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  1. JazakAllah bro. Thanks for sharing the clips
  2. Salam I will be travelling after zuhr prayers, and then reach my hometown the next morning. Should I fast on the first day i.e. when I depart after zuhr? What about the following day? (I'll reach my hometown before zuhr) Thank you all P.S: I tried to look up the rulings on Ayatollah Sistani's website, but I am confused.....
  3. Thank you brother for sharing such pearls :-)
  4. Suhur Time

    Salam Is it permissible to start one's fast with sunni brothers i.e. at fajr, and NOT at imsak? Because many a times I have the pre-fajr meal (Suhur) with Sunnis, and being the only shia, it kind of gets odd.... So can I end the meal with them?
  5. Fasting

    Hmm... ok... thank you shiaman14
  6. Fasting

    Salam everyone I have to travel out of country in between Ramadan, so I was wondering whether I should start fasting when Ramadan starts in the place I am staying currently, or should I begin according to the place I'll go- and hence start one day later ? Note: I'll be staying in the place for a few months, so the issue of not fasting due to a stay of less than 10 days doesn't apply.... Thank you
  7. Salam I was prescribed a gel (called FASTJEL) for a knee injury. Its an anti inflammatory gel, containing Ketoprofen. You have to apply it around the affected area. However, it also contains ethyl alcohol/ethanol. So, is it permissible to use it? Please reply asap. Thanks
  8. Turkey- Is All Food Halal?

    @baradar_jackson how do I ask HamzaTR?? I do not know how to send him a private message........ Thanks a lot everyone....... No... not many restaurants have a halal sign in front of them........and yes, it is "Helal" in Turkey instead of "Halal"...
  9. Turkey

    Thanks diyaa110 Its not served openly...... but still.... I was worried..... Anyone else has any view?
  10. Turkey

    Hello and salam Is all food in Turkey halal? Do the recite bismillah while slaughtering? Do they slaughter properly? Do they perform mechanical or hand slaughter of chicken? I am asking this because Turks are very very secular... some of my friends in university proposed: "Who knows if they perform slaughter correctly....". This remark raised my fears. Asking in every restaurant or eatery I go to is hard because of the language barrier and also because it gets awkward sometimes. Also, being vegan here is very difficult, since almost all cafeterias in the university (where I live) serve dishes consisting of meat. Infact, Turkish food is all about meat..... Awaiting your replies Thanks
  11. Turkey- Is All Food Halal?

    As I said.... I have just heard "views"... thats why i made this thead..... to get some definite fact..... But thanks bro..... I do get your point.... thanks. :-)
  12. Turkey- Is All Food Halal?

    Yup....98% muslim.... yet the country is not "Islamic republic".........
  13. Turkey- Is All Food Halal?

    Are you sure? I heard from someone that the govt regulates all slaughterhouses and makes sure the meat is slaughtered islamically...... Thats the problem.... there are so many conflicting views.... what should I believe..... I cant ask every restaurant I go to.... partly due to the language barrier and partly because I don't always get the opportunity to do so(with friends etc....)
  14. Asssalam o Alaikum Can anyone please tell me if all food in Turkey is halal? I know it has a 98% muslim population, but it classifies itself as secular. Wine is common there, and there is a lot of immodesty, especially in major cities-(regarding clothing, etc....) Thus, I am having some doubts.... for eg: even if they slaughter islamically, do they recite the name of Allah(SWT) while doing so? If anyone has info regarding Ankara specifically, it would be great. Otherwise, even if he/she knows about Turkey in general, please do post. Thanks.