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  1. Why do all my posts require approval?

    Yes. Thanks for your participation on shiachat, and your patience during the manual approval process.
  2. Thoughts 2017

    Wow, I thought my kid was bad with his $100 shoes! Well if it gives you joy and you aren't hurting anyone by it, go for it.
  3. The new Tesla SUV would be large enough for my whole family, but costs as much as a single family house in a small city. https://www.tesla.com/modelx Sadly, I'm going to have to stick with my gas guzzler for now.
  4. I'm not convinced that there is a line between genius and insanity. I'm pretty sure all geniuses are at least somewhat insane. (Not all insane people are geniuses though - sorry shiachat people.) Musk has admitted to or claimed using drugs irresponsibly. If true, eventually he's going to die of it or crash mentally. His inventions are exciting though. Is it selfish to hope the world gets a lot more out of him before he burns out? He's certainly one of the more interesting public persons. I'd much prefer my kids idolize Elon Musk, in spite of his flaws, than some overpaid crybaby athlete, pop singer, or actor.
  5. My kids do not have smart phones. They can call and text on their basic phones. At home, the computers are in a public area and monitored. The kids all know that I can go through their files and browser history at any time, and my parental controls software logs all computer activities too. They know I'm watching so they watch themselves. (One of my kids alerted me when he was looking up a famous man named "Richard".) I can't control what they see when they aren't home, but they have been taught right from wrong. What they do is up to them. Parents give guidance but kids have free will, you know.
  6. Must a Muslim love God?

    What a strange question! Required? No. You can't require love or it will be false. But why in the world wouldn't they?
  7. My fourth child is my first picky eater, alhamdulilla, and even he isn't all that picky. He refuses to eat any meat at all, no beef, no lamb, no goat, no chicken, no turkey. Occasionally he will eat a few fish sticks, but it's not his favorite. He also doesn't eat eggs, beans, or nuts. He does eat almost any vegetable, fruit, rice, pasta, or bread, and he likes peanut butter and yogurt and cheese. But you know mothers - I'm concerned about his nutrition, especially since he's only in the tenth percentile for height. He's not overweight or underweight. So first, does anyone have suggestions for how to get iron and protein into this child? Second, I've given him children's nutritional shakes, but most of these seem to be targeted more toward weight gain than nutrition, and they're all really expensive. Would it be safe to give him smaller amounts of adult vitamin beverages? The adult versions seem to target nutrition, not calories. He won't take chewable children's multivitamins. He doesn't like the taste. Finally, any other suggestions? Thanks.
  8. Toddler nutrition

    Nah, man, he's two - he doesn't like spicy foods. I haven't really experimented with sauces. He does like ketchup and spaghetti sauce (But not spaghetti sauce with meat).
  9. I definitely do not recommend matchmaking websites as a first choice. It's much safer to marry someone in your local community, so you can find out about their character from unbiased sources. They're a good option for people who are mature enough to make wise choices, and who are unable to find a spouse in their own community.
  10. Toddler nutrition

    We have gotten him to eat chicken and rice and tuna and rice, as long as the chicken or tuna is well shredded and not noticeable chunks. I haven't figured out a way that he will eat other meats. The same strategy doesn't work with shredded or ground beef, and I haven't tried it with other meats.
  11. No, there's not. Only if the individuals choose to engage in this behavior. If you're going to declare matchmaking sites haram because people might use them to sin, you also have to declare haram the internet, television, movies, magazines, comic books, literature, conversations with people, computers, cameras, public places, ..... The concept of the sites isn't the problem. The choices of the individual can be right or wrong. That's why fatwas about male-female interaction almost invariably include the words "if there is fear of falling into sin".
  12. Toddler nutrition

    Sometimes, but not really. Four children are not four times the work of one child. My oldest son has autism, and when he was little I didn't get much sleep due to his tendency to take walks outside at night, but he's pretty much like any other teenager now.
  13. Toddler nutrition

    He likes most veggies, just not spinach, lettuce, cabbage, or other leaves. He used to eat hummus, but won't anymore. He does like yogurt. Peanut butter on broccoli? None for me, thanks! Chocolate itself is healthy. Only all the fat and sugar they add to make it delicious are unhealthy if you eat too much.
  14. Toddler nutrition

    Yeah he's unusual in that respect. He actually went through a vegetarian phase too, but he was older and could talk about it so I worried less.
  15. Toddler nutrition

    I don't ever force anyone to eat anything! That's how people get eating disorders. I only offer what we are eating, and I try to make sure each meal includes things each family member likes, for example one of my sons doesn't like salmon, but loves broccoli, so I often serve those two together. If anyone doesn't feel like eating any of what we are having, they can go without but I'm not making special individual meals. I don't mind, for example, setting aside some pasta without sauce, but no extra cooking or prep. @Inner Peace and @monad thanks.
  16. A passing thought is outside of an individual's control, however, entertaining these thoughts is going to lead to sin, and is therefore haram. Also, a person should avoid putting themselves into situations where they are more likely to have these thoughts. Allah does not make a person homosexual or bisexual. There are genetic aspects, but it's caused by a combination of genetics, environment, and personal choice. If you're going to excuse homosexuality by saying "God made them that way" you may as well excuse violence and murder too: some people are more hot tempered than others.
  17. #16 Temperature Poll

    True, he could have asked 92+/33+ Also could have asked below 67/19. But nobody is that crazy!
  18. Moderator note: Off topic posts removed. If anyone feels that I've missed any off topic posts, PM me with direct link to the post in question. Thanks.
  19. Pizza Toppings

    Gonna have to try that. I've never had any seafood on pizza. I assume it's small shrimps? Are they steamed, boiled, baked, or grilled?
  20. Very sad

    Of course there are good people! Most people are good, just the bad ones are noticed more! But usually people find what they are expecting to find - it's what they look for most. So first change your expectation. Also, people tend to prefer to associate with people who are most like themselves, so get involved in some activities that you find admirable like charitable works or community programs or whatever matches your interests. And finally, most people are some bad and some good. Sometimes you have to look past the bad to find the good.
  21. Not if there is fear of falling into sin. Otherwise, what's the problem?
  22. Well yes. But the concept of the sites isn't the problem. Perhaps the necessity of their existence is a symptom of a bigger problem of splintered community and lack of connection to fellow human beings.
  23. That really depends on who uses them and how. If sincere and honest people use them to find a suitable spouse, where is the corruption? No, the corruption isn't in the concept of the sites, but in the very flawed humans using them in terrible ways. I met my husband on a "marriage website/app". For people who live in areas where there are few Shia, these type of sites are a great timesaver. One needs to be aware of the idiots and perverts, but those are easy enough to detect and screen out - just trust no one until you've been given ample reason.
  24. Dogs

    Thanks. I edited. It was what I meant to type but didn't.