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    Women are not always emotionally stronger than men, in fact, more women than men suffer from eating disorders, depression, self-harming and suicide ideation. These quotes from pious scholars (men), are hollow. They mean nothing if a strong man is not standing behind his woman and supporting her. To put all the responsibility on women to be kind, sensitive, loving, caring, nurturing, etc, allows men to be off the hook. It's unfair and puts a great burden on women. Please rethink putting these quotes up for all and sundry.
  2. Help

    Salam @Ron_Burgundy, what happened that brought on her early labour? I'm very worried for both of you and the baby, so I will pray long and hard for you. Please PM if you need anything.
  3. Why is the chat room so dead? 

  4. Salam. Does anyone know of duas I can recite so that I might be protected from toxic people who seek to do me harm? This is quite urgent. Thank you for reading.
  5. Shia TV and YouTube Channels

    There is also Safeer TV. Great channel with interesting live shows this Ramadan
  6. Ramadhan Mubarak, Y'all

    Walaikum assalam @hasanhh, Ramadan Mubarak to you and all my dear shiachat.com friends. Thank you for the tip about the chunk of cheese, I will be sure to eat some before Fajr. First thing I need in the morning though, is a mocha with a chocolate croissant, eggs on toast too. But sure thing, by Monday I'll be used to the long days, but kinda worried too.
  7. I can't cry during Muharram?

    I thought I was the only one who experienced this. I think it's because of my sins too. I wish I could cry for imam Husain.
  8. Qiyam al-Qa'im (2017)

    Salam @Qa'im , again thank you so much for your hard work and efforts. I was going to ask the same question as I would also like to purchase a copy online. Please could you email a PDF copy , thank you.
  9. 2017 Iran Election [OFFICIAL THREAD]

  10. Imam Mahdi ajfs ahadith - must read

    Thank you brother @Qa'imth
  11. What you say is correct brother, so perhaps this thread should be closed now. I keep thinking about his wife and children. I hope they are okay.
  12. I am in a Mutah marriage

    Dear @nur1507, Salam sister, how are you? I am sorry you are going through this ordeal, it's not easy. But I want to be honest with you and let you know that this brother probably never had the intention to permanently marry you; it was just something he said to give you hope. He is taking advantage of your innocence and abusing the privilege of mutah, which I still believe is a divine mercy. I am a convert too, but divorced with two children, so I know about these men who make claims to marry you permanently, but alhamduillah, I have my wits about me and my friends protect me too. Are you a convert to Islam living in London? Please PM me, I am sure that we can support each other. I hope you're okay.
  13. What just happened :O!?

    I love the green colours, it's so nice. Thank you to mods and admins who made this change.
  14. What Professional Success Means to a Woman

    Professional success means organisational achievement
  15. Pictures of my family tree

    Wow, this is amazing @repenter, what an interesting find. Yes, send us the update.