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  1. I'd like to know as well.
  2. I think it's lovely. It's coming on every Arabic channel.
  3. Ratings are low for this one but I thought it the storyline was interesting (albeit a messed up one). @Heavenly_Silk I think you might enjoy this psychological thriller.
  4. Valuable advice JazakAllah.
  5. Sayed Seestani.
  6. @starlight @notme I joined goodreads about a year ago I think but I became inactive after a short while unfortunately. LEt's start a group on there - I want to be active again. PM me your GR ID's.
  7. @notme is that actually yours? did you manage to solve it? cool!
  8. Um Kulthum is highly revered in most Arab countries - the female version Frank Senatra of the Arab World.My family and friends all love listening to her - basically people of all age groups listen to her music. I would definitely put her music in the category of music listened to in amusement gatherings. Anyway, OP, if you're asking whether music will invalidate your fast then no, it will not. But as some of the members suggested here, you are better off seizing this holy month and staying away from sins as much as possible because while music will not in itself invalidate your fast, any sin will have the effect of lessening the sawaab of the fast.
  9. Lol creative thread - I like it. @repenter is defo one of the comedians on here, with his blunder in your face responses that for some reason crack me up.
  10. Ramadhan Mubarak dear SC'ers. How did you all find your first day of fasting? I thought it was a breeze alhamdulilah. But last night I made the mistake of not eating suhoor, so while making iftar for the family today, I ended up *almost* fainting :/ lol hopefully i'll be more careful to fill myself up tonight ready for the second day inshaAllah.
  11. Officially announced Ramadhan is tomorrow (Saturday) here.
  12. Not on my own. It feels awkward and silly unless I'm in a silly mood and want to explore all those funny Snapchat filters. Are you talkative in real life?
  13. Congrats sis! The friendliest member on here
  14. لبيك يا نصر الله
  15. I hope not - I do it when I am nervous. What makes you cringe?