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  1. So much is yet unknown. All science starts out as science fiction. IF time is a dimensional property, it should be possible to move within it in any direction, given proper technology.
  2. @hasanhh thanks, I'll have to take a look later. We've got Earth Day things to do today. We're going to shop for some fruit trees.
  3. Thoughts 2018

    That might be the case for one person - she commented once that I was going to have to rake the leaves on my lawn. She does her own lawn work, as much as she is able, and she refuses when I've offered to help. But the other person hires a lawn service, which comes weekly and keeps his property looking like a small golf course. I lamented to my husband about it, and he immediately started researching fruit trees that grow well in our area. I'm guessing he agrees with planting trees, and has an opinion on what kind.
  4. Your everyday outfit?

    Definitely not! I was going to post a picture of "tree hugging hippie hijabi" but Google disappointed me. I've got nothing.
  5. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    Yes you can. Ever heard of a scientist by the name of Mendel? By selecting which characteristic you want to encourage, you can increase the incidence of that characteristic. Assuming dialogue works like genetics.
  6. Your everyday outfit?

    You know, I first looked for a picture of the SpaceX suit, but it was so much less dramatic/iconic. NASA spacewalk suits are so bulky. This one is the best looking that is easily recognizable.
  7. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    It's counterproductive. That's why I pointed it out and suggested a redirection.
  8. Earning money from work is not a characteristic. It's a task. To classify it as masculine or feminine is too broad. A man earning money from sewing in the 1800s might have been considered to be doing feminine work, and a woman working in a factory might have been considered to be doing masculine work, but work itself is done out of necessity, not as an innate characteristic. Masculine: facial hair, broad, angular body shape, greater physical strength, greater focus on single tasks, more innately competitive. Feminine: smooth and rounded body shape, greater physical endurance, greater ability to multitask, more innately collaborative. Within each gender, there is a range of all these characteristics. These are generalizations. Without variability, humanity would be really boring.
  9. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    How does the assertion that men are "becoming more feminine" become a battle of the sexes? Why not just talk about the alleged feminization of men? Can we start by defining what is "feminine"? Maybe also as a counter, let's talk about what is "masculine"? I actually don't know. I think typically it's a feminine trait to have greater empathy, but that's a positive trait. Men gaining it would not be a loss, but I see no evidence that anyone's empathy is increasing. If anything, our society is losing capacity for empathy. Broader shoulders and greater physical strength is a masculine trait, right? Is that being lost? What else?
  10. Thoughts 2018

    All the old people in my neighborhood are having their beautiful big trees cut down. I was told by another neighbor that this one was planted by his wife when they first moved to the neighborhood. I don't understand why they want to cut down perfectly healthy trees that give them shade and make their properties beautiful, especially the ones planted by now-deceased loved ones. I noticed a little grove starting in an untended window planter on the side of my barn. I think I'll pot them individually and plant the ones that grow in my yard to replace the ones in the neighborhood that have recently been removed. Then maybe in 50 years my family will have them cut down.
  11. Men in the West are becoming Feminized

    You folks are all wrong. Men are not becoming feminized en masse - they are remaining children far into their adult lives, perhaps even their whole lives. It's because our societal expectations have changed. Except in wealthy families, girls are still expected to behave responsibly and develop their maturity - for now. Boys are being punished for acting like boys when they are young, encouraged to sit down quietly and play video games or watch TV, convinced that they are flawed or deficient, then coddled and not allowed to take responsibility for their own life choices until they are far too old to just be learning how. It's a problem that's been increasing for a while and it's going to be difficult to correct.
  12. Your everyday outfit?

    Here's a pic of me going out:
  13. Thoughts 2018

    Nah, man. I stare at the sky enough that I know. Like @Son of Placid said, I just couldn't remember why I knew.
  14. Thoughts 2018

    Actually I know because it wasn't in that location before, and it's too bright to be anything else, but at that time I couldn't find the words I needed. It was Venus, like I said. It was verifiable. I just didn't have verification on hand at the time.
  15. Thoughts 2018

    Me, to my son: "Do you see that bright star there near the moon? That's not actually a star. That's the planet Venus." Kid: "That one? How can you tell? It looks like all the other stars. Are you sure?" Me: "I don't know how I know. It just is."
  16. lf You Had a Robot Assistant . . .

    My robot vacuums the floors. It does alright, except in the corners. I have to either sweep the dust out from the corners before I set Hal to work, or clean it up myself. I want a Tesla Model 3 to be my next robot, but that's not going to happen.
  17. Thoughts 2018

    Maybe the comment was made in ignorance? Perhaps you should confront the person.
  18. What is your goal today?

    Goal for today: make to-do list.
  19. If. The important word is if. If both Syria and the United States were fighting terrorism, they could be allies. Maybe a year ago when this article was written, Mr. Assad had hope that Trump would fight tertorism. That misconception has been cleared up now - Trump is firmly allied with ISIS to the detriment of everyone, including the American people and state.
  20. Regarding chemical weapons, I don't think the United States, which has chemical weapons itself, is a legitimate enforcer of the removal of chemical weapons. Something about not commenting on the mote in your brother's eye while you have a branch in yours.
  21. What a waste.... Does Puerto Rico have electricity fully restored? Is the water safe to drink in Flint, Michigan? Has the infrastructure been improved beyond a "D" grade? Are our schools improved to be at least on par with the rest of the "first world"? $100mil... what a waste.
  22. This is completely unconstitutional - just like all of the previous acts of war without a Congressional declaration of war. How can we have leaders who don't even follow our highest law? This makes me sick, always has.
  23. istikhara and divorce

    @Almuslimah I really doubt anyone here is going to advise you to divorce based on the information you've given. Perhaps you should talk with a local and trustworthy maulana. Dreams are usually just dreams.
  24. istikhara and divorce

    None of us were there when you and your husband had the big fight, but it is possible that he didn't want you to go outside because he was afraid a neighbor would see and it would damage your and his reputation, but if the violence was as you describe, it is inexcusable. It's always better to try to repair your marriage than to get divorced too easily, but if you fear for your safety it might be necessary to separate from him for a time, until he has learned to control his temper. It seems, from what you describe, he is nonverbally trying to be apologetic and make things right with you.
  25. Ate/Eating/Will Eat?

    Fried in butter is the best. I'm planning "breakfast for supper" tonight. I'd be content with oatmeal and fruit, but my people demand protein. Usually we have beef or turkey "bacon" and eggs, with some bread and potatoes. I like to work in melons if they are available but I've not checked the grocery store yet. I was going to make some more bamboo shoot pickles, but they still aren't growing this year. I'm sure last year by mid April, we had more than we knew what to do with. Maybe I really have killed them all off. The grapevines just might have a chance after all.