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  1. but that doesn't cause swelling. ive never heard of morning stiffness doing this.
  2. salam 3laikum SC, Inshallah everyone here is doing well. hopefully a dr on sc can help me with this issue. i really need to know this. does peripheral neuropathy ever cause 'actual' swelling? whether visible or non-visible. unfortunately i have peripheral neuropathy in my hands and feet, ive just been diagnosed few months ago. its unfortunate because im still pretty young too. the other day i woke up with my feet felt swollen but the swelling wasnt visible. but i had a VERY hard time trying to get my feet in my shoes & walking in them. and i wear those shoes everyday with no problem. could that've been actual swelling from the neuropathy? i cant find anything online that says neuropathy causes this. but im worried. i appreciate if a dr can reply asap. or if anyone on sc knows about this medical issue they can answer me. thanks a lot. salam
  3. Salam 3laikum, Good topic. I am not a doctor but I can tell you based on what I've heard from doctors in my family. I come from a developing country where Hepatitis (mostly B and C) is in moderate percentage of population. But so are several developed countries they suffer from same issue. I know one of the main causes of hepatitis transmission is through health and medical clinics. Most of the time, there is unsanitary medical supplies that have been used on several people without being discarded. Also health and sanitary conditions in clinics and especially hospitals are horrible, with no staff or personnel that take responsibility for the sanitation of such places. One of the major types of clinics where viral/infectious agents commonly spread is at the Dentist. I personally know of someone who contracted Hepatitis C at a dental clinic from unsanitary dental tools that were used on previous patients before her. Secondly, the other most common way for contraction of viruses is via blood transmissions. Usually in developing countries, the level of accountability for doctors is very low, so they can get away with their irresponsibility. Now on vaccines, yes there are vaccines for hepatitis virus. I definitely know there is one for the B virus, but unsure of the others. But keep in mind, and most people rarely think or know of this, that just because you've received any vaccine during childhood, it does NOT mean you will never contract the disease or virus. There are proven medical reports of patients who'd received all necessary vaccines during infancy, but as adults they still managed to contract infectious diseases. In this case their bodies were 'exposed' to the virus, and it either progressively developed into a pathological illness or their immune-system defeated it. Ws
  4. salaam 3laikum I need to speak to a doctor on sc urgently. I need to know what I'm dealing with. Unfortunately I'm in a foreign country & don't have any insurance whatsoever to see one. Pls let me know if there are doctors I can talk to either on here or private msg. salaam & thanks!
  5. Salaam For long time I thought the op was a man. Nice to know she is a sister. I'm sorry to hear about ur situation but trust me I've known this to be common with immigrants living in western countries. So it's not just you. The people living in western country are usually very arrogant & they look down on immigration people cause they know you can't go back to your country & therefore you need them. They don't need you. But dont let this overcome u or bother u. Don't think too much about who is rude. There's rude people all over world. Just put behind u. Try to have some confidence & high self-esteem. Be sure of urself. Do you & ur mom wear hijab or traditional Pakistani clothes? My advice is for u & ur mom to try to look presentable & in good social standing. Even if u dress traditional & wear hijab, u can still look presentable. Where I live majority of the Arab women I know & see in the streets dress this way to not give anyone a chance to look down on them. Even they don't dress flashy or put makeup, & they respect hijab but at the same time take care of how they look. Believe me, stuff like looks & clothes & hygiene matters a LOT in western countries. It is VERY superficial culture maybe more than eastern or Muslim countries.
  6. So you think the professor's email over using my phone and the director's behaviour towards me in class is all due to me defending the Quran?? I was thinking maybe I'd just come off as rude and insolent when I answered back to the professor in the emails. It was a pretty long argument and I kept answering back like a ill-mannered spoiled school girl. The only reason I apologised is to show him that I am also respectful and well-mannered and am able to correct my ways if I unintentionally offend anyone. The apology was fake, no doubt. But then again he has control over my grade and I don't want that kind of trouble. Now about the director. In a previous class of his, 2 Muslim students did defend the Quran and Islam and he was very open-minded, basically didn't care at all. He never opens up religion as a topic nor anything with the middle east, it's just not his interest. Also he's NEVER said anything false or bad about Muslim religion in general. In fact, it seems like he has some knowledge of it. And the only students in his class who are his favourite are the 2 other Muslims. In fact, he gives them priority over most of us in the class.
  7. My mother insults me.

    Oh Islandsandmirrors, I'm really sorry to hear that! I hadn't read the entire thread carefully so please forgive me if my post sounds like blaming you. I do agree with Gaius this is a absolutely unacceptable for your mom to berate you on something not of your fault. It's really horrible for her to do that. She should understand that you are doing your best as you can even with your condition and thank Allah swt that you are still able to be on your two feet today. Have you tried to speak to your mom about how this is offensive and cruel to you? She should hear this from you and you have every right to let her know it is haraam and morally wrong! Have you spoken to your dad'? Maybe he can have a talk with her & tell her to be ashamed of herself. I know what that feels like having a something beyond your control. But you should never have to suffer from humans because of it. Wa Salaam
  8. My mother insults me.

    Hi Islandsandmirrors, Sounds like your family is Arabic lol Don't think much of it. That's how parents usually are, especially mothers. My mom is kinda like that too, sometimes but that's ok because she is my mother. Middle eastern and/or Muslim moms usually want the best for their daughters, they want us to be like them growing up back home. Usually Muslim girls who grow up in the west are kinda lazy, selfish, careless, reckless, and sometimes insolent. Your mom wants you to be better than that. Keep in mind that moms are always the first in our lives to see all that is at fault in us. They see what even our best friends, lovers, sisters, & husbands don't see. So please have a patience with your mom and try not to anger her or bring up her wrath. See whatever it is angers her and avoid it completely. Try to always please her & help her whenever you can. Also be caring for her, make it a habit to often ask her what you can do to make it easier for her. Salam!
  9. Hi Gaius, thanks for getting back to me. How've you been? I guess my story was little confusing & long. I didn't speak up about Islam to the director, it was a different instructor whom I argued with over email. But I wanted to know if maybe all of what happened had gotten to the director.
  10. Salaam 3laikum, That's a really difficult situation to be in brother. If that'd been me I'd also be so uncomfortable with the whole thing. But I am very confused about all this & some questions should be considered: 1. How & why did her parents agree knowing it is strictly haraam according to the Quran and in Islam?? Just why?? 2. Why has not the groom converted to Islam for the sake of all those involved?? 3. Has she not tried to enter him into Islam? If he disagreed, is he still worthy of marriage knowing he doesn't accept her religion?? However, I believe that I would not go to a wedding such as that. Just in case to not upset Allah swt.
  11. Salaam 3alaikum, Do you guys remember me? I really want to share this issue with you guys & get some feedback. I'm in a terrible position; I think I've been in the middle of some backbiting & scandal. I believe it has to do with me a Muslim. I'm still attending a graduate program at a university. Now, I have 2 classes with 2 different instructors. One of them being the director (or president) of the program and one is just an regular professor. This is what happened: Several days ago in the class with the regular professor, he had said something completely false and offensive about the Holy Quran. Saying that the Quran teaches and obligates Muslims to be oppressive and unjust to non-Muslims. And that this is essentially what is Sharia law. So of course, I spoke up politely and explained to him that he was absolutely wrong that the Quran does not in any way say this at all. He was quiet and heard me suspiciously thinking about what I was saying. That day during class I'd browsed my phone for a few mins. But then so do the other students and I've witnessed them, even one guy has his tablet out and constantly goes through it during class. I'm used to this being normal because its a grad program and in all the other classes I've attended, this is allowed. Towards the end of that class, my phone gone on so I shut it. The next day I get an email from him berating me about using phones in class. I've never used my phone before in his class & what about other students? So I took offense and replied back to him saying this & it's a grad program & asking about other students using tablets & such. Then he replied back saying he witnessed me on the phone. So I replied back also telling him I've not known any prof to turn something so small into an issue. Then it turned into about 7-8 back-&-forth emails with us arguing. In the end he tells me he expects respect & ettiquette from his students, so I told him I understand the policy and that I've always been respectful to him in class since day 1. (Because it is true). Speaking of ettiquette, one time this professor saw me approaching his class in the hallway and went right in and literally shut closed the door behind him! Though I didn't tell him this. Now this professor was in Iraq, he told us so. Also he has a something condescending against Muslim religion & peoples. He tries to hide it but it is clear as day. Do you guys see why I replied back to him in email? Bc he is not the one to tell me what is ettiquette & appropriate when he is also disrespectful to his student and insensitive to what can offend them in class. When I told a friend from the program about this she told me he'd sent that email in retaliation bc I called him out on the Quran issue but she suggested I'd apologise to him so as to calm the flame. The next week I go to the director's class & he gives me a horrible attitude! Now this man is usually polite to me & everyone. He doesn't have aynthing against Islam; he doesn't care for religion & such. But when I took my seat that day he looked at me very angrily and kinda threw some papers at me & told me to pass it around to my classmates. The entire session he kept giving me very angry glances. Then when I took my phone out (for the first time in his class) to check the clock I saw his eyes went on the phone then on me also angrily. Almost like disbelievingly. When I tried to speak he ignored me twice. Then he said some things I'd felt was directed at me. On a certain topic, he said sometimes the religion lurks in the background. Then he asked who has money on Wall St & when he indicated that he does, he sort of glanced my way. It was all so strange I am thinking what the hell is this guy up to? It gets worse bc after class I waited in the reception to speak to him about my research & he'd seen me waiting then went in his office & closed his door. What is the meaning of all this? It'd never occurred to me that maybe the prof from the first class had probably spoken to him about me. When I went home I began to think this might've been the case? I've NEVER disrespected this man (director) so why would he get so angry at me for what happened?? It is not as if the argument was with him, so why does this matter to him so much??? I've already apologised against my will to the prof whom I'd argued with & let him know I'd not meant for it to come off as rude or offensive but that sometimes emails don't convey tone or emotion & also bc english is my 2nd language so usually I sound awkward or mean even when I'm not. (And guys this is actually true). He was VERY VERY quiet listening to me then laughed and told me it's ok. It seemed he took offense with me and it seemed like that argument upset him a lot. Before I left he told me quietly "I was just doing my job as an instructor". Now he's a sneaky guy. One time before all this happened, I'd met him in his office to review some coursework. When he found out I have another class with the director he asked me what I thought about the director & his class. I smiled & said it's fantastic and he is a wonderful instructor. Then he'd smiled and said "oh really you enjoy it"? It came out of nowhere. Now what do u guys think about all this?? Is it possible this guy told the director some bad things about me? I have this feeling some extra things were said about me that are either not true or didn't happen. Why would the director turn on me like that out of nowhere and even go so far to refuse to see or help me? Was I just absolutely rude & insolent? I'd really like to get some ideas as to what I'm dealing with and what to do. Is all of this because I defended the Quran???! Please tell me what you guys think it could be?? Salaam 3alaikum
  12. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Firstly, just so all those feminists on this site know that Feminism is a zionist agenda that was created by several Jewish female "feminists" with the intention of destroying family values. You can read more about this online. So I don't find these type of vintage ads to be sexist or anything, in fact I quite like them. They tell of a time much better than today, where honour & dignity were still valued in women. And people knew what self-respect was. I believe women were more respected, valued, & cherished back then rather than today. Yes, women mostly spent time at home but at least they were domesticated & kept safe/ out of danger by their honourable husbands that didn't dare see their wives go astray. Marriage was cherished & taken seriously and women were protected. And friendships/ relationships were loyal, you could've trusted your friends, family members, and spouses. Just look at us today. Everyone is dishonest and even spouses are constantly looking for "something better". Look at how far the women have boldly gone. From being loud-mouthed to dressing buck-wild hair to masculinizing themselves and creating a type of "3rd gender". It's utterly sad how millions of women have fallen into that poisonous "Feminism" trap.
  13. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Salaam, is this a real joke or you made it up? Sorry but this made me very upset, I almost cried. Its really offensive and can really break a woman's heart. Even being a joke and all, in truth, it really is not a joke. This is a reality of how y'all men think. I cannot believe how the moderators let this one go.
  14. Poor Jokes [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Haha this thread is nice. My younger brother asks me on a daily basis: "Sis, do you wanna hear a good joke?" I say: "What?" His reply: "Your Life!" Not an actual joke though; I get asked that every day & yet I keep forgetting its his lame joke :/
  15. Alhamdullah I am glad to hear he is well Your description of him was very cute. take care,