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  1. [BREAKING] Shooting at Houses of Parliament, UK

    Fair enough. But there a lot of non-Muslims in the West who see Muslims from other denominations not taking bold enough steps to stop these radical Salafis. Most of the non-Muslim populace in the West are skeptical because of almost a too passive (and even permissive) approach by other Muslim sects to do something about this nuisance. I know Shias and other sects are fighting these terrorists in the Middle East valiantly but it doesn't seem to sway non-Muslims in the West just how committed Shias and other denominations are in getting rid of these guys.
  2. [BREAKING] Shooting at Houses of Parliament, UK

    Why don't Shias and other denominations speak up and tell non-Muslims that these modern kharijites have nothing to do with mainstream Islam?
  3. [BREAKING] Shooting at Houses of Parliament, UK

    I hope the general public realizes that these terrorists are not Muslims. Normal Muslims do not go around killing innocent civilians in the name of God.
  4. Liberal 'Christians' have lost their minds

    Ask andres he probably knows.
  5. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    If that is what you really believe then you, sir, are not a real Christian in any way or form.
  6. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Weren't you the one who said awhile back that homosexual sex is not a sin according to the Bible?
  7. [BREAKING] Quebec Mosque Attacked, 5+ Dead

    The terrorists were shouting "Allah Ackbar!"
  8. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    Fake Christians who profess Jesus with their lips but their hearts are from him and his righteousness. Jesus talked about these types of people in Matthew 7:21-23.
  9. [BREAKING] Quebec Mosque Attacked, 5+ Dead

    Terrorists who are attacking innocent Muslims doing their prayers because these Muslims didn't agree with radical Salafist doctrines. Why do you guys keep tolerating these violent fanatics who profess to be Muslims but who aren't?
  10. Is the United States a Christian nation?

    No, the US is not a Christian nation. In fact, most "Christians" in the US are not real Christians in heart, mind, and soul. Most of them are just church-goers going through the motions but have no real love for God, the truth, and righteousness.
  11. Liberal 'Christians' have lost their minds

    Dear Muslim friends, there is no such thing as a liberal "Christian."
  12. Ban on Muslims

    Ironic. Why is Iran on the list? Most Iranians are from the Twelver Shia branch (a group NOT known for acts of terrorism against innocent civilians of any religion). Also, why isn't Saudi Arabia on the list? They have the most radical Sunni denomination (Hanbali-Wahhabi) as their de facto state religion.
  13. Is it possible to prove Islam?

    C'mon man, you're sounding like the Christian version of ISIS. I agree that Christianity is the truth but we have to treat our theological opponents with respect and dignity.
  14. Why Most Christian Ladies Do Not Wear Hijab

    I don't believe that Christian women should wear hijabs or shadors but the way a lot of "Christian" women dress these days in public is deplorable.
  15. Is Islam closer to Judaism or Christianity?

    My apologies then. By his religious description I thought he was Salafi.