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  1. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    I can't access the link above. I got it from the link below (the address is on top right corner of that pic) http://sapp.ir/roshangari_ir
  2. Answer requested a.s.a.p. pork, work

    It seems you are a part of delivering process.
  3. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Q: What is your opinion about S. hussayn shirazi being arrested by Iranian authorities? A: The law of the Islamic Republic is applicable to all. jumadi al-thani 19th, 1439h The office of Grand Ayt. Sayyid Ali Sistani in Lebanon
  4. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Because we don't see weapons in the pictures, so they didn't have any. Very childish argument. I assure you these people have stored many cold weapons, (the very ones they use in their tatbir sessions.) And Iran's ambassador said the same thing, cold weapon. This issue is to divert the main incident, as if they have gone there with a flower bouquet! Do the same thing with any embassy of any country and see what it is described and what the consequences are. But since the badriyya and uhudiyya hatred and grudges of some people with IRI never end, they go this far to justify this act, and I'm sure they will go even further.
  5. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Who are they?
  6. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    That's funny. It actually reminds me of a recent joke in Iranian politics. I think bro @repenter knows it. There's this hard core westernist roshanfekr in Iran, Sadegh Zibakalam who teaches in Tehran university. Around the 39th anniversary of the Islamic revolution he tweeted "It's been nearly 40 years that the regime (IRI) tries to say Shah fled the country short before the revolution in 1979, while Shah simply left the country." And there was this wave of jokes made around this brilliant pearl of wisdom. One of the funniest ones was a picture in which a gazelle was being chased by a cheetah, and the caption said "'Gazelle is leaving the cheeah' Zibakalam." Now, I think you saying 'it was not an attack' is even worse than Zibakalam's super genius remark, why? because he offered an alternative but you did not. If it was not an attack what was it then? A parkour training session with the exchange of flags? These people are bankrupt themselves and a person who goes this far to justify their stupid act is even more bankrupt.
  7. I know something for sure, if it was vise versa, it'd be a terrorist attack by default and without any need for further investigations.
  8. What is this and why? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5509129/Egypt-demands-answers-death-engineering-student.html&ved=2ahUKEwj4pNm1n_PZAhUBjCwKHf80AwYQFjAEegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw3f98wlCW1GtOOoWEp59MgUhttps://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/15/egypt-swift-action-mariam-moustafa-teenager-death-nottingham
  9. Ayatollah Shirazi's Son is arrested

    Doesn't it have strict laws about the safety of foreign embassies?
  10. Prophet Muhammad (s) brought the most perfect religion, and as such, it must cover all real life situations, including wars.
  11. W Salam Sometimes it's actually very good not to be the same, it is the way we grow up. Don't think about it too much, what doesn't kill you makes you immune to many worse situations.
  12. و نزلنا علیک الکتاب تبیانا لکل شی And we have sent down the book to you, therein lies the knowledge of everything. (Nahl 89)
  13. Stephen Hawking died

    That's the whole point about this case. It's a fad, trend, a trap put for us; either you respect this hard-core atheist or you are a backward anti-science person. When all the rest scientists at his rank got similar attention and celebration, then I by my own principles and value system decide what to say about the death of this atheist one.
  14. Stephen Hawking died

    He is now in the state he firmly believed he would be after death: in nothingness. He is nothing more than rotting matter now, according to his life-long, hard advocated principles. It's fair to leave him in nothingness and not create a god-like picture of him.
  15. Stephen Hawking died

    Well, why not do the same for many others who do the same and pass away every day? Something is fishy here. This guy has been and is being pictured as if he was the leading scientist in the century, while he was not. He was a successful scientist, fair enough, why not make the same wave after the death of any successful scientist who are not few?