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  1. Thoughts 2017

    There's no point in having nice chains and jewels but garbage shoes so I have to do this
  2. Thoughts 2017

    I'm thinking of buying a new pair of shoes that are worth $600 (AU). After that I can focus on getting new watches and chains and possibly a new ring too.
  3. Jewelry. - What do you wear?

    When I walk outside everyone can tell I'm icey
  4. This is a huge problem for boys and I can talk from personal experience because I am shocked at what I see in some of my mates phones.
  5. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    I said "if it is successful".
  6. You should tell him to stop speaking to you in a haram way.
  7. @Laayla sister this is the answer:

    السؤال: هل يجوز اللجوء الى مواقع الزواج على الانترنت للتعارف بغرض الزواج؟

    الجواب: لا يجوز مع عدم الامن من الوقوع في الحرام كما هو كذلك غالباً.

    1. Laayla


      God bless you and thank you.

      Jazaka Allah Kahyr wa Allah aweek.

  8. So I found out if it is halal or not and the answer was it is not permissible if there is a fear of falling into sin as is the case most of the time. And it is certainly not recommended due to that. I never declared anything haram, but the difference between the examples you brought up is that they are too generalised.
  9. what is wrong with this Trump's decision?

    Yet Switzerland has less of a crime rate than Britain but with so many guns... If the wall is built and is successful in targeting illegal immigration, then the US could save billions at the same time.
  10. Speaking of "generic gender relations", have you ever seen the strictness of the rulings in this regard? How do you think this marriage website thing works? There won't be no "I love you" or "hahaha you're so funny"? You got to be naive then.
  11. Innovation can go to Hell if it leads to haram.
  12. The fatwa I posted in the previous page seems to indicate otherwise. Perhaps a clearer fatwa is more needed. I will contact the Sayyed's office insha Allah.
  13. Like I said, are they even halal to use in the first place?
  14. Brother, ends do not justify means in the Shari'ah except in specified cases. This is not one of those cases at all.
  15. Well, that's if they are not considered impermissible to use in the first place. If it is permissible then only if there is absolutely no fear of committing sin or being pulled towards sin - and one of these sins is banter talk (as per Sistani). Look at these fatwas: السؤال: انا احب شاب وواعدني بالزواج واراسله عبر الانترنت واكلمه بالتلفون يجوز ام لا ؟ الجواب: لا يجوز فاتقي الله . (Rough translation) Question: I love a man and he has promised to marry me and I message him through the internet and talk to him via telephone, is this permissible or not? Answer: it is not permissible therefore itaqi Allah More here: https://www.sistani.org/arabic/qa/0410/ Yea, these websites are not a good idea. If people held onto the Sunnah and traditional way of marriage then these issues would be minimal insha Allah.