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  1. The guy is a gay conservative... That's enough to tell you he is confused.
  2. Why do some Shias take the term "Rafidi" with pride? I notice this can be the case with Iraqi shias, even in shia nasheeds you can hear it.
  3. I'm sorry to hear this.
  4. Assad is definately not a good guy but neither are the "moderate" rebels. If Assad goes, it will turn into a Libya like situation. A federalised Syria proposed by Russia is the best option for Syria.
  5. I didn't ask you to comment. You seem emotional, if you don't want to watch it then bugger off.
  6. @IbnSina What's the point of anything?
  7. ?
  8. How do Shafis view shias?
  9. Nations that based their economy on an export-led commodity basis always end up failing and in the long-term failing aswell. I don't know how oil dependant the Iranian economy is, but diversification of its economy is definately needed.
  10. their channel, they are based in birmingham. I'd watch out, these guys are border line salafis.
  11. I mean attachment to the world and all that comes with it. The need to succeed materially or financially or even in relation to the artificially constructed social ladders that we must climb.
  12. What if the worldy attractions and daily aspects of the material world are too much? Surely committing suicide would be freeing yourself from this dunya?
  13. What if I want come closer to Allah by killing myself?