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  1. To Finally Rest In Peace?

  2. Ideas For Interest Free Stable Returns

    Are you allowed to choose a savings account that offers the highest interest return? If you could find any information on this it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Did Adams Children Committed Incest?

    I have to say brother PureEthics answers make the most sense to me! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
  4. Are Hindus Kafir?

    ^^^anyone knows the answer to the above question?
  5. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Really sorry to hear that akhI, he is in our prayers. May Allah (s.w.t) grant your family sabr at this difficult juncture.
  6. Do Apple Products Support Israel Or No

    As per my knowledge, Apple uses intel processors, and intel is part of the boycott list. However, majority of the high brand-image laptops such as Dell, Hp, Toshiba also use intel, so it's a tough one. There are other laptops with different processors, but they are yet to gain popularity amongst the masses.
  7. What Is Bismillah Ir-rahman Ir-rahim?

    MashaAllah, what a beautiful post! just thought of giving it a bump!
  8. Everything Is Created From Water

    Can you share the answer with us akhI? Or is it what is mentioned in the previous posts?
  9. How To Learn Something Effectively

    Jazakallah, excellent post.
  10. Gaza And The Indo Pak Community In The Us

    Pepsi is Israeli? :o I've never seen it in the boycott list! Its always been cocacola that gets all the negative press about supporting Israel.
  11. What Would Have Happened If Ali Became 1St Caliph?

    Beard - Question & Answer - The Official Website of His Eminence the Grand Ayatollah al-Sayyid 'Ali al-Husayni al-Sistani http://www.sistani.org/english/qa/01136/ Question: Is it permissible to shave the two sides of the face and leave the hair on the chin? Answer: Shaving the beard is haram based on obligatory precaution, and this includes the hair that grows on the sides of the face. However, there is no problem in shaving the hair that grows on the cheeks.
  12. Islamic Series

    jazakallah may Allah (s.w.t) reward you, my grand parents lovveedd it!!! If anyone knows any other urdu islamic series, please share! :)
  13. Car Repair/maintenence Tutorial Thread

    Whenever I drive the handbrake sign appears on the dashboard, even though the handbrake isnt engaged. The sign comes and goes, and mostly appears when I break. Its been like that for the past few months. How bad is it?
  14. Shia Support For Palestinians: Debate

    MashaAllah, excellent writeup!'!!!
  15. Marriage Pre-Destined?

    Salaam, lol sis no worries! I havent yet given my view on this matter.. i have just reiterated what the elders in my community say! Many times, when someone rejects a proposal or things don't go right between the spouses leading to the engagement breaking, people say it was not written for them to get married, and other similar statements. Thus, i was wondering whether what they say has any backing in Islam. As we know, in Shia Islam some important matters such as sustenance is decreed to a certain extent by Allah (s.w.t), in that you can work extremely hard but still be poor. Thus, with that in mind, another extremely important aspect in ones life is that of marriage... when you think about it the best example of a marriage is between Imam Ali (a.s) and Bibi Fatema, and i cant help but think that their marriage was a pre-destination. (correct me please if i am wrong) Similarly, we have the 11th Imam who married Lady Nargis, once again a marriage that was pre-destined if i am not mistaken.