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  1. hassan shemrani/sayyed abbasi lies & sectarianism

    Sorry I didn’t know your post was exaggeration of hyperbole to give further emphasis or effect. You posted as if you was talking the truth, when confronted you REALISED it isn’t...... but is hyperbole......Alhamdulillah. YouTube vids and forum threads are not statistical facts, I’m sure you are aware of that.no? You can compile as much a list as you want.......the thread you posted on shia converts is only 6 pages!......good luck with finding 50 and forget the dream of millions even if you exaggerate.hyperbole.
  2. hassan shemrani/sayyed abbasi lies & sectarianism

    ”for every 1 shia convert there are 100 Sunnis who convert” would be nice for some statistics rather than here say and LIES and A forum. “death is getting nearer and nearer, and when it finally approaches you will face your inevitable eternal punishment in the grave and the day of judgement. May Allah curse the LIARS and hypocrites.” Your statement, I wrote in capitals the word liar........remember if you haven’t evidence then you are cursing yourself.
  3. Deobandi Are 100% Wahabi Najdi, Not Sunni

    Yet....they still are mainstream and have more of an impact then deobandi.......the latest protest by them on khatame nabuwwah brought Islamabad to a halt.......(no terrorist violence or running off in burkhas, like the deobandi leaders did)
  4. Deobandi Are 100% Wahabi Najdi, Not Sunni

    Lol wake up smell the coffee.....Lashkar e tayyiba, titp, sipah e sahaba, Taliban.....Isis? Deobandi affiliates? No you are not mainstream.
  5. question again

    Oh you’re DEFINITELY not worth the time.......another victim to my emojis.....aah the emotions. lol
  6. Kya Hazrat Maavia ra Bhaaghi Tha

    Emojis are the best thing shiachat has come up with......now I can just let people know they posted a funny post that’s just a joke....great minds must have thought of this......it’s fun......someone’s already agitated by it....it works!
  7. Why I became Muslim (Sunni)

    Yeah the mice can come out and play now
  8. Divisions

    Shows your lack of understanding andmaking stupid statements......."if you don't know an emoji you don't know Quran" its that simple YOU just keep on pulling strings for your justification of your stupid statement you know you're wrong but cannot admit it.......a typical trait within your your people you and your people are mind readers we know, you can read minds of Sahaba living over a millennia who is this poster on shiachat??? keep trying like I said you have a minuscule audience keep them entertained here they are many. shows your lack of intelligence coz your looking for a quick cheap shot so your audience can think how clever a Shiite is. let me put it in English for you, if you cannot understand then please take sometime off from here and see the REAL WORLD and maybe learn some real Islam as well as EMOJIS, 2 completely different subjects. As for the Quran I did state "ALL OF THE AYAHS"......hmmmm......that DOES include ayah muwaddah,DOH. on the other hand you said a REAL SHIITE believes only in Syrah muwaddah?? Just that one?? your above answer to me on Quran ayahs tells VOLUMES about your mind and how you deviously are insinuating things I never meant or said..........like I said cheap shots and attacks are traits of Shiites that is well established in Muslim minds, your scholars are top dogs at it. unless you have anything of value to add I finish here I am not interested in ping pong posts of no interest but arguments and insults, that maybe your way but in ahlu sunnah we ain't interested in petty stuff
  9. Divisions

    Given the fact you posted............. "If someone doesn't even understand simple emoticons, should that person really be talking on important topics such as Quran and Islam?" then you post.............. "Using an emoticon wrongly does not mean a person's understanding of the quran is wrong." more like it's you who is confused, you don't even know it yourself. [Shakir 16:125] Call to the way of your Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and have disputations with them in the best manner; surely your Lord best knows those who go astray from His path, and He knows best those who follow the right way. yes but your confused and you think if a person doesn't know his emojis he doesn't know Quran ........surely that's not the right way......is it? you sure do UNDERSTAND Quran for you are top dog in understanding EMOJIS.....no doubt, I will give you that. Its not my problem if you come with lame jokes and confusing arguments, keep it for your minuscule audience you have here the few that they are.........compare it to Zakir naik ( I don't follow him, I don't rate him too well ) but his audience is in millions, but you won't get that. yea only the people who believe in ayah muwadda are shia........The people who believe in ALL THE AYAHS from the Quran are maumin Thankyou
  10. Divisions

    Huh? Can you read people's minds and hearts? He gave his explanation and you thought he did it on purpose, no other way about it. So using emoticons wrongly will equate shia man thinking that your understanding of Quran is wrong ........am still laughing at this stupidity and yet you don't seem to get it yep, typical excuse suicide bomber, this is the best you can do?? Typical shia man answer You have nothing but accusations,attacks,slander and lies as you have .........nothing good joke in fact that is one of the best in my books and thanx to Almighty Allah swt that it's a joke and it will stay that way as well as emoticon and Quran understanding joke.......Classic another shia gem for the books Lets laugh together brother
  11. Divisions

    Lol.....wow so if you don't understand "SIMPLE" emojis you cannot understand Quran and Islam??? confused.com!!!!!! the best joke on here so far Shiaman and his knowledge is killing us
  12. Qatar's fallout with Gulf neighbors

    No not at all, it's just that the way you put it in simplistic terms of a sectarian nature that's all, at least you are a bit clearer now. if you would have pointed out the Saudi royals themselves then I agree with you on that they are the worst creatures on this earth and yes Iranian leadership is much better than them, but you then spun it into Ali v muawiya? So I merely pointed out the folly of your comment that it can't be so because Turkey is helping just like Iran is which trumps your Ali v muawiya card.
  13. Qatar's fallout with Gulf neighbors

    lol I like how you make this out to be Ali v muawiya, that's really funny coz Turkey also has MAJORITY followers of muawiya too just like Saudis https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.newsweek.com/turkeys-erdogan-approves-troop-deployment-qatar-623403%3Famp%3D1 Sectarianism ouzes out from your comment and your a moderator??
  14. Do Hanafis/Hanbalis/Shafis pray like pagans?

    I think that concludes this useless uninformative waste of space thread unless your gonna go out on a limb and clutch on straws to give weight to your conspiracy theory, you made a deal on bringing you legitimate sites but I went one better.......I got you a link to an academic LEGIT book. good luck and good bye bro I am done
  15. Do Hanafis/Hanbalis/Shafis pray like pagans?

    It should take you to this page