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  1. Science and Islam will always agree when both are fully understood.
  2. Substitute teaching is a tough gig. Congratulations on surviving with your sanity intact. Will you do it again, or have you decided it's not for you? I always thought middle grades are the most difficult, but then I subbed in a private school and the kids were perfectly well behaved. I think the behavior is more a matter of habit than of age.
  3. https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/tabasco-hot-sauce-and-fate-louisiana-s-shorelines Eating will not be the same if the chilis can't be saved.
  4. Would you befriend a Wahhabi?

    I've had wahabbi acquaintances, but it would be difficult to be friends with someone who is religiously unable to respect your beliefs. I can be friends with Christian, Jews, Hindus, atheists, whatever, but not if they hate me for my beliefs.
  5. Thoughts 2018

    I felt the same way when my brother passed away. Give yourself time.
  6. What is your goal today?

    I disagree - I love getting books, even if they're a little different from what I'd choose for myself. But all my family and friends know that I'll get to it when I get to it. I have several yet unread books on my shelves.
  7. From an evolutionary perspective, a chicken came from an "almost chicken" egg. The book of Genesis in the Bible says animals were created in pairs, then given the ability to reproduce. That's in agreement with what the Quran says, mentioned above.
  8. We actually can answer this without religion. Any egg which comes from a chicken is a chicken egg, therefore the chicken must have come first, though possibly (if it evolved) it may have come from an egg which was not a chicken egg.
  9. Ramadan help

    Drink a ton of water in the night, and make sure you consume some salts to maintain your electrolytes. Eat a fiber and vegetable, not greasy, salty, or heavy meal in the morning before the fast starts. Some yogurt might help with feelings of thirst, and some molasses might help with hunger feelings. If you are physically unable to fast without harming yourself, and if you can't work a second or third shift instead of during the heat of day, you are excused from fasting. You will have to make up the missed fasts, and it's recommended to also give some charity for each day that you must miss. You'll have to fast on your days off and on cooler days when the risk of harm to your body is minimal. May Allah accept your fasts and charitable deeds.
  10. Thoughts 2018

    Also duas for your clarity of mind. Every living person will meet death. Allah is most merciful, and we don't know what He will judge. It will be based on everything, not only what is obvious to us.
  11. Thoughts 2018

    Condolence for your and your family's loss.
  12. Help

    Alhamdulilla! I saw the notification and I just knew you were going to let us know that she is here and healthy! Continued duas for little one and her parents to be healthy and happy and successful.
  13. Which vegetable/fruit do you cook with most

    I don't remember whether I have before, but I can again. The figs are harvested mostly in July and August, but I've still got some from last year in the freezer. I'll try to remember to tag you when I make them again.
  14. What is your goal today?

    For the past year or so, the owners of the property next to mine have been transforming it from an undisturbed woodland to a huge fancy house. Over the weekend they had some landscape contractors plowing and seeding their new treeless lawn and those guys accidentally uprooted a Camillia plant that was on my side of the property line. After some shouts, threats, and a phone call to the property owner, they planted it back, but I fear the damage will be too much for the little tree to recover. My daughter really loves the flowers that it makes, and apparently it can be used to harvest our own tea leaves, so it would be tragic to lose it. Goal for today: I've got 3 pots, some potting soil, and some rooting hormone. Equipped with information gleaned from the internet, I'm planning to take some cuttings and grow some clones of the damaged plant. That way, inshaAllah, even if the mother tree dies, we will still have its children. If they all live, that's even better. The flowers are pink and white striped and they smell lightly sweet. According to my research, the tea produced from the young leaves is similar to the commercially available Camellia sinensis.