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  1. Net Neutrality

    It comes down to this. Which is more important to uphold: capitalism, or representative democracy? Which should we preserve: freedom of expression, or freedom of big businesses to make money in any way they can?
  2. Oh good! I hope justice prevails, and it gives the young woman's family some closure.
  3. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    I don't know your culture as well as you do.
  4. Thoughts 2017

    I wonder if shiachat will be impacted by the repeal of net neutrality laws for users in the United States.
  5. Confessions...

    Doesn't everyone do that? I confess that I actually enjoy reading kids books. Some of them are even better than some of my favorite grown up books. And I can recite Goodnight Moon from memory, including pantomime of the page turns.
  6. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    There is no engagement, from an Islamic point of view. You have had nikkah, therefore you are married and can discuss any subject without any need for modesty. The time for clouded or clear judgement has passed. You should stay within culturally acceptable limits, but to exceed them will only result in community gossip, not sin.
  7. What does it mean to repent?

    Eager is an emotional term, so it's not really the right one to use, but I will anyway: Allah is eager to accept your repentance. If you avoid a sin, you will be rewarded, regardless of the circumstances, if they were the same as before or if they are completely different.
  8. Jaw Surgery in 6 days.

    Prayers for successful surgery, quick and uneventful recovery, and pleasing aesthetic results.
  9. Thoughts 2017

    True, but sociologists and psychologists attempt to anyway. One must always question the interpretation of subjective data. It might easily not mean what it is claimed to mean. Actually, I've seen scientists statistically manipulate objective data too, while carefully treading the outer edge of integrity. Probably it's best to always question statistics in general.
  10. Benefits of torqouise (FEROZA)

    I hadn't heard that before. Thanks for sharing.
  11. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    Talking about book recommendations in public is fine. To be honest, there are questions I don't feel comfortable answering even privately, and for those she should ask her mother or married sibling, or refer to the books.
  12. [MATURE] Sexual Etiquette

    It's a good idea, but it's easy for decievers to lie, even under oath. Marriage is always a risk. Best to look carefully at who he associates with, who are his friends, and what is his family like. (Or her friends and family, for potential husbands, but the risk is greater for women.)
  13. Thoughts 2017

    Whenever a friend or family member recommends a book, even if it's very different from what I usually read, I add it to my reading list. A recommended book tells me a lot about the person recommending it.
  14. Thoughts 2017

    Aren't statistics an analysis and compilation of data?
  15. Why Shias do Mutah?

    That's good. The practice of mutah is actually pretty rare anyway. It's talked about a lot more than it's actually done and when it's done, quite often it's with the stipulation of no physical contact. Even though Shia firmly believe it's practice is permitted by Allah, a person who repeatedly marries temporarily will develop a negative reputation in their community. Also, almost everyone prefers the stability of permanent marriage. In spite of all the chatter, it's pretty much a non-issue. We believe it's allowed. We don't believe it's required.