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  1. [TRASH PIT]Roasting people

    The admins are the easiest people to roast because their weaknesses are easily exposed imo they let it all out, and that's not a good defense They're the easiest to corner
  2. [TRASH PIT]Roasting people

    Doesn't answer my question. Who is better than me?
  3. US-UK-France Launch Attacks on Syria

    The weakest American strike ever. All they did is pinch Syria. Never compare this ever to Libya or 2003.
  4. [TRASH PIT]Roasting people

    Sorry, wrong forums. Please move this to off-topic @mods and @admins
  5. [TRASH PIT]Roasting people

    Who is better than me at roasting people?
  6. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    A real man doesn't call other men handsome.
  7. Assad: Trump would be a 'natural ally' if he follows through on fighting terrorism https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/nov/15/assad-trump-isis-terrorism-syria?CMP=share_btn_tw
  8. Any Shia Gamers?

  9. What will happen when the war finishes?

    Not sure I agree. Saddam crushed resistance in 1991 and remained in power for the next decade, only to be toppled by a foreign power. Same thing might happen here.
  10. Thoughts 2018

    I'm confident, not arrogant. I don't see myself above others.
  11. Thoughts 2018

    I demand respect when I walk. My head is always held high, I don't bow down nor do I look weak. My mentality is always to be confident. Only my parents can override me, no one else can.
  12. Why did Iran support the Arab Spring?

    Strangely defensive tones. I'm not here for a chanting match, cause that'll result in me getting banned, but if it goes there, people know I don't take Ls. Just saying. Now for the topic; When the Libyan "rebels" succeeded in overthrowing Gaddafi, Iran and Hezbollah congratulated them, all the meanwhile NATO planes were in the sky bombing and helping those same "rebels" (who were Ikhwani and Al-Qaeda scum). You can think what you want, I could care less. I walk with my head held high, I don't bow. There's levels to this, and if you can't be on the same page as me we can't talk. I'm not going to discuss my intentions, I'm here to discuss my title. If you have anything interesting to say about my title, then go forth, if you will ramble and complain about my intentions, you will be talking to yourself.
  13. Thoughts 2018

    Bro this year I can't be bothered fasting but I'll do it just to avoid kaffarah. Seemingly has been like this the past few months with Salat, only praying it so I don't have to do qadha, not that I feel something spiritual.
  14. Why did Iran support the Arab Spring?

    Don't dodge the question. If you have no answer it's better for you to stay quiet otherwise you look weak.
  15. If we assume that Bashar Al-Assad and his government regain all the land that was lost since 2011, what will happen?