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  1. It's halal.
  2. Umar never invaded pagans mate.
  3. Why do they say that? And who says that?
  4. When it is customarily not considered a Muslim or a non-Muslim type of clothing, then it is permissible to wear. It all depends on urf, that's how I understood it.
  5. @Haydar Husayn because although I disagree with him sometimes, I like his consistency. @notme She is fair to me. @starlight my favourite tbh. @Khadim uz Zahra he's a great guy to speak to in the chatroom
  6. I didn't say you're wrong, I said it ain't the topic.
  7. I don't understand all this unnecessary side attacks on people. You can just make your point without throwing fulan and fulan in there, because then someone might come in and start arguing with you about the people you mentioned instead of the actual historical topic you are speaking of. Then the topic is diverted
  8. The people weren't forced to accept Islam, they paid jizya.
  9. http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235025080-hadiths-regarding-graves-and-self-beating/?do=findComment&comment=2742578
  10. @Aladin from Azra tribe so you don't want to discuss no more? Or would you like to continue this discussion?
  11. ESTJ I have the same personality as George W. Bush @Gaius I. Caesar
  12. Why did Shaykh Naser Makarem say that?
  13. It is for all Muslims - because it is a requirement for tawaf in Hajj. Meaning if someone who is uncircumcised became Muslim today, even if he is 50 years old, he would have to get circumcised to perform Tawaf. And yes there is a celebration, usually a feast (walimah).
  14. In most times of history the Two Mosques were under the enemies of Allah's hands.
  15. Do you realise the names of the Surahs was given by man and the Prophet or his Ahlulbayt (AS) never named the Surahs of the Qur'an? It was the people who named the Surahs so I don't know why you are using this as an argument. The word "Aqsa" in Arabic means "farthest". I have also researched to topic of Al-Aqsa and Bayt Al-Maqdis (Jerusalem Mosque) in the Hadiths of Ahlulbayt, and there seems to be a debate among Shi'a whether it is Al-Aqsa. So he went from one family to another family? Dude what are you on about? The point of why I used this Verse is not about Jerusalem, it's about Al-Masjid Al-Haram, so focus on that please. And because you didn't know how he went from the Masjid Al-Haram to Al-Aqsa, you came up with he went to from one family to another? @_@ And here is another Verse which proves Al-Masjid Al-Haram is a physical place: Certainly has Allah showed to His Messenger the vision in truth. You will surely enter al-Masjid al-Haram, if Allah wills, in safety, with your heads shaved and [hair] shortened, not fearing [anyone]. He knew what you did not know and has arranged before that a conquest near [at hand].