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  1. What is happening in Kurdistan???

    I'm curious to know your position and the opinion of Feyli Kurds in general about seeking an independent Kurdistan, @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī. I'm assuming you're Kurdish from your name. I've heard most Feyli Kurds dislike pretty much all the main players, PUK, KDP, and Hezb al-da'wah. So what's the alternative?
  2. Shi'as that look down upon you because of your name are probably unaware to the fact that the Imams named their children with your name as well. You are actually doing us a great service brother. Many Sunnis often ask the Shi'a why we don't name our children and follow the sunnah of the Imams who named their children 'Umar, 'Uthman, or Aisha. You are helping us prove that we do indeed name our children the way the Imams named their children (although these names are indeed seldom heard nowadays). It's true that such names have negativity associated with them because of certain personalities in Islam's history, but they are also associated with some of the greatest personalities as well. If you look at recent blog entries, brother Islamic Salvation has some great posts on 'Uthman b. Madh'un, a great companion of the Prophet. Imam Ali also named a son with your blessed name. - Abu al-Faraj said: Uthman b. Ali about whom it is narrated from Ali that he said: I name him with the name of my brother Uthman b. Madh`un.
  3. News of death of brother Toyib

    I will read juzu' 27. Inshallah one day, if a random stranger were to hear the news of my death, he or she will read a few pages for me as well.
  4. News of death of brother Toyib

    Devastating news. I bought his book on Imam Ali a few years ago and was very impressed by his intelligence and devotion to guiding people to the truth. May Allah (awj) grant him mercy. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
  5. I have a thousand ShiaChat dollars on GGG, he's the best in his weight class no doubt about it.
  6. NYT article link: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/10/world/middleeast/iran-soccer-masoud-shojaei-ehsan-haji-safi.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur I can't truly form a solid opinion over this news because I simply don't know the entire context of their banning, but I will have to disagree with Iran's longstanding policy of denying Iranian athletes from competing against Israeli athletes. I don't see how simply competing in a sport or competition against an apartheid state like Israel will somehow give Israel legitimacy as a country. Iranian athletes have suffered for a long time by having to withdraw from tournaments, Olympic competitions, and other events that they invested countless hours of training and effort into. If Iran considers it necessary to block competitions against Israeli athletes, then it should do the same for Saudi Arabian athletes who are more oppressive and murderous than Israel. But there's no consistency with this law.
  7. Sunni/Shia Debate-Mohammed Hijab vs Sayyid Haamid

    ^He was correct. Imamah and 'Adalah are part of Usool al-Madhhab whereas the other three are part of Usool al-Deen. Followers of Ahl al-Beit believe in all five, whereas those that only follow the top three, are simply Muslim. According to Sayed Imam al-Khoei. This thread is also informative about this:
  8. Murder of Karar Nushi

    No it has not. Friends of the victim said it was "Islamists" who killed him because of what he was
  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته I was reading an old thread on why children born outside of wedlock don't have some of the same rights as any other child. After reading the answers, the only answer I found to be half-convincing is that we don't question the ruling of Allah (awj), and we must follow what he has commanded. But out of curiosity, I would still like to find some logic behind why a child born outside of wedlock has different laws, even though the child has no fault for the parents' sins. Old thread:
  10. Rafida debates Mohammad hijab

    Some people don't give you credit for what you say, only for how loud you say it. Mohammed Hijab has stronger vocal cords, that's about all the points I'd give him in this debate.
  11. Thoughts 2017

    Basketball trumps all. Heck, even ice hockey is more entertaining. There's no such thing as a sport that can be played for over three hours with minimal exhaustion.
  12. The Modern Yazid

    It's sad how we, as Shi'a, spend so much time and devotion to declare our enmity for Israel and support for Palestine, while Saudi Arabia has openly branded Shi'as as their number one enemy and is oppressing them worse than Israel on Palestinians. Palestinians, many of whom don't even want anything to do with Shi'a let alone receive help from Shi'a, are still given priority over Qatifi, Yemeni, Bahraini, Pakistani, Afghan, and other Shi'as of the world. I don't understand why we are pointing a gun at Israel while Saudi Arabia has all its gun pointed at us. It's time to reevaluate our responsibilities to the oppressed. Our kin and our blood being oppressed by Saudi Arabia, or the untrustworthy being oppressed by Israel.
  13. Abu Amra al-Ansari - A Forgotten Man Pt. I

    Jazakallah, this is a great read. I am also curious about the different reports about who remained on the battlefield after the people fled. Sahl bin Hunayf and Abu Dujana are not very spoken of much either by Shi'i today, were also great companions that did not turn their backs to flee at all during Uhud. Imam al-Sadiq (as) said that Abu Dujana al-Ansari will be raised with the 12th Imam who will act as helpers or judges with him. It would be great if there was more information on him.
  14. A few weeks ago I visited Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. There was a museum inside the palace holding different relics, including swords of the Sahabah. I strongly doubt the authenticity of these relics. However one thing seemed quite accurate: there wasn't a scratch or a dent on 'Umar al-Khattab's sword.
  15. Thoughts (2010-2016) [ARCHIVE]

    Nobody is saying Zubayr b. al-Awwam chose the best option when leaving the battlefield altogether. He clearly repented for fighting against the Imam and left the battlefield. When al-Zubayr's killer brought the sword to Imam Ali, the Imam prayed for al-Zubayr's forgiveness. Most Shi'i today pair up Talha b. Ubaydallah and al-Zubayr as though they are both in the same boat. Talha was staunchly pro-Umayyed and fought the Imam until he died, whereas al-Zubayr was closer to banu Hashim and . There are several ahadith that state that al-Zubayr remained with the ahl al-Bayt until his son matured (his son was to blame). Al-Zubayr fought with Umar b. al-Khattab at Saqifa as well. Bring an authentic hadith from Shi'i sources that says both al-Zubayr and his killer are both in hell-fire. Good luck. One that dies without recognizing the Imam of their time, does not mean they are destined for hell-fire automatically. I'm sure you don't believe that all Sunnis will be thrown into hell-fire.