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  1. Sayed Kamal and gender identity

    I am very confused about the Sayyid. So far, I have heard diametrically opposite claims about him. To the extent that I know and understand some of his views, I certainly agree with them, and on the other hand, I find some of his views very difficult to accept, and disagree with them strongly, being the ill-educated layman that I am, with my own peculiar notions and opinions. I am waiting for him to publish more of his material in English.
  2. Social Awkwardness

    Assalamun alaykum dear brothers and sisters, In this regard, we have also to take into account the rapidity with which social mores and customs, and the very popular culture have changed in the preceding two- odd decades. A prominent ripple-effect of these changes has been that the new and the old generations are absolutely out of sync with each other with respect to the things their lives revolve around. And when there are hardly any commonalities to share, striking a conversation is even the more difficult.
  3. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    How do you know that the prophecies weren't just for Israel? They were all addressed to them, that too within a book meant solely for them. Prophecies aren't commands? Well, then there's no need to worship Jesus as it isn't a divine command. Why are you even discussing it here then? Frankly, I couldn't care any less about who or what you are/wish to be. The website is Catholic, but it quotes from Lutheran Evangelical sources. Is Wikipedia Catholic too? And unlike you, my friend, I am not playing holier-than-thou by denying that Islam has such a punishment, and bashing other religions for having such a punishment. The God of OT decrees such a punishment, and then the same God in the NT changes his mind and says don't carry it out. Why is that so? Were the Israelites of the Mosaic-Solomonic era lesser-deserving of God's mercy and redeeming chance than the present generation of humans? Or did God just mess it up? Blaming the Romans is not helping us solve the dichotomy. I rest my case. Have a nice day!
  4. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    I did not know it is that tough to understand simple English. If you can make sense of what I said, I was saying - why do you grant amnesty to someone whom God himself condemns to eternal fire? Is your judgement better than God's? Your God decides one thing, you decide another. The same OT contains all the prophesies regarding the birth and mission of the Messiah. Reject them, and along with them the belief in the Messiah as well since the OT was meant only for Israel, and so were its prophesies. See how you just shoot your own foot each time you use this argument? No, because I have no reason to. And gee, the punishment for heretics is death in Protestant law too!! http://www.ncregister.com/blog/darmstrong/luther-favored-the-death-penalty-not-religious-freedom-for-heretics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heresy
  5. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Some fun facts from this discussion - 1. A mere sinner deserves death, but an apostate, the biggest of all the sinners does not. 2. Admittedly, God would met out the harshest punishment of eternal hell-fire to His rejectors, but for humans to carry out God's will here is somehow despicable. Why grant amnesty to someone put in the gallows by God? Why not walk the walk rather than just talk the talk? Double standards much? 3.Ostensibly, Jesus is God, and the same God that operates timelessly through both the Testaments. The same God condemns apostates to death in the OT, and then backtracks in the NT! Marvelous! 4. Aquinas,Jerome,Gregory and Augustine tweaked the Bible to suit their opinions. My intellect is too feeble to look for logical consistency in these formulations. I give up.
  6. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    In deen-ul-fitrah, there is no second chance;there are as many chances as we want. Doors of forgiveness are always open, the only condition being sincere repentance. But when one rejects the will of the Lord himself, he has rejected the source of that forgiveness and doesn't deserve any.
  7. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    And turning away from God is not a sin? Why is it that death is preferable to committing sins? Why is that the magnitude of this sin is so great?No forgiveness? This only proves my point.
  8. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    From my articles - Matthew 18:6-9 – [Jesus is talking to his disciples] But whoever causes one of these little ones believing in Me to fall [skandalizō]—it would be better for him that a donkey’s millstone be hung around his neck and he be sunk in the deep part of the sea. Mark 9:42-48 – [Jesus is talking to his disciples] And whoever causes one of these little ones believing in Me to fall [skandalizō]—it would be better for him if instead a donkey's millstone were lying around his neck, and he had been thrown into the sea. Luke 17:1-2 – And He said to His disciples, "It is impossible that the causes-of-falling [skandalon] should not come. Nevertheless, woe to the one through whom they come. It would be better for him if a mill’s stone were lying-around his neck and he had been thrown-off into the sea, than that he should cause one of these little ones to fall [skandalizō]." Keep living in your bubble of blissful oblivion. What do you mean by 'spiritual religion'? No legal system? Doesn't explain why so many Christian countries have been theocracies in the past. The very fact that some sort of religious legal code exists in all the Christian denominations rubbishes your argument for me. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_Personal_Law https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religious_law I never said such a thing. Have the minimum academic honesty of not putting words into my mouth. All I said was - they inherited their knowledge directly from the apostolic tradition, knew the scripture much better than you and your likes, and hence I have no reason to take your sanitized revisionist apologia and polemical gymnastics over their teachings when I want to know something about Christianity. Last but not the least, educate yourself in your own religion before trash-talking mine. And as I had said earlier, I rest my case.
  9. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Very true, brother. And honestly, we are not as interested in dawah activities as the Sunnis. The Salafis have many websites designed to help new reverts, and just look at our indifference. If anything, we scare away our new brothers and sisters with our cold, tribal behavior. This is just pathetic.
  10. Shia views on Che Guevara in 2018.

    Brothers @Sumerian and @Ībn Mūneer Āl-Feylī, what I think is that rather than socialism, the politico-economic standpoint of Islam is that of establishing a welfare state. A welfare state has strong similarities with a socialist one, and people often tend to confuse the two.
  11. Shias were The Founders of Salafi Movement.

    Pathetically pathetic! This gentleman pops up saying- 1. He believes Salafism is a Shia conspiracy 2. Then praises ibn Abdul Wahhab (la) himself ! Go on! Keep displaying your mental bankruptcy and self-inflicted neurosis regarding Shi'ism and everything Shia to the whole world ! Not that we expect any more sense from the lovers of Muawiyah (may Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى curse him, and the ones who praise him).
  12. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Dude, even if there are Muslims leaving, the conversion-desertion trend is in favor of Islam. And the funny thing is, in India, where I live, and where the Muslim population is the 2nd largest in the world, the fertility rates have been steadily declining over the years. Christian right-wing propaganda phrases like 'the Muslims breed like rabbits....wanna grow their numbers and take over the world' etc etc ain't just standing up to scrutiny.There are many reverts here on ShiaChat, moderators and Admins included, who have been Muslims for decades now, married and with children. So your claim that most new Muslims leave within 1-3 years holds no water. Strange indeed!! I have linked two entire articles, and I am still being asked to give evidence!! That was not even my main argument. All I wanted to show was that the rationale for this in all Abrahamic religions is the same. Yup, but it isn't a theocracy i.e. it is not governed by the Canon law. It just grants a special status to the Eastern Orthodox Church, just like the Anglican Church occupies a special position in the UK. It is still a secular country. A similar case is that of Syria; the 1973 constitution grants special recognition to Islam, and the Article 3 states that the President has to be a Muslim. But the country is secular and isn't governed by the Shariah. Dude, you seriously need to look into things and understand what is being said before jumping your guns on the keyboard. The idea wasn't to 'whoosh' the argument by 'attacking' Christianity, the idea was to reveal the fallacy behind your attempts to play holier-than-thou by attacking Islam. Anyways, I'm done with you. Enough of this shifting-the-goal-post game for me. I'll keep quoting Canon Law and Apostolic and Patristic literature, you'll keep denying their authoritativeness; I'll keep trying to prove that this is how the early Church Fathers form Jerome to Gregory to Aquinas to Augustine understood these verses, you'll keep pushing your revisionist apologia and continue your 'Islam-bad-Christianity-good' refrain. So there's not really any point in keeping arguing further.
  13. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    Jesus and the Apostles themselves saying that those who break divine commands must be killed. I don't need any refutation. So he wasn't Christian?He wasn't a religious figure? What about the genocide in Castile, where there was no Cisneros? Was it HIS fault too? You are just dodging the issue. You wanted to know the reason behind death penalty for apostasy in Islam, we gave you the reasons. You said death for apostasy isn't there in Christianity, we gave you proof from the Bible, and that is how the early Church Fathers (who understood the Bible much better than you and other modern revisionists) understood it; You asked why is it that Muslims are allowed to preach in the West while Christians can't preach in Muslim countries, we told you it's because they are now SECULAR countries not concerned with upholding any religion, and back in the early modern times when they were Christian monarchies they butchered the Muslims to the point of annihilating them, let alone allow them to preach their religion. Coupled with that is your appalling ignorance of the history of your own religion. You don't even have a case to argue, and are just here to take shots and shift goal -posts. If Christianity is sooooo rationally justifiable, then why are the folks there in the West abandoning it in droves (now that the coercive arm of the Church is withdrawn), while Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and is especially drawing so many converts in the West?
  14. Why must Murtadin be killed in Islam?

    From the link- Irrelevant. Organically formed Christian communities who have roots in the Middle East stay there to this day, and on the other hand- Religious persecution =/= total annihilation.
  15. Assalamun alaykum dear brothers and sisters, Roughly seven years ago, I was blessed with what I feel was a glimpse of our master, Imam Sahib al-Asr waz-Zaman (ajf) in a dream! That was the time when I was seriously researching Islam. So I took it as a sign. Back then I did not know whom I had seen in the dream. But later when I came to the Madhab of Ahlul Bayt (as), came to know about our master (ajf), the ahadith regarding his blessed birth and the origins of his mother, Bibi Narjis (sa) and collated them with the appearance of the Imam (as) as I had seen him, I became convinced that it was indeed him. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى never deprive me of that beatific vision !