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  1. Thank you @repenterfor bringing this to our attention. But what can civilians like me, do to help our brothers and sisters in Iraq. I wish I could go there and help in rebuilding the country, but I have 2 small children and elderly parents. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Why is it a bit easier if she is widowed? Cos there's no Dad around, right? I hope the brothers who've posted on this thread never have to see their female relatives go through a divorce.....the fallout is horrendous. And older children don't have to be a problem, it's the water the mother raises them and the temperament of the child/children involved.
  3. My car and coming into the light after years of stumbling around in the dark. Basically, when I became Shia.
  4. I cannot say enough good things about your blogs, @Qa'im, thank you so much for your insight and wisdom. God bless you.
  5. I tend to go into shut down mode, and become hyper-focused on achieving a goal within reach. i go off the radar too, minimal contact with people i gym and i read i go on short courses offered by local shia centres i remind myself that the end will come and that this too shall pass i ride the storm with stoicism - like i did after my divorce and custody battle hope this helps anyone who reads
  6. Again, another superb piece @Qa'im, thank you for your wisdom and insight.
  7. Welcome to my world @Islandsandmirrors You'll move on from this. I did. And that's the long and short of it , really.
  8. @magma, why am I not near the top? I don't geddit. Happy New Year everyone, hope you're all well.
  9. Ah, I see, boxing day sales, got any good bargains? Yeah, I'll look up these scholars on al-islam.org, thanks bro. Hope you're well.
  10. Ah, I see, boxing day sales, got any good bargains? Yeah, I'll look up these scholars on al-islam.org, thanks bro. Hope you're well.
  11. Really interested in this topic. Which scholars, bro?
  12. I think sheekh kebab is the tastiest one out of all kebabs. I make my own recipe up with special ingredients, sometimes extra chilly too. Mmmm.
  13. @Metis Muslimah, when was the last time you saw your children, how long has it been? I'm a bit confused, but what country are your children in. I was in similar situation with my daughter who was taken from me whilst i was pregnant with my 2nd child. after a lengthy legal battle with the swiss courts, i was reunited with my daughter. your story brings back many memories, and i am praying for you. how old are your children now?
  14. Yes you have explained to me before but for the benefit of our visitor, it might be helpful for him to know. That's all. Anyway , let's just be civil and agree that we both of have different opinions. Thank you.