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  1. Deduct women too, usually they don't attend Salat Al-Jumu'ah.
  2. I thought they were captured by a Shi'i group in Iraq?
  3. I am a little confusrd brother, so the top bit is about Jabir ibn Abdillah, the rest is about Al-Ju'fi? Or?
  4. This hadith is sahih and shows that man can be better than Angels: From `Abd Allāh bin Sinān said, I asked Abā `Abd Allāh, Ja`far bin Muhammad al-Sādiq (عليه السلام), I (narrator) said: “Are the angels better (afDal) or the children of Adam? So he (عليه السلام) said that Amīr al-Mu’minīn, `Alī bin Abī al-Tālib (عليه السلام) said: “Verily, Allāh (عَزَّ وَ جَلَّ) has composed in angels `aql (intellect) and no desire, and he composed in beasts desire and no intellect, and he composed in the children of Adam both (`aql and desire). So whoever (lets) `aql overcome his desires, he will be than the angels, and whoever (lets) his desires overcome his`aql, he is will be worse than the beasts” Source: al-Sadūq, `ilal al-Sharā’i` (Najaf: Manshurāt al-Maktabah al-Haydariyyah, 1385/1966), vol. 1, ch. 6, pg. 4 – 5, hadeeth # 1 http://www.revivingalislam.com/2011/09/man-can-be-better-than-angels.html?m=1
  5. People think that many cultural issues in Shi'ism is because of what happens in that region. That's what I think. What do you think bro @shiaman14? Do you think it's cause of that?
  6. Do we have any hadiths/scholarly positions on Bilal's status in the madhab?
  7. Then what's venison?
  8. Like President Assad, I don't believe what the candidates say until they become President or in this case, Prime Minister. The country is governed by special interest groups (oil people, for example) that spin the economy, there is no getting around that. You see Trump, he was anti-interventionist, now he's in Syria and Allah knows where else next. I bet you if Al Gore was President and not Bush, the Iraq War would still have happened. I have no doubt about it.
  9. Who told you he doesn't? Every marja I have seen allows it, where does Sayyed Sadiq Al-Shirazi say it is not allowed?
  10. Perhaps you don't know, but in Shi'a Fiqh there is no age for marriage. You haven't read a risala from the top marjas?
  11. The dajjal is not from among the mahtoom signs.
  12. Remember last time how we were told Shi'a should be pro-Sanders?
  13. @baradar_jackson we have this again bro :p
  14. So basically it was kufr which opposes iman and not kufr which opposes Islam?
  15. @Ibn Al-Ja'abi A few issues with that. 1) The Verses in the Holy Qur'an seem perfectly in rhythmic sync when it comes to recitation. If there was such alteration, then shouldn't at least one or two Verses clearly appear out of sync? 2) Wouldn't that create issues when trying to find out what a certain Verse is trying to say? I mean usually people would look at the Verse before it or after it to try and find out some context, but if we say the arrangement of Verses has been altered, how can we rely on the previous and after Verses at all for context? 3) Didn't Sayyed Al-Khoei deny this in Al-Bayyan? I think he did.