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  1. Are You Thirsty?

    Salam Im definitely interested, its been really helpful so far.
  2. Suicide?please Help

    Does anyone know if the sister is ok? Has anyone spoke to her since?
  3. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Its about the iran-iraq war and it follows the story of shaheed morteza javadi. Its probably one of the best movies ive ever seen. If anyone knows any movies similiar to it please share them!
  4. http://www.hawzaengland.com I dont know if they are still accepting applications but you could try it
  5. Why Do I Have To Be Something?!

    Are you being serious? How can you (or God) love both the one who was brutally murdered (as) and the murderer?
  6. There is absolutely nothing wrong with niqab. Many women may not want to wear it in a western society but the issue is with society and not the niqab. Obviously some women will be forced or pressured into wearing a niqab just like many women are pressured into not wearing one. There is nothing wrong with wearing niqab if the women want to and of course it doesnt affect her health. I have spoken to many women with niqabs on and them wearing it doesnt affect their personality or social interaction. It just means less guys are likely to approach or look at them.
  7. How Do You Deal With The Pain Of Separation?

    Yeah thats kinda my problem. The more i think about him (af) the more depressed i feel and the worse i feel about myself. The solution cant be to stop thinking about him(af) so there must be another way to try and direct the pain towards someting more positive. And that was my question as well: how do we actually turn it into something positive and useful?
  8. (salam) how do you deal with being separated from our imam (af)? I doubt that there even is a way to deal with it but if anyone knows of anything then please share. And how do you turn it into actively awaiting him (af)? How do you use it to actually change or do something to help the imam (af) come back faster?
  9. Probably best to be alone than to be friends with the wrong crowd. At least you'll have more time to spend with God and to pray for good friends.
  10. Friendships And Loneliness

    Salam sister Im in the same situation and it can feel terrible at times but you can see it as a blessing and use it to your advantage by using it to get closer to Allah (swt) and the Imam of our time (af). Never forget that they are always with you no matter what and that they will understand your situation without you needing to explain it. The Imam (af) is always there for you to talk to just like others would talk to a best friend.
  11. Where Can I Ask A Question From My Marjaa?

    You could call them
  12. Why Marriage Doesn't Work Anymore

    So people in these countries never have the problems stated in the article? Right.
  13. Why Marriage Doesn't Work Anymore

    What countries apply shariah?
  14. Are There Feelings Without Descriptions?

    Some feelings cannot be expressed in words and they cannot be understood by others. I dont think there would be any way to bring them into our languages and maybe its best like that. The fact that sometimes only God will understand the way one feels is a useful way to get closer to God.
  15. (salam) وأفـاق دنـيـاً طـأطـأت لـولاتــــها فــرقى لـذاك ونـال عــالية الـرتــب What does this part mean?