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  1. Women

    Lower your gaze. Obviously. If you have doubt, isn't it better to err on the side of caution? And since you are asking, clearly you have doubt. It's not haram to see people in public, but it's haram to look. The difference between seeing and looking is intention.
  2. I relied heavily on it when I was first researching Shia beliefs and practices 13 years ago. It's full of all kinds of information. If one section isn't what you need to read right now, just move to another.
  3. Many woman are not maternal

    Anyone is allowed to judge anyone, but those judgements don't have to be considered by the one accused. I'm an easy-going mom. My teenage son has friends whose parents still won't let them cross a road alone, and he has friends whose parents don't even seem to pay any attention to what the kids are doing. In my opinion a middle path is best. Let kids learn from mistakes sometimes, but give them structure and guidance. Maybe my way isn't best for everyone. It's best for me and my family. If I see someone parenting in a way I disagree with, probably the best thing to do is to talk with them. Maybe they have reasons, or maybe they never learned any other way. If someone sees me do something they think is wrong, I'd appreciate them asking me about it. One or both of us might learn something.
  4. Playgroups Permissible

    Sure. There's no restriction against entering the buildings of other religions as long as there is no fear of being led astray.
  5. Social Awkwardness

    I think the younger generation places less importance on formality and social rules than my generation and older. Certainly social awkwardness is a negative part of this, but a positive part is honesty and openness.
  6. Your Username Or Avatar

    Our very own shiachat ai?
  7. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    ^ I wonder how much the doctor was paid to claim that.
  8. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    I knew someone British would comment. Biscuits are not cookies here, they're a flaky quick bread, often served with gravy. Or jam. Either is good. Canned biscuits are one of the few canned items I occasionally buy. Homemade is much better of course, but canned are just so convenient. Tonight's supper resembled this image from Google:
  9. Marriage with a christian girl

    I'm not a scholar, but brother @Sumerian has provided a good response. It doesn't matter online, but just for future reference, I'm not a brother.
  10. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Brunch casserole. It's got canned biscuits, crumbled turkey sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, eggs, milk, and gravy. Quite delicious, actually.
  11. Your Username Or Avatar

    The Superman logo is very recognizable. That's the only reason I picked it over other superheroes.
  12. Meteors hit in Michigan.

    I wonder if it was the remains of the "lost" Zuma satellite.
  13. Religious Studies

    She can study in Iran when she is adult if she decides that's what she wants. While she is young, you can read with her, talk with her about Islam, take her to majlis. If there is a school in your area, it can supplement what you teach at home, or you can hire a private tutor if there is no school, but there is no substitute for the guidance and training of a loving and knowledgeable parent.
  14. What is your goal today?

    It's not boring - it's emotionally draining. It's a book of essays on how to relieve poverty, and they were collected 12 years ago. A lot of the suggestions might have worked, but now it's too late. It's frustrating because it seems futile, but still it's good ideas in case the world ever becomes right for these ideas again. I've decided to push on through. Not that I have any financial influence on the world.
  15. Marriage with a christian girl

    Christians and Jews are People of the Book, and marriage with women from among them is permitted. If you disagree, take it up with our marjae, not with me.
  16. Your Username Or Avatar

    Yeah, it's my secret identity.
  17. Your Username Or Avatar

    Once I find something that I like, I tend to stick with it. Maybe someday I'll change my avatar, but only with an image that is more right for me. Though I have wondered from time to time whether my old name is still available.
  18. Marriage with a christian girl

    From an Islamic perspective, only the nikah is required, but there is no problem with also having a Christian ceremony if the wife wishes it and it won't lead the husband astray. All Christians who are not enemies of Islam are considered People of the Book.
  19. No. Why would I do that? I have nothing to hide, but I wouldn't want anyone looking through my stuff. I make it a rule to treat others the way I would want to be treated. I do, however, have a parental controls monitoring software on my children's devices. I make sure they know it is there and I can see all the websites they visit and who they communicate with. I don't read their messages, but I've told them that I will if I have reason to believe there is a problem needing parental attention. I would absolutely not monitor my children's digital activities without their knowledge.
  20. What is your goal today?

    I'm really trying to finish a book, but it has lost my attention. I'm more than halfway through - I think I can make it to the end. Maybe not all the way to the end today, but I hope to make good progress, and maybe get my mind back into it again.
  21. Dress code for marrying a christian

    If she is your wife, you can appreciate and complement her attire, regardless of whether it is hijab or not. It would be hypocritical to call yourself Muslim and to encourage her to wear less modest clothing in public, but if it's typically considered modest in her Christian culture, you can encourage that, in my opinion. I know of no jurisprudence on the matter. Just use your judgement - if it feels wrong, avoid it as a precaution.
  22. Dress code for marrying a christian

    It's her choice. You can ask her to wear more modest clothing, but you can't expect a Christian to be a Muslim. Feel free to point out the biblical passages requiring modest attire for men and women, and where Paul orders women to cover their hair while praying and to pray at all times.
  23. What do you do when you're home alone?

    The other day I had an hour to myself unexpectedly. You know what I did? Exactly the same as I would have done at that time if there had been people around!
  24. Donald J. Trump [OFFICIAL THREAD]

    Lyndon B. Johnson isn't president right now. I wasn't alive during his presidency, but I assume he had some redeeming qualities. I'm not convinced that Trump has any.