clock shadow looked untamed...lol he should just retire to Egypt and play xbox and playstation likes hes been doing in a basement. and thats it
  3. Girl, I don't know how you could let this happen to you TWICE. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice- shame on me. You have kids and all and you still let yourself get played like that. Red Flag" I wont show you the marriage certificate because it means you dont trust me". How could you fall for such foolery? Your getting these types of men in your life, because clearly you still need some training to do. You cant get all up in your emotions like that. And let your father voice his opinion, cuz he is out there to protect you. Take heed and stop killing your dads brain cells with the logic that that lying man is feeding you. Someone needs to see the picture clearly around here. You need to get out. Get out of this marriage. Don't let the divorced twice stigma get to you. Cuz this man is gonna make your life a living hell. He don't respect you. Your serving as his pawn. He got another visa to another country thru you. He is getting attention and his desires fulfilled thru you....Get OUT. He is the type of man that will pass an STD to his wife without a care.
  4. What is a good enough reason to pray?

    I touched upon this subject just this morning. Another good reason to pray is that it benefits YOU! Your faith will keep growing and your heart will be filled with courage up until the day that Allah SWT calls you back to Him. You will be in the light instead of darkness.
  5. Clearing the Energy in your House

    We sage the house while reciting Qur'an. I like the Rose Water Idea
  6. I hope this post will serve as motivation and reminder for anyone who reads it. The other day, as I was casually browsing news broadcasts on youtube, there a recommended video popped up. It was a girl describing what death felt like( she herself has experienced it 6+ times). This girl is very talented speaker and I was drawn in to every word- and it made me realize just how precious and rich the religion of Islam is. Granted, she is not a Muslim, but the way she approached the subject just flooded my mind with thoughts. There are some people who have died briefly and they come back to say there is no white light, no Jesus- just darkness. Others say they remember hearing friendly voices that direct them where to go. Others experience Holy figures. Others say they saw demons who taunted them......but I think the most that scared me is the people who say....they experienced "nothing" ,and just regret about nothing being able to accomplish more things before they briefly died. I would like to think that is terrifying. Terrifying because, you leave things undone. You could've been more. You realize how amazing you were as a human being. How your organs, cells, brains, that you once overlooked are incredibly fascinating. And then all of a sudden you just cease to exist. And thats it. Nothing beyond that last feelings of sadness and then.....nothing. That really shook me. And you realize that Allah SWT put Islam as your guide for your benefits. For your own good. So you will never feel alone. So that there will be no darkness after your die. That there will be something there waiting for you. Because that darkness that some people have described-IS hell. Some medical researcher and scientists say that, during the stages of death, your brain scrambles to make it as comforting as possible -and thats why ppl start seeing crazy visions such as meeting holy figures or seeing a white light. They also say its because the lack of oxygen and ppl start to hallucinate. They try to dismiss religion totally....And its incredible how poverty minded they are! Maybe its how Allah transitions a person to the next world. No one knows how Allah SWT has organized it for us to be! Anyway it makes me thankful for Islam, Because in all your life time, Allah SWT gives you this rope to hold on to- so you have a purpose and a goal. So you wont feel lost or alone. He gives you chances with your daily prayers to remember Him and this trains your spirit and soul and mind to fill with clarity. All for your benefit. Your life becomes RICH. And overtime you build this richness of faith, and strength right up until the day you die. And even tho nothing can prepare you for death-except death itself- you would have built up so much faith by then from being a Muslim- that you will die with a certain peace bestowed on you from Allah SWT. Hold on to the rope of Allah SWT and you will be guaranteed peace of mind and soul and heart.
  7. Nouman Ali Khan was always overrated

    at this point- who hasn't done what he did? i feel like 99% of the globe all have black mailed screen shots...nothing is surprising anymore-especially in the religious community. thats why i dont take lecturer words as final anymore
  8. Where can I watch ESPN live stream?

    I dont get how it works......
  9. Where can I watch ESPN live stream?

    Is there an online stream for ESPN?
  10. Trust in relationship

    cut him from any affection. Look your best at all times, and cut him from affections. If he wants affection he has the mahram woman to talk to. Until he gets himself together and clean his act up- then he gets to earn u

    Girl, stop looking at his pictures. Hes probably in the hospital now delivering his 5th child. If it was true love- he would've met with your family and married you. It's time for operation Memory Cleanse. Find u someone who will be proud to ask your hand from your parents and spoil you.
  12. Suicide allowed in terms of saving your honour?

    Call the police that is harrassment, or just pretend hes the liar. Its between you and Allah the truth. What proof does he have? I would become like a siren and harrass him right back and run his reputation in the mud. Also what makes u think all the ppl around u are innocent...you are being too hard on yourself. I'd definitely file a restraining order on him and deny anything he says.
  13. I miss you bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you are all well...hope your project was successful :cuddle:

  14. i dont think its dying....they upgraded to mcdonalds delivery here in the usa....i think its growing
  15. Is there a female iraqi here who can give me the inside in the Iraqi world. Plz provide the details. Thanks. Are Iraqi men aloof like bears or are they sensitive. I think I have an idea that they are aloof as bears...will they make good husbands? Are they good with kids. I know I shouldnt generalize. But what is a Lebanese girl to expect?