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  1. Christianity

    Hold on, let me use my magical powers to provide proof against a claim that has no basis.
  2. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04/05/us-france-britain-propose-un-resolution-syria-chemical-attack/ https://informnapalm.org/en/syria-chemical-attack-russia-blocks-un-security-council-resolution/ http://www.nrttv.com/EN/Details.aspx?Jimare=13678 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-39500947 https://www.cnn.com/2017/04/05/middleeast/idlib-syria-attack/ https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-chemical-russia/russia-says-syria-gas-incident-caused-by-rebels-own-chemical-arsenal-idUSKBN1770H3
  3. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    I suspect this is sarcasm.
  4. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    That's what Russia said. Unless he intentionally blew up the facility of chemical weapons, thereby spreading those chemicals to the surrounding area which killed innocent people.
  5. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    " What Russia said at that time was that they hit a chemical weapons cache of some armed group by mistake. They didn't know it was there, obviously those groups don't go around telling people where they store these things. So the Russian explanation may or may not be true, but it is plausible. " Yup, lets just feign ignorance. Yes we have satellite imagery (at least Russia does), we knew they were stockpiling weapons, because anyone with eyes can see that (that's why we targeted it to begin with). Oh, but we weren't sure if blowing this location up would affect the neighboring town thereby killing the innocent. We decided to blow it up anyway...oh but we didnt actually know what we were blowing up, we figured that we would just fire the missiles and find out what happens after the fact. We didn't fire those chemical weapons. Oh what, they watched our airplanes fly directly to that location the day of the bombing? Oh well let's just say we didn't know what we we're attacking, yea that sounds good. This is just poor and irresponsible^. And there is no way around this. And this is a best case scenario for the regime. Either be a tyrant firing the weapons, feign ignorance and lie about not knowing what you're blowing up, or simply make poor choices based on weak intelligence that involve the loss of the innocent. People here on SC, are too "pro-assad". Everyone says "well maybe Assad did this, but he probably didnt". But nobody ever entertains the idea that, maybe...just maybe...even if it were just one time, in the course of this huge mess of a situation, perhaps Assad "probably did". Because he and his regime consist of fallable people who inevitably make bad decisions. I would say, that the western world is actually holding Assad to unrealistic standards by responding to any seemingly small mistake he may have made. If a nation is torn into pieces and you are fighting to save your home, in a multi year, messy war, mistakes will be made. And I think the west knows this, and is highlighting this. Both because the west doesnt like Assad, but also because realistically, he is a poor leader.
  6. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    I highly doubt that Syria would possess a massive arsenal of chemical weapons, but never in its history had it ever produced any. As if the world consists of saints. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syria_chemical_weapons_program#Stockpiling_and_production https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1tQdMzm08L64WGbBIeGkTTZSmJzA&ie=UTF8&t=h&oe=UTF8&msa=0&ll=34.63495454639024%2C38.015173499999946&z=7 I'm not sure that I could be convinced that they never tried such a thing. Its unlikely that any militarized country in modern times, has not produced chemical weapons. It may have predominantly stockpiled them, versus produced them, but to say that Syria never produced them, I couldn't imagine. Regardless, we still have investment in research and maintaining stockpiles as well. where investments are made in a chemical arsenal. If my country was torn apart in civil war, and I had invested in stockpiling and researching chemical weapons, regardless of if I produced them, I'd be hard pressed to just get rid of everything just because some foreigners from the other side of the planet, who I don't like to begin with, told me to do so.
  7. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    Any response regarding my words of last years attack? " Again, I am not saying Assad didn't do it, but there is no real evidence that he did. " I recall last years attack, and people argued that no clear evidence was provided. Then the pentagon released information of observed routes of Syrian military jets during their attacks. Indicating their attack. Russia claimed that Syria didnt use chemical weapons, rather they just bombed a chemical weapons facility and the toxic chemicals just happened to have spread around and killed innocent people. Now, if I knew there were a stockpile of chemical weapons, it would be irresponsible of me to blow the place up, knowing that these chemicals could spread. Alternatively, the jets may have just launched chemical weapons. Also, if I had invested in a chemical weapons program, and I was in the middle of a multi year civil war, i wouldnt necessarily give up on my arsenal which I have invested time, research and finances into, just because some foreign nations said not to. Either way, you have some form of irresponsibility, and perhaps indifference by the regime. And for the sake of survival, maybe this ruthlessness is considered necessary.
  8. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    If I recall, last year when there was a chemical weapons attack. The route of the aircrafts that made the attack was clearly observed. Russia stated that the Syrian government didnt use chemical weapons, rather they simply attacked a location that stored chemical weapons. Which thereby resulted in collateral damage and the uncontrolled spread of toxic and lethal chemicals, which indiscriminately killed innocent people. Whether Syria used chemical weapons produced from one of its chemical weapon production facilities, or whether they used regular weapons and simply attacked these chemical storage locations, is irrelevant to...what the outcome was. If I knew that a storage facility contained chemical weapons, and I shot a missile at it, and that facility blew up, thereby spreading toxic chemicals into the surrounding neighborhood, killing innocent people...then i would see myself just as guilty, as if I had simply used my own chemical weapons to do the same. Especially if I had an alternative means of seizing the facility, such as with ground troops. Here we are a year later. Everything Assad does, can be seen. Its not like he has some sort of stealth plane technology that hides his actions. Given Assads history and his nations chemical weapons program, and his history of producing and using chemical weapons, there is little reason to think that at some point, he wouldnt use chemical weapons, or further little reason to doubt that such actions could be observed by the pentagon. But further, the events of last April demonstrate a form of carelessness, indiscriminately for his people. Then you have Russia Initially denying that any chemical weapons were used, but then they turn and say, well actually yes, chemical weapons were used, but it was staged by the UK. Good job Russia. Just sharing, feel free to respond Haji.
  9. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    Live Updates: https://www.nbcnews.com/video/watch-live-pentagon-briefing-after-us-strikes-in-syria-1210931779528
  10. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    Anyone know anything about the facilities that were attacked?
  11. Christianity

    This is an interesting point. But it is necessary for Muslims to take this stance. I would say that, it is not fair to say that any scripture, including the Quran, is 100% the revelation from God. There is really no way that any of us, could really distinguish divine scripture from scripture written by people, unless of course the authors clearly wrote in a way indicating that they were not God. Muslims often poke at Christianities scripture, but seldom examine their own "unknowns" and I would say, simply assume things about their own scripture, in order to take this stance that...the Quran is perfect, and everything else is flawed. From a scientific stance, Muslims appear to be taking a subjective stance of perfection, and are holding that subjective stance, against the subjective stances of other scriptures. Then they're saying, well, according to my ideas, my religion is perfect and yours clearly is not. Many Christians have no issue recognizing that people have interjected and recorded their own personal thoughts, into scripture. It is an accepted reality that the Bible is not wholly, the word of God. Meanwhile, Muslims take this position that, the Quran is, practically word for word, straight from God. Almost as if God, spoke arabic. But, this idea that the Quran is of utmost perfection and straight from God, is something that could never actually be known. Its an assumed reality. Yet here we are, with people speaking as if it is known.
  12. The Theory Of Evolution

    whats up?
  13. Punish Muslim Day Event

    Not to the same scale? What is the sin of killing one innocent person less of a crime than the sin of killing two? Unfortunately in this world, the countries with the biggest sticks, make the biggest waves. But none are innocent. Agreed though, dropping a nuclear bomb will always have a more devastating long term affect, than say, throwing a cup of acid.
  14. Punish Muslim Day Event

    The "east" is guilty of many atrocities just the same, however this is irrelevant to the topic.
  15. Punish Muslim Day Event

    Seems like you have a rough chip on your shoulder. I'm sorry for the animosity you are carrying around in your heart, i will pray that you find peace in life.