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  1. I can attest to this. OP: try to be strong sis because cheating husbands tend to thrive on the weakness of their wives. It is unlikely that you will change him when you are in your current state. Instead, take care of yourself and make an effort to to look attractive and vibrant. As starlight said, do whatever you need to do to lower yourself and calm down. That way you will be better equipped to confront whatever challenges arise moving forward in your relationship. My duas are with you.
  2. #8 Muharram Night Plans

    Islamic Centres starting from tomorrow inshaAllah. There are so many here alhamdulilah and all the lecturers that are coming in from outside are really good. Need to make some serious decisions!!
  3. I want to get rid of my smartphone badly. Or, at least, wipe off all social media apps. I waste so much time on my damn phone,and I feel my headaches, laziness and fatigues is all attributed to how much time i spend staring at small screens.
  4. Does this apply to females as well?
  5. how did y'all find the love of your life

    It is and you are right. But that same friend will also get married one day and abandon you unintentionally. That pretty much happened to me with all my close friends who eventually got married
  6. Introverts - The Good! The Bad!

    I sometimes wonder about those female bloggers or vloggers or whatever you call them, they literally live for people; snapping every moment of their lives just to get people's approvals and comments. Won't it scare them one day when people stop caring or when they become unpopular?
  7. Favorite Color? POLL

    I;m in to black these days. Black abaya, black nail polish, black everything. Coincidentally, Muhrram is round the corner.
  8. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    No I have not. I keep promising myself that I will stop watching horrors once and for all because I end up feeling creeped out for weeks and weeks every time I watch a horror lol. But lets see how long I keep the promise this time. Last horror movie I watched (and this is super embarrasing), I had to beg my sister to let me sleep with her because I was too freaked out to sleep on my own. And then luckily my brother was travelling too and I spent the next few days after that at my sister-in-laws LOL.Mind you, despite all this horrors are my favourite genre :P
  9. This thread brings back some not-so-pleasant memories of my eldest brothers wedding 9 years ago. He married a girl from a top notch family (it was a love marriage) and so it was a given that they expected an extravagant wedding which my parents had to pay for through their noses. What didn't help at all was her mother who kept being very rude to my mother. She kept calling up my mother and saying things like "you better do this and that and I expect this and that because I am not going to give my daughter to a bunch of cheapos." My mother was in tears for most of the time due to her tormenting but she says she didn't want to make a big deal because she didn't want to ruin things for brother. That wedding literally broke my parents backs.
  10. Most people assume things based on their experiences, it makes it easier for them to navigate the world. Some people are more flexible in changing their views than others.
  11. What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Watch Conjuring 2!
  12. So what happens in the case of a dispute? Should the government (represented by the courts) not interfere then as well?
  13. should i do Muta?

    Marrying ahle kitab (Christian or Jewish) is haram whether it is permanent or Muta?