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  2. Thanks Bruce Lee for expressing something I couldn't articulate before.
  3. Ok I know what I'm doing this weekend!
  4. ^ Yes but what about when there are issues between the wife and her mother in law and the husband is in the middle? i understand that she should put her husband before her parents and he should also do the same?
  5. Sister @starlight I don't agree with you about husbands parents taking precedence over rights of his wife. I have heard this example numerous times by scholars/shaikhs: should a husband ever be in a situation where he could only either feed his wife or his mother, it is wajib that he feeds/shelters his wife and she comes before his mother. This is an extreme example of course but it is to emphasize that the wife's rights over her husbands come before his mother. His mother has her husband to take care of her whereas a wife becomes his first priority and amanah.
  6. I think he's staying in the Palace. Not sure. Anyways, you think I can get him to invite me to this really expensive really good Iranian restaurant? He did keep me starving for so long after all.
  7. Iranian president: please hurry up and get to your hotel already. The roads have been closed for more than 2 hours now and I am starving and need to step out of my suffocating office!!
  8. You better make sure he has a brother for me. Then we can both submit our resignations and hit the spa together (after we nick their credit cards of course).
  9. Currently pigging out on a jar of Nutella. This is the best Valentines ever.
  10. @silasun congrats on landing your dream job you bring up an interesting point about haram employment. Sometimes haram employment can't be recognized immediately and it's not so obvious. I wonder if working for a person who openly sins would be haram and directly bringing in money to his pocket. @E.L King you're needed.
  11. No I really think he does hate us.
  12. The feelings are mutual.
  13. You made an entire thread acknowledging every memeber (or almost every memeber). That beats any other thread including this one that only repeatedly gives credit to the same members. No positive reinforcements here.
  14. So I've been told lol.
  15. On the day of judgment, a caller will call out, "lower your gaze until Fatima has passed." Condolences to the Imam of our time on the martyrdom of our beloved Sayeda Fatima Al Zahraa (a.s).