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  1. Harun [as] had been explicitly designated his khalifa by Musa [as] before he left for Jabal-al-Tur. Why did Bani Israel choose Samiri [la] and his Golden Calf over Harun [as]? He [as] wasn't mansus-min-Allah [swt]. Plain and simple. Imam al-Sajjad[as] had designated Imam al-Baqir[as] as his successor, and we have a plethora of reliable narrations confirming this. His very existence is unconfirmed and disputed. *that you too have used this word speakes volumes.
  2. He did indeed accept it, as have some of our pillar scholars like al-Mufid [rh] and Majlisi [rh]. The second link I have posted is from his own student, Shaykh Hadavi Tehrani [ha], who quotes from the late marja [ha]'s book 'al-Faqih'. My intent, however, is not to get into the sahw debate, I just wanted to know more details regarding the late shaikh's [rh] opinion on this. Thanks brother @Islamic Salvation !
  3. Believe Anything

    Alhamdulillah ! Alhamdulillah ! Mashallah, brother @Qa'im ! Your piercing insights and lucid portrayals of these pressing problems never cease to amaze me!! I don't really feel that there is anything else that can be added to your already comprehensive post. keep it up!
  4. Thank you once again, brother! I can see the point very well. Thanks for putting in all that effort to explain it to me !! Ah! I see your standpoint, brother. I am (much to your relief ), however, not here to debate. I have come with a tabula rasa to learn something new. I have gone through that debate and have already seen that it has taxed your patience quite a bit, lol !! Thanks for the information anyways ! I am not going to ask you to explain it all over again! Brothers @Ron_Burgundy @Sindbad05 and @E.L King, thanks for responding! I too have gone through the various reports and refutations of this incident.
  5. All feedback is welcome, from the late shaikh's muqallideen and other's. I also invite brother @Ibn al-Hussain to contribute to the discussion.
  6. Mecca or the Mechanical

    marvellous! simply marvellous! Congratulations once gain, brother @Qa'im !! This vandalism on our Islam ethics and aesthetics is no longer limited to just the realm of architecture. Look at this - 'Sharia compliant' sex shop to open in Mecca selling halal sex products for Muslims Umayyadism in full swing!!
  7. Assalam alaykum wa Rahmatullahi ta'ala wa Barkatuh, Eid al- Adha Mubarak! Dear brothers and sisters, Browsing through some old threads and websites a few days ago, I came across an interesting opinion of Ayatollah Bahjat [rh. a.] that Rasoolallah[sawa] indeed woke up late and missed his fajr prayers. The late ayatollah's [rh] view was reported by brother @Ibn al-Hussain in the following thread, with references - http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235023669-examining-extremism-and-ghulu-in-islam/?do=findComment&comment=2717421 And the following answer by Shaikh Hadavi Teherani also confirms that the late marja [rh] did indeed hold this opinion - Is it true that the Messenger of Allah (S) once missed his Dawn Prayers? In the light of this information, I would like to know what arguments the late ayatollah [rh] forwarded to argue his case, and whether or not he accepted the incident of sahw -an- nabi [sa], given that he has accepted this incident. jazakallah in advance.
  8. The Matrix is a System

    Assalam alaykum, Just saw this post. Once again, brother @Qa'im, I really really must congratulate you for having written this marvelous post, it is indeed regaling, to say the least! You have articulated in the most accurate and point-device manner what I, just like other university-going Muslim youth, have to come to grips with everyday. It is so very relatable! I am in total agreement with you. Our faith and identity have already sustained a horrific amount of damage from the intellectual onslaughts of these 'libertine missionaries'. To intellectually counter them is now a pressing need, and we are doing painfully little in this regard. It's well-nigh time that we wake up from our slumber and rise to the occasion by confronting this mortal threat, or else the horrifying prospect of losing an entire generation of ours to their delusional deceptions and perverse, corrupting enticements stares us in the face. We are already running out of time.
  9. Many, many thanks brother!
  10. Yes brother. That might be an explanation.
  11. Ohh God!!!!!! WHY WHY WHY..........JUST WHY!!!!!!!????????? Why can't these people just stop pretending to be Muslims and then do as they please?! Take charge of their community's "own religious affairs"? Is Islam their community banquet hall? What do these people think of themselves?!!
  12. hmmm....that seems plausible...but wouldn't that be rather out of place, brother, given that he was already a prophet before this incident and had already been given a revelation i.e. the 'names'?
  13. Thanks bro, but don't we believe that the masumeen are ma'sum from the very beginning? And Jibrail[as] would visit Adam [as], he was also given a wahi [the 'names']; does all this not indicate prophethood, and thus infallibility at this stage as well? Sheikh Hadavi Tehrani [ha] has also argued in a similar vein. Thank you for your valuable contribution bro. As regarding his prophet hood and revelation, see my previous comment Thank you bro. I have already read those arguments. But my question is something else. I guess i'll have to rephrase my question - 1. Irrespective of whether Adam committed a sin or not, his being tricked into eating the fruit was an act of deception and misleading by the Satan. 2. In verses 15:39 and 40, Satan declares that he will mislead everyone , except the most devoted servants of Allah swt, that is, the prophets and imams (alayhim assalam ajama'in). Allah confirms this in 15:41 3.Than in 7:22, he does a u-turn, contradicts himself, and misleads/tricks/deceives Adam [notice that the word 'deceit' has been used]. Don't these verses seem contradictory? How do we resolve these contradictions?
  14. O.K. Girls ... Stop the Zumba

    Yes sister. I think it depends on urf. For example, classical music, usually the one by masters such as Beethoven, Mozart etc. , Church Music, Nasheeds, Latmiyat, Sufi music et all would not be commonly called 'immoral' music. But the music played at dance bars, clubs, discotheques, etc. would be unquestionably called 'immoral'. And I personally think that this haram category also includes almost 95% of the modern pop music. I had emailed sistani.org regarding the precise meaning of this differentiator, and they confirmed that the meaning given in my previous post is indeed from Agha's fatwa.