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  1. imam askari

    Salaam all, Recently, I heard from somebody that there is a Tafsir of Quran by our 11th Imam, Hasan Al-Askari but from what I know, it's validity is debatable but let's hear your thoughts. Here's what I found from al-islam.org, "He taught people Qur’an and instructed his followers the true teachings of Islam as taught by the Prophet of Islam and his Ahlul Bayt. In fact Imam Hasan al-Askari wrote a complete Tafseer of the Qur’an which was mentioned by many scholars, historians and exegetes, including Kulaini and Saduq."
  2. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have a sad story to share…and I’m hoping to hear positive opinions and thoughts… Few years ago, I got married to a man and gave him my heart. Unfortunately, my sincerity and affection wasn’t reciprocated and he divorced me unfairly this past summer and re-married shortly after - leaving me all confused and broken hearted. It took me a few months to realize his true reality after meeting somebody (my Ex’s distant relative who made me aware of my Ex's and his family’s true face). And after finding out the truth about his bad character, which I partially saw myself during these past years of long distance marriage relationship…I was able to reach some form of a closure. However, I wasn’t able to completely get over the divorce trauma that I suffered with my Ex nor the bad way he treated me during our relationship. Not once was I respected…let alone considered as a wife from his end and suffered constant mental and emotional abuse. Now in my late 20's and still a virgin after 1 marriage…I seem to have fallen into a depressive black hole of sorts…despite having thanked God numerous times for saving me from something potentially more terrible happening (i.e. had the marriage been consummated and I ended up being stuck with kids, things could have been far more worse with a person of such terrible character). But after a lot of self reflection after this mishap…instead of staying positive, I seem to have reached an entirely different conclusion about the topic of marriage in my life. For instance, before all this happened, I used to strongly support the idea of marriage and as the saying goes ‘to fulfill half of my deen.’ And now…my thinking has adapted a chain of negativity and I’m not sure if what I’m thinking is correct religiously speaking. And this is where your thoughts would be much appreciated…[Infact it somewhat makes me scared that I'm thinking this way because one Shia sheikh recently told me in a conversation that marrying is apparently obligatory]. So basically, after whatever happened, I tried to make myself spiritually strong by praying and reading more Quran every day. And each time I come across any verse that speaks about mates specifically, I get terribly sad. My mind starts thinking that the Quran is only talking about one pair of mates that are in existence for each other on Earth and since I was already given one (even though an abusive one)…I am not allowed to ask for another better one. I keep thinking that it was a matter of destiny and now I should be content with staying single forever. Is this thinking correct? I tried to find religious material on this topic i.e. whether or not a person can have more than 1 mate in their life/destiny after divorce…or if God will give them a better partner after divorce…but I really haven’t come across any Hadith or anything similar which I could read to make myself feel better or more learned (If you know any, I'd love to read). I'm seriously considering practicing celibacy for the rest of my life due to my current mind-frame... Your opinions/thoughts on this would be helpful. Thank you in advance.
  3. Salaam brothers and sisters, I have been looking for a Quran Tafsir & Translation by Shia scholars/sheikhs but so far haven't been successful... Recently I've been working on the habit of reading more Quran. If anybody knows a good source for a good Tafsir as well as Translation written by a Shia scholar/sheikh, kindly link me up. And please refrain from commenting on how Shia/Sunni translations are the same because they are not i.e. I'm hoping to find material with the correct Shia perspective (or as close as possible) on Quranic verses in light of Ahlulbayt's teachings. Thank you very much in advance.
  4. Salaam all, I have a story to share and I would like sincere opinions from knowledgeable brothers and sisters. I got married to a Shia man from Dubai 4 years ago. After which, most of our marriage was long distance because both families had agreed to wait for him to come to my country in order to settle down. However, this man portrayed a very disgraceful picture of how a Shia should act. Gradually he began to change and I didn't notice the signs until the very end. I found out that he had started engaging in haraam activities such as drinking/hanging out with non-mehram woman at clubs & bars to 'socialize.' All this time, I wasn't aware of this & was basically lied to and thought this man had a good character. And eventually figured out why he never gave me his time. Recently, he provided me with his 'ultimatum' for divorce' despite my constant requests to re-consider because by this time, I had unfortunately developed strong feelings of affection for him due to the length of time of being of him being in my life and because of being in a Shia Nikkah. I thought I might be able to forgive him for his actions and help him become a more religious person but that wasn't the case. However, he has divorced me according to Dubai court laws and said that once the legal stuff was done (as the marriage was registered in his country legally), he would release me from his Shia Nikkah. But after the legal process was over, he e-mailed me and said that I can go do whatever I want from my end to take care of Shia divorce... Since I wasn't aware of the whole thing about a woman being able to put down a condition to get herself divorced in case something happens at the time time of Nikkah, I did not put it down. And now, this man is mentally torturing me again by lying about carrying out Shia divorce and making me seek help from shia scholars in my local area mosques. He repeatedly tells me that he considers us divorced and that I am no longer his wife. I asked him to return my Mahr and he has refused to even do that...that's the most disgraceful part because just for Mahr money, he is refusing to acknowledge our Shia Nikkah by only considering Dubai divorce. Since the marriage wasn't consummated, I asked him to give back one-half of it (which wasn't a big amount) and even for that, he is acting like a very disgraceful husband with no respect for woman's rights or even his religion. I can't reach out to him anymore because he doesn't consider me his wife. Judging by what I have mentioned above...do you think that this man is doing something wrong by keeping my Mahr? despite creating a situation where I have to obtain a divorce myself by consulting a mujtahid/scholar. I stayed true to him until the very end but he has given me a lot of sadness during these years by neglecting rights of a wife and now, his selfish and humiliating act of not even acknowledging proper Shia divorce methods & refusing to even return Mahr & demanding all bridal gifts back is even more sad. So I guess my mind wants to get some comfort by knowing if this man is committing a sin by doing all this and whether he may be judged by God... I will appreciate your opinions/responses.
  5. Salaam, I am a convert Muslim and I need help. My brother owns a dog so I have been forced to live with it since we share the same house. I washing my clothes in the washer which we share and took them out after the spin cycle in the semi-wet state and placed them on my bed. That's when I noticed a dog hair on the top of the pile....I instantly lifted the whole pile up to wash them again but by that time the clothes at the bottom of the pile had left wet imprints on my bed covers...and now I'm going paranoid about whether my bedcovers have also become najis? I follow Sistani. Any help would be greatly appreciated.