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    Brother, first we need to understand what offensive Jihad means. It means that if enemies are obstructing a Prophet from preaching his message to the people through use of force, the Prophet is also authorized by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى to use military force to remove that obstacle, and indeed this decision is taken on a case to case basis. For eg. note the different approaches Rasoolallah (sawa) followed towards the king of Ethiopia and the Meccans. Offensive jihad is akin to what is called the 'just war theory' in present day geopolitics- a preemptive or preventive war to remove the military threat from you enemies; it is the response to, and not the initiation of hostilities.

    Ayatullah al-Uzma as -Sayyid al- Khu'i (rh) subscribed to this view as well, brother. And as far as I know, Ayatullah al-Uzma as Sayyid al-Khamenei (ha) also holds a similar position. But know that permitting offensive jihad in Ghaybatul Kubra is a minority position among the fuqaha, however, it exists nonetheless.
  3. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    He looks like an anime character, TBH.
  4. What is masculinity and femininity?

    Sure. Cultural distinctions do exist and do, to a great extent, contribute towards defining the attributes as well as codes for societal conduct for each gender- for instance in Iran, Afghanistan, the Indo-Pak subcontinent and some other parts of the Eastern Islamic world, the term 'dear/beloved' (Farsi/Dari/Pashto/Urdu: "jaan") is customarily used alongside women's names to address them ("XYZ jaan", as readers of Khaled Hosseini's and Mohsin Hamid's books would know), whereas in the Arab world (correct me if I am wrong), such references would possibly be construed as flirtation, and totally unbecoming of well-bred young men. At times, these cultural norms are mixed with what Islam prescribes as the appropriate behavior for each gender, and assume an 'Islamic' gloss (notice how in some parts of the Muslim world girls aren't allowed to attend school, and are even shot when they dare to do so,whereas Islam has nothing against, and even encourages, female education). However, these cultural practices and mores should have no bearing upon what the Shariah prescribes; this is not say that these are all anti-Islamic, but they are not all Islamic either.
  5. Your everyday outfit?

    T-shirt and baggy jeans. And a hoodie/jacket in winters. If beard and hairstyle are included, then it's short hair and close-cropped/trimmed beard (It's the Nizar al-Qatari look).
  6. Most handsome Pakistani man attends Hajj

    Welcome to the media age!!
  7. truth

    What is the Unitarian position on Jesus (as)? I know they consider him fully human, neither fully divine (like the Monophysites do) nor both human and divine at once(as the Catholics, Orthodox Christians and mainstream Protestants do ), but do they consider him to be the Son of God?
  8. Tabarrah

  9. truth

    Well, take it up with them. The OP seems to be one.
  10. Christianity

    I have no stake in these Trinitarian VS. Unitarian battles. The OP asked a question about controversies regarding authenticity of some parts of the Bible. I pointed to this debate as a response since it is a controversy of big doctrinal importance.
  11. truth

    1. Jesus is God. 2. God, by definition, is eternal and ever existing. 3. But Jesus is the Begotten Son of God, and hence non-existent before he was begotten, and hence non-eternal. 4. But Jesus is still God. Is it just my feeble intellect, or are others also having similar doubts?
  12. Tabarrah

    http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/234977059-imam-alias-praising-abu-bakr-and-umar/?do=findComment&comment=2057299 http://www.shiapen.com/concise/alleged-shia-texts-in-praise-of-the-shaykhayn-and-others.html
  13. Christianity

    Read up on 'Comma Johanneum'.
  14. What about Kashmir?

  15. Would you marry her?

    Dear sister, try going hungry for 10 days and then having sabr when a full course meal is laid before you. Try not thinking about it, not gazing at it. You have lots of heavenly fruits, dishes and drinks waiting for you in jannah. Things are easier said than done, sister. The desperation is not about doing mutah, it is about the fear that their physical desires will lead them to commit some haram act, and suppressing the desires never works; all the frustration will pile up and erupt in the future in an uglier form, and all hell will break loose. A person with carnal desires who is not marrying is living in a state of perpetual sinning- impure thoughts, haram fantasizing,haram glances, and all that. But your average undergraduate guy/girl does not have the means to get married and raise a family, and hence mutah comes in. I agree though, that married men with healthy wives have no reason to seek sexual gratification elsewhere.