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  1. Don't focus on Hijab for spouse selection?

    Your wife might take it off after marriage...
  2. What Qira'at do Twelvers use?

    Salaat and listening to recitation.
  3. In Search of Majilis

    San Francisco? SABA.
  4. Should post his response as well.
  5. should i do Muta?

    Things seem so different overseas.
  6. I am sick of Islamic reformers!

    It's not like the shia faith hasn't gone through its fair share of metamorphosis. Just putting that out there.
  7. Do Hanafis/Hanbalis/Shafis pray like pagans?

    Now there's an interesting topic.
  8. How to escape from my past without consequences

    No, no sarcasm. I'm agreeing that chastity is emphasized and is an Islamic ideal. I also think it's a shame that women feel lesser because of a past. Stay the course and pursue the mercy of your Lord. That's all. Peace with you.
  9. How to escape from my past without consequences

    An Islamic ideal, agreed! And not all of the prophet's wives were pure virgins. But absolutely, let's aim for the ideal so we can retain our chastity, modesty, etc.
  10. How to escape from my past without consequences

    There are brothers that will take and accept you as their wife from a wide range of backgrounds. Allah bless you, sister. I wish you the best, inshaAllah. I promise you that to plenty of men out there, the cultural worship of the virginal Lady isn't the top priority. We can't restart, but we can start again! Stay strong.
  11. US nears $100 billion Saudi arms deal

    This says it all.
  12. Where is Marriage?

    Are you willing to relocate? What's your age? Those are important factors. Reverts tend to marry reverts which is completely understandable. The important thing is you'll want a proper shepherd for your flock. Don't settle and continue to drive on. What you seek is there.
  13. Why are so many Shias apolitical?

    These things require a sense of social awareness beyond just the black shiism of mourning. As Shariati said, Everyday is Ashura, every land is Karbala.
  14. SHOCKING!!! Is this kufr true????

    This is exactly what needs to be answered.