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  1. This woman is an Imami Shia?
  2. I miss this.
  3. The believers being Shia only or all Muslims?
  4. Where was Kumayl during the battle? Why did he not join Imam Husain (a.s)?
  5. People sometimes forget their anxieties loneliness and problems in general amongst the noise and people that you mention. The night tends to be a reminder of all that to some.
  6. @von Lohengramm This was a while back , but you had recommended the YouTube documentary series on the great Allamah Tabatabai's life. I only just (almost) managed to finish it - got about two more parts left. It's beyond amazing, thank you for sharing and recommending it!
  7. Arn't corsets those magical things that make your tummy disappear?
  8. @Haydar Husayn When you say people who do things that are deserving of hell, are you referring to atheists and arrogant people in general, who know what they are doing is wrong but choose to do it anyway? Because there are those that do things deserving of hell but do it out of heedlessnes and not necessarily out of arrogance or an intention to disobey God (simply following their desires). I would suspect the latter would be repentant to some extent.
  9. ^ just to clarify my question above, I don't actually hold a specific view on this. I am neither for or against it because I don't know myself whether it would be wrong to call out to the Imam a.s. It would be interesting to understand your view though and why you advise for a person not to call out .
  10. I wasn't even bothered to do that :p I have more important goals now which is pay off my speeding fine of $500 (18 fines in total) which I have been running away from.
  11. I chose Sistani simply because most of my community and all my family members follow him. I've been following him for years. Now that I am grown and mature I wonder whether I can reassess my choice? I am very happy with Sistani and don't have any issues but I haven't explored any other option.
  12. @QuranandAhlulbayt I feel so helpless sometimes, I don't know what I can do from my bubble Other thoughts : I've come to realize that intelligent people are so rare. Most people are pro's at coming across as intelligent.
  13. When one of the girls from the royal family here married a non-Muslim her whole family including His Majesty did not attend and I think they are still not speaking to her (she married a Hindu). @shiaman14 I was in an (almost) same dilemma as you except while it was the wedding of 2 muslims (the bride being being my best friend and a Shia) it was pretty much a kaffir kind of wedding where alcohol was served on every table, women were half naked and 3 different bands and a DJ were playing. People were dancing and drinking till 5 a.m. Before the wedding my best friend threatened to never speak to me again. I was worried about losing her but decided not to go anyways but alhamdulilah even though she didn't speak to me right after the wedding, she eventually forgave me and we are fine. Point is people move on and forget, you gotta stick to your principles.
  14. @Abbas. Done. Course starts May 23,2017.