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  1. #19 The Better Floor for the Home?

    Definitely thick carpets or rugs, if you have a toddler who falls every minute.
  2. TwelveGems: Online store that sells Islamic Rings

    W Salam Of course they are mainly concerned with the domestic market, while they can have a good business with a wider perspective. I don't know, maybe they have.
  3. TwelveGems: Online store that sells Islamic Rings

    https://www.instagram.com/aqeeq_yemen/ https://www.instagram.com/omid.mashalchi/ https://www.instagram.com/angoshtary.ir/ Just to share.
  4. World Adoption Day

    I know, I meant what they actually mean when they ask about "father" of the child? do they mean "biological father?" If yes, then Islamically it is Haram to claim biological parenthood of a child who was born to another family. but if they mean "father" in the widest sense which includes step-father and guardian, that's Ok.
  5. World Adoption Day

    I think it's problematic, unless by "father's name" You meant "guardian's name." But you can give him/her your family name without any problem.
  6. I couldn't find Sh. Jannati's fatwa on the permissibility of following a deceased Marja. Honestly, none of these three scholars, as respected and honored as they are, are candidates of the most knowledgeable in comparison to their contemporaries, let alone to the history of Shia scholarship.
  7. World Adoption Day

    @kirtc brother! Islam already has enough enemies who try to portray it negatively, please make complete comments to avoid misunderstanding. Also, saying this is haram this is halal is no joke. Many may have a wrong first impression with long lasting effects. There's a misunderstanding about iddi'a al nasab (lineage claiming) and takafful (adoption), claiming to be a real parent (biological parent) of a child, by any man out of the family the child was born to, is Haram (This was a practice in jahiliyya, where x would come and say 'I slept with y's wife on such date and the child is mine,' or there were prostitutes who had children with unknown fathers, later mr. x would claim parenthood of the child, and similar filthy stuff) but supporting an orphan financially, socially, emotionally, giving him/her shelter, love etc. like a parent, (what is understood of adoption today and have been practiced by the prophet (s) and our Imams), is highly encouraged in Islam. There are entire chapters in our Hadith books on this. One famous hadith is this: The Prophet (s) said: "I and the adopter of an orphan are like these two in paradise." and he showed his index and middle fingers together. انا و کافل الیتیم فی الجنة كهاتين و اشار باصبعيه السبابةو الوسطي There are different projects (which have been relatively very successful) for adoption of orphans in the charity organization of Imam Khomeini: http://www.emdad.ir/ekram/#
  8. The validity of your religious actions (prayer, fasting etc) is problematic, thus, yes it is a sin. Without adherence to a living Marja, one does not have adherence to the Imam of the time, and without adherence to the Imam of the time, one dies a death of jahiliyya. That's one aspect of the continuity of Wilaya in Shia Islam.
  9. No, you have to have enough evidence that proves Sayyid Fadlallal's being 'the most knowledgeable in the history of Shia Islam.' The ruling says 'under the condition of being the most knowledgeable' No layman can assess a scholar's knowledge by correspondence with his website, while closing eyes on the whole other scholars, past and present. And I don't think many people in Hawza would regard Sayyid Kamal himself as a candidate for the most knowledgeable, specially in this particular ruling which goes against the consensus of Shia scholars.
  10. You have free will as much as you have moral-legal accountability, that's enough for your share of free will. Free will doesn't mean all powerful almighty.
  11. Like the way no one can pray or fast on one's behalf, no one can follow a Marja on one's behalf. At least you must have been at tamyiz age and followed him during his lifetime. Sayyid Kamal: معتقديم كه در صورت اثبات اعلميت، تقليد از ميت، چه به صورت ابتدایی و چه به صورت بقایی اشکال ندارد؛ منظورمان از اعلميت نیز، اعم از اعلميت در احكام است، بلكه شامل عموم معارف دينی مى گردد، و هرگاه اعلميت فردى ثابت شد، خواه زنده باشد يا مرده، ... http://alhaydari.com/fa/category/estefta/اجتهاد-و-تقليد/ "We believe, under the condition of being the most knowledgeable, starting to follow or continuing to follow a deceased Marja is allowed."
  12. If one knows those two scholars as the most knowledgeable among all the rest of Ulema who have an opposite fatwa, then he can reffer to their fatwa in this regard. Additionally, based on this fatwa, one is allowed to follow the most knowledgeable among all Shia scholars, past and present; that is, one must believe Sayyid Fadallah was and is the most knowledgeable compared to not only his temporaries, but also to Shaykh al-Tusi, alMufid, Allama Hilli, Murtada Ansari and many great past Marja. That's very problematic.
  13. Salam One can follow (continue following) a deceased Marja, only by the permission of a qualified living Marja. I think if the OP sends his story to the office of a qualified living Marja, they can help him (about the permission and the validity of past auctions)
  14. Sajdah Sahv

    No, correction is enough. If he'd been aware that his pronunciation might be problematic and while he was in that state, he ignored this intentionally, then his prayer is problematic and even Sajda Sahw can't fix it. like if I have already said Bismillah and then immediately I doubt whether I said it correctly or not, if I intentionally avoid to correct it, my prayer is invalid. But If I did not know it at that time, and later (after the prayer, or in other raka of the same prayer) learned about it, my prayer is valid and there's no need for sajda sahw
  15. Sajdah Sahv

    If they are sure about the specific mistake, like he knows he has suddenly said 'no mam!' within his prayer, he must perform sajda sahw; or he is sure he has recited 'basmillah' instead of 'bismillah' and he is still standing, he must go back and correct it. There are some people who are even more obsessed with their actions and easily become sure about mistakes in their actions (when there's no basis for such certainty) this is called waswasi and it is different than kathir al shakk (the pervious case) A waswasi must ignore these cases of certainty (rapid and multiple times and only about mistakes)