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  1. Can't shake the paganistic rites/rituals/tradition

    GC, I've grown weary of the ethnocentrism I've witnessed in the shia community. It's unfortunate, but true.
  2. Can't shake the paganistic rites/rituals/tradition

    There's no doubt that many view tatbir as barbaric. Could you imagine tatbir processions taking place at the prophet's masjid in Madina in a world where the shia control the city?
  3. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    Wait, what? How does that relate?
  4. Iranian Lectures with Eng sub (Arrival is near)

    Yeah, no. Uninformed at best. Feeding mythos to the masses.
  5. Can't shake the paganistic rites/rituals/tradition

    https://www.amazon.com/Shiis-Iraq-Yitzhak-Nakash/dp/0691115753 this helps expand on the machismo related tatbir.
  6. Advice needed please

    What is your cultural background?
  7. Can't shake the paganistic rites/rituals/tradition

    From a sociological perspective, the development of tatbir is related to which regions it is prominent in and the need to display masculinity during a religious albeit public ritual.
  8. History of Indonesia

    InshaAllah the school of AhlulBayt will continue to grow in Indonesia.
  9. Is this coffin empty or?

    Interesting. It's an intersection between what is physical - the body and the metaphysical, since there is no sense of direction in the grand scheme of the universe.
  10. Saudi Arabia: The Land of Hajj and Gambling?

    A competition with a prized winner? I Respectfully disagree.
  11. Saudi Arabia: The Land of Hajj and Gambling?

    Apparently it's not actually gambling.
  12. Rolex or Lamborghini

    OP states I don't want to see comments like "neither, I'd rather have knowledge, this is materialism, bla bla bla". SC disobeys. Hahaha...
  13. I'm currently reading a book that covers the "Satanic Verses" incident. Does the jafari school have a position on the alleged incident with our beloved Rasool saw?
  14. Islamic Society

    In the heart, to begin with.