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  1. Salaam, I wanted a translation of the English "In My dreams I search for you" ideally into Classical and Standard Arabic. I wanted to have it done as a non-permanent henna tattoo. Thank you. WS
  2. The Pahlevi's are parasitical non-entities with no royal linage, they are last people to speak on democracy. Twitter; and facebook were employed by ordinary young tech savvy Iranian's, you credit the Pahlevi's with far too much support and influence.
  3. Jawanmardan

    Ahmadinejad The Fanatic

    The difference is in tone, Obama is a world apart from Bush yet neither is truly able to change something as ingrained in American politic as Americas difficult relationship with Israel. Mousavi would not change Iran's policies; but the President controls important apparatus of the state and can make difference to ordinary Iranians, The tone Iran's President is just as important globally as the tone the American president is able to set. Irans people are in favor of a nuclear program. Clinton was relaced by Bush, who knows what may follow Obama, I have no wish to see Iran end up like Iraq, least of all Iranians. If Islamic republicanism is to have a chance of success Iran must be open to better human rights, and a better relationship with the outside world including the US, the young need jobs, not anti-western slogans, opportunities for a better life, not a leadership that dismisses all aspirations as materialism, the brain drain of Iran's best and brightest is painful.
  4. Jawanmardan

    footballers "retired" for wearing green

    Only a government that has legitimacy.
  5. Jawanmardan

    Young Iranian woman shot in Tehran June 20

    Your red herring is meaningless and a distraction. The fact is the government has lost all credibility. Without credibility it's claims, it's investigative powers, and its authority are worth nothing, it can only continue sustain itself through oppression.
  6. Jawanmardan

    Young Iranian woman shot in Tehran June 20

    How do you know the death toll is under 20? They can't seem to count ballets effectively; what makes you think they are any more adept at counting the civilians they shoot dead? They even prevented her family from publicly mourning her death, utterly disgraceful behavior. I was so very proud of the elections last week, but no longer; acts of violence against your own people is the definition of oppression. Iran needs a new Supreme leader like Grand Ayotollah Montazeri.
  7. Jawanmardan

    Finally some evidence for voter fraud claims

    We may never know who actually won the election, both candidates had a great deal of support, but that doesn't really matter at this point; because clearly vote rigging took place, on an epic scale; in 50 cities the number of votes cast exceeded by as much as 3 million the number of voters who were actually registered there. Exit polls placed Mousavi narrowly in the lead, exit polls can of course be wrong, but we are not talking about him loosing by a few points here, but a landslide! how could they all have missed that? Ahmadinejad had complete control of the elections placed in the interior ministry run by his people, how can that be fair? There were leaks from the ministry of election rigging beofre the election Rafsanjani even wrote a frantic letter to the Supreme Leader warning of possible rigging and asking for an investigation. Look at the swing from previous elections to Ahmadinejad they defy election history especially for an incumbent anywhere in the history of democracy. Are we to actually believe they counted millions of votes by hand in a few hours? We didn't need the Guardian council to tell us there was rigging. The question is how did the hardliners make such a mess of the rigging? An intelligent response after all would have been to give Ahmadinejad just enough to win, without it looking like he rigged the polls. A possible answer is that Khameni and Ahmadinejab were afraid what the consequences of a possible would be of a Mousavi victory would mean for the regime at the last minute when they realized the election was going to be close; and in a panic set in motion a botched campaign to rig it for Ahmadeijad. As I wrote at the top of my post, we may never know who actually won the election, and that really doesn't matter anymore...Khameni has no easy options left now that his bound himself to the fate of Ahmadinejad. The irony is in that by orchestrating a rigged poll to protect the republic from reform they may well have sown the seeds of it's eventual demise.
  8. Jawanmardan


    If sunni wish to build a Mosque they should be able to. Just as Shia should have the right to build Mosques in any Sunni majority country. Your right there shouldn't be a need to but, the fact i that Sunni and Shia have not yet established the dream of unification. So there is no getting around that. I find it odd that a major city in Iran, like Tehran has 1% Sunni population. I am more inclined to believe the 9%. Metropolitan areas tend to gather minority groups in greater numbers, they tend to be more culturally diverse, and more tolerant than rural areas. Irans rural community is fast dyeing out, people are moving to cities in greater numbers its safe to assume Tehran would be a major destination, for Sunni as well as Shia.
  9. Jawanmardan

    Save Mecca from Destruction

    During the Fatimid Empire, Isma'ili Shia did control Mecca and Medina for part of their history. I'm sorry you don't care for culture, and think your heritage is a waste of time. However, others do. This is not a Shia/Sunni Issue, Sunni leaders throughout history have done a good job, all of this destruction has come about in the last 30 years, the latest and perhaps final nail in the last 3-4 years. Peace
  10. Jawanmardan

    Save Mecca from Destruction

    Dassay, Mecca already has concrete towers, but the new project will level hills and mountains for 130 skys[Edited Out]ers. Google "Abraj Al Bait Towers" seven towers surrounding the Masjid Al Haram. Muslims go to Mecca to fulfill their spiritual obligation, and had Mecca been preserved they would have had the chance to experience a connection to their heritage, that may not be important to you, but I for one would have found great benefit in walking the same streets the Prophet had walked, and seen many of the buildings he had seen, and to appreciate the architecture of 1400-years of Islamic civilization there, for me that would have made for a more enriching experience. Of course Avjar, the infrastructure and a rail network are essential, accommodating such a large influx of pilgrims especially during Ramadan causes a strain. Its too late for that, classical Mecca that survived 1400 years turned into a concrete jungle in the 60-70s, most of what was left has been demolished in the last few years, any hope of Mecca being a city of sublime beauty and peaceful contemplation is lost. All I am asking, and all that we can hope for is that the 5% that remains be preserved.
  11. Jawanmardan

    Save Mecca from Destruction

    Thurston's article puts it at 95%, tragic. even the expansion of masjid Al-Haram wiped out all Ottoman elements. Bosnian 77 makes a valid point, why aren't Muslims up in arms about this and react? These structures survived for almost 14 centuries. to end up being destroyed by their "custodians".
  12. Jawanmardan

    Sunni claim that Imam Jafaar was a sunni!

    Imam jafar Al-Saddiq (as) predated the Sunni/Shia theological divide. His ideas and thoughts culminated in Shi'ism that we see today. Thus we can hope for ecumenism, for the Jafa'ri Madhab being accepted as a 5th madhab one day.
  13. Jawanmardan

    Save Mecca from Destruction

    Mecca has lost 90% of its historic city since the 60s, the prophets first house, and the first school he taught in have all been demolished, Ottoman buildings have bee utterly destroyed. They are now building a new ugly (in my opinion) super structure skys[Edited Out]er next to the Masjid Al-Haram which will ruin the view of the sky, this came when a 17th century beautiful ottoman fort was demolished. Mecca increasingly resembles Las Vegas, what little remains may be lost too, including one of the earliest Mosques where the Sahaba offered their loyalty to the Prophet. The proliferation of shopping malls, and hotels, disturbs me. This concerns Sunni as much as Shia in fat its about Muslim heritage and our holy city. What are your thoughts on the development?
  14. Jawanmardan

    Ismaili Aga Khanis

    I received a message asking me to be more accurate, Just to clarify, while our Salaat (namaz) is based on the Jafar'riya madhab. We more generally perform a congregational Du'a, which is similar but not the same as salaat.
  15. Jawanmardan

    Sufism in Shia And Sunni

    It's is as you say a celebration but also a meditation on the love of God, so i wouldn't say it has a direct correlation with Matam, there is a connection that both act to centre out pouring of emotion and mysticism for adherents. Sh'ism and Sufism have both a mystical element to them. Generally Sunni Islam is not mystical and rather more rational and individualistic in regards to faith. Sunnis who wish to explore the mystical outlet of Islam can do so through Sufism, without adopting Shi'ism. Acts like this Dzikr act as a conduit for emotional and spiritual practice, in much the same way Matam does for Shi'a.