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  1. @Heavenly_Silk your turn!
  2. Wait, anybody can just attend? People actually get to see the president?
  3. @notme that was helpful thanks
  4. Where can I download E-books?
  5. Anyone watching the inauguration?
  6. Do it!
  7. Hurry up we wanna hear your Aussie accent. Maybe it will motivate me to post my cool Omani one. @Islandsandmirrors you are super cute!
  8. I love the smell of fresh laundry!
  9. Recently. But if you go back to the really old threads, there used to be so many quality threads and debates ....Gone are those days! I wonder if we can merge those threads....
  10. NOT spend my weekend working. Quality time with the familia.
  11. How did the negotiation turn out?