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  1. "world's Ugliest Woman"

    She graduated from my university … mashallah ! I was bullied too in middle school and high school…. and I felt like it was the end of the world for me... but after watching her videos and hearing her speak like that, with so much motivation and courage and strength… wow it taught me a lesson I shouldn't give in to the nasty words of other people… I have my faith, my friends and my family who love me…. but most of all i have Allah who loves me she is such an inspiring person !!! I wish I were as brave as her to speak in front of a crowd… I honestly can't do that !! She is truly beautiful !! :)
  2. Sufis And Shias We Are Brothers.

    I agree with Ibn al-Hassan :) but In reality sufism goes beyond orders, and doctrines and should not always be associated as a distinct school of thought , rather it is its own entity / philosophy …. one can be sufi and sunni or sufi and shia , I am both sufi and shia for example , thats only because mysticism is an important element in my approach to Islam and it is the best way for me to stay closer to Allah swt ! Plus, shiism is more sufistic in nature than sunnism is, the things that Shias do for example, veneration of the Ahlu Bayt and shrines of imams , the commemoration of ali during muharram and celebrating mawlid nabi etc… all of these things are mystical "sufi" in essence / by default ! Plus sunni sufis celebrate mawlid nabi too, and venerate the Ahlu Bayt more than any other sunni groups In North Africa for example, you have aloooooot of people named Fatima, Zainab, Hocine ( Hussein) , Hassan, Idriss and Moroccans make a really huge deal out of muharram and mawlid Nabi … they even have the khamsa ( hand of fatima) which represents the 5 members of the Ahlu Bayt … in their architecture , jewelry and pottery This is of course due to the Shiite influences of the Fatimide and Idrisside dynasties in North Africa but these people consider themselves Sunni Maliki but acknowledge their "sufi" tendencies in their Islam point being…. we should all try to find common ground instead of enmity among the muslim community :)
  3. Are Der Any Shias Staying Near These Univ In U.s.a

    I am studying at Texas State University in San Marcos Texas… :) We need more shias here !! I am feel like i am the only shia girl here :/ Hopefully that will change soon ! inshallah !
  4. par rapport a la première video, je veux juste dire que ces 3 mecs la sont des vrais cons…. le premier avec le barbe , on voit la malheureuse tendance des jeunes européens de souche se convertir au wahhabisme… puis , 2 maghrébins avec l'aire "banlieusard" qui se croient des savants musulmans mdrr! ils surement dans leurs temps livre, ils écoutent de la musique RnB / Rap , Rai etc,, et pk pas draguer les filles aussi ? tout ça selon eux est haram mais terroriser des petits enfants c'est halal pfff ! et ce mec avec le foulard en mode yasser arafat … pas de comm ! totalement ridicule !!! franchement ils me font pitié …. je comprends mieux pourquoi tout le monde a peur de l'islam.. c'est a cause de la mentalité sunnite. heureusement j'ai pris la décision de me convertir au vrai islam, le bon chemin de l'ahlu bayt (as) et j'espère rester loin très loiiiin du fitna que ce genre de gens prêchent. et la meuf la femme du barbu qui ne sourit pas meskina ! le portrait de la femme musulmane frustrée et opprimée ! voila ! :/ Allah yahdina
  5. I speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French , Darja (North African Arabic), Tamazight (Berber) and little bit of Shaami and Fos7a Arabic english and spanish are both my native languages… i speak french very well but i need to brush up on my portuguese ^^ and north african arabic and Tamazight I've been learning it for like 3 years i know many things but still not fluent in it :) shaami i barely got the hang of it this year lol because I'm taking arabic this semester at my university and Fos7a I've been exposed to it for about 3 yrs as well… I'm learning it at school and I hope in 2 years i can become more or less fluent !! :) inshallah ! I want to learn persian/farsi and turkish !
  6. En houston texas hay una mesquita de habla hispana en serio ? No sabia eso… yo soy hispana y resido en san marcos texas por el momento estoy estudiando en la universidad de Texas State. Como quisiera conocer hermanas chiítas aquí, pero no hay :( solo conocí un chico lebanes chiíta pero se regreso a su país… me quede con las ganas de preguntarle si me pudiera dar los numeros de teléfono de hermanas chiitas de roundrock o austin texas… Lo bueno es que descubri este foro donde seguramente podré obtener respuestas a mis preguntas ! :)
  7. Assalamu 3laykom I speak spanish fluently my origin is mexican ^_^ Yes, the phrase means In economics as well was in politics, the events in Latin America often take observers ( experts) by surprise ! it should be latinoamerica though not latinoamerico lol ! and in my view, it sounds better to say en economia tanto como en politics "tanto como" is the fixed expression that means "as well as" in english