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  1. I have been reading in the question/answer section that Muttah marriage is a very common thing and that people have had 28 or more muttah marriages, but I have never heard of anyone married like that, although I believe that it is halal but will like to know what are the qualifications for a muttah marriage. All marriages are contracts so is a muttah marriage, with the only difference that the term of marriage is settled amongst the couples. Whether muttah or a customary marriage, how can anyone marry more than four times? I thought the content was scrutinized before published but I fail to understand this.
  2. Syed Touqir Shah

    Last Sermon of Hussain in Urdu

    I will like if someone may post the last sermon of Imam Hussain a.s. in Urdu on 10th of Muharram 61 Hijri
  3. Syed Touqir Shah

    extramarital feeling

    Both of you know it is lust not love and will fade away as soon as he takes you to the bed. So imagine the humiliation and disgrace that will haunt you forever. Be strong and don't let your most precious treasure to be looted by a scavenger. Keep your head high and respect your chastity. To guard a woman's honour is the greatest Jehad for a lady.
  4. I don't think Allah will ever cut a person off His mercy, because He is Rab ul Aalimeen not Rab ul Muslimeen. The reason for feeling sad, miserable and hopelessness is the burden of ones sins on ones soul. Than the Khannas finding a person vulnerable whispers in his ears,"hey you are cut off from Allah's mercy." If you feel remorse this means that there is every chance for repentance and that your Roh e Eman is still intact although weak but not dead. Only Prophets, Ausiyas and choosen ones of Allahs have 5 Arwah or spirits i.e. Roh e Quds, Ruh e Emman, Ruh e Jism, Ruh e strength and Ruh e Nafas. All others are born with the later four with the exception of Ruh e Quds. However, as a person progresses in life and the more he commits sins, more weaker becomes his Roh e Emman, consequently, slowly but surely his Roh e Emman begins to weaken and eventually dies. This is when the ways to guidance are shut and hearts are sealed as says the Qurran. The last three Rohs even exist in the animals, it is the Roh e Emman which distinguishes us as Ashraf ul Makhlookat.
  5. I have read the comments of other members but the truth is that Islam is the first religion. However, after Islam the story of Habeel and Qabeel tells us all. I,ll try to make the story short and come to the point. When Adam a.s. by the order of Allah bade his sons Habeel and Qabeel to offer sacrifice in the name of Allah. Habeel used to do sheep farming so he choose his best animal for the sake of offering and Qabeel used to do farming and grow vegetables, corn and wheat etc. He picked up rotten and his worst yield as an offering. In those days a spot on a mountain top was affixed for the offerings of sacrifices and a fire would erupt from the sky and devour the sacrifice, which meant it had been accepted by Allah (azwj). Therefore both the brothers placed their offerings at the fixed place and waited. The flame descended on Habeel's offering thus signifying it as being accepted which made Qabeel furious. Then the devil (Shaitaan) came to Qabeel and whispered in his ears that if he did not kill Habeel, his offsprings will make fun of his offsprings that they were the descendents of the one whose sacrifice was not accepted. Consequently Qabeel killed Habeel and ran away to the mountains and in retaliation built a temple where he lit a huge fire and vowed to worship the fire, therefore after Islam, religion of the fire worshippers or Zoroastrians was the 1st one to have come into existence. However, there is no doubt that idol worshipping is also one of the ancient religions but it was created after the Zoroastrians.