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  1. Help You In Iran

    Sorry ,I've been quite busy lately. As Inquisitor said my PM function will not be activated unless my posts reachs 50. @vazeer: What can I do for you ?
  2. Help You In Iran

    The most famous Lebanese restaurant in tehran is "Aroose Lebanon" , but If you want a high quality restaurant , I suggest you to check Al-hayat Lebnanese restaurant in Esteghlal Hotel. And about Iraqi restaurant , unfortunately there is no any good iraqi restaurant in tehran.
  3. Salaamun aleykum, I've recently had the problem to finding muslim people during the travel to other countries , I decided to help people traveling to Iran, specially those who traveling for ziyarat. Anyone who wants to travel to Iran (I live in tehran but I can help you about Qom and mashhad too ) I'll be glad to help about Finding/reserving Hotel, Touring around the city and ... . just contact me :)