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  1. Thoughts 2017

    @starlight missed you too sister, hope you are well.
  2. They would never get it from seeing their parent divorce a couple of times either. A broken home is 10000 worse for the kids if kids is what you are worried about.
  3. know any ex shias?

    Unfortunately atheism is becoming a trend amongst shias in my country. It's mainly because most of the youth nowadays can't be bothered to put up with the obligations (or burdens as they would put it ) of religion. It's either that or that they claim to be muslim but commit every kind of haram. I treat them with respect like any human.
  4. Choice between communism and capitalism

    Question is: how should these finite resources be distributed to ensure everyone has their faire share?
  5. Thoughts 2017

    11 days for the whole year? Working or calendar?
  6. Parents Mistreat Wife and I - HELP

    OP: this may sound like emotional blackmail but it is worth a shot. The next time you're parents do something like this, just bring your daughter into the picture. I'm sure they must love their granddaughter, right? Just guilt trip them into making them feel that whenever there is friction in the family, this severely affects their granddaughter and that they would be indirectly to blame.
  7. Chaotic Muslem's back

    I thought she was a sister?
  8. #15 Which Child Are You?

    You really are a superhero! Right, im dumping my future kids on you.
  9. OP: Islamically you are under no obligation to give your parents money but I believe that that if you help out your parents God will open up doors of rizq for you in so many ways and out of nowhere. Trust me. As for your dad not working, has he always not worked or is he retired? I personally wish my father would stop working, it pains me to see him working so much at such an old age. He;s worked all his life and I keep nagging at him to just stay home now and rest and me and my brothers would take care of him.
  10. Thoughts 2017

    Is it just me that's noticed this or is the number of non-Shias filling up the majalis of Imam Hussain expanding every year?
  11. Thoughts 2017

    Saudi Arabia driving ban on women to be lifted http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41408195
  12. 10,000

  13. Western Islam

    Is Linda Sarsour a Shia?