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  1. Salam Aleikom va rahmatollah va barakatoh , Shia person in Sudan can know each other to help them in some matter and also they can cooperate in some islamic programs . this is necessary to support each other by Shia Person because we are a little population there . you are kindle requested to introduce any shia person in Sudan with age, working position and other necessary data other shia person can use it or upgrade it . For first introduction , i am 36 years old man from Iran living alone in Khartoum and i am working here to support my mother company projects and businesses here in Sudan,my email is asantamasanasia@gmail.com & eskandari56@yahoo.com I am waiting to here from other shia person who settled in Sudan or they want to know more about sudan and Khartoum. Hossein
  2. Shias in khartoum,Sudan

    Yes , there is some Shia in Umdormen ( ام درمان ) in Khartoum and also some in Port Sudan but most of people in Sudan are Soofi maslak . Which university and for which faculty your cousin are going to be in Khartoum ? I am an Iranian man stay in Khartoum to support my mother company projects in Sudan , so i am happy to help . please give me email of your cousin then i can contact for further action . my email is asantamasanasia@gmail.com & eskandari56@yahoo.com
  3. Sister That Needs Help.

    That is difficult for single Shia man or woman who want to protect his or herself from "Gonah "and in Holy Quran we have many "Ayat " about "Taghva "and God will help to have suitable person if we have "Parhizgari ". I believe it is more difficulty for girl to find suitable man but in addition any activity by other family member and freinds to introduce suitable person to eachother families for matchmaking , i think the best way is "Tavasol " into "Ahle Beyt "and especially Holly Fatima Zahra and Hazrat Masoome in Qum and ask them to help of them then i am assure she can find suitable man for her . Do you agree with my idea ?
  4. You are right Narsis . do you live Iran ?