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  1. I do agree with you, though another pluasible explanation is that ISIS commanders for the most part were ex-Baathis who already had military training. Though knowing how to use an M16 or even other such similar equipment wouldn't be hard to learn.
  2. Yeh yeh typical, islam this, islam that... Where are all these islamic scholars in Britain? I rarely see them on mainstream media defending islam or opposing the attack? No wonder everyone thinks we support this.
  3. They also claimed taking Sawran.
  4. They also claimed taking Sawran.
  5. HTS summary of the Hama operation. More than 15 villages and towns captured in 24 hours #Syria
  6. It's not ISIS but Tahrir Al Sham who did it.
  7. I mean what is the religious ideology of Tahrir-Al Sham? I know Salafism but what strand of Salafism?
  8. It's bias towards favouring Iran and being pro-Iranian but RT is bias towards the Kremlin; being owned by it. Point being is, every media outlet, even if it is independant is bias to an extent. Including all the mainstream ones.
  9. The guy is a gay conservative... That's enough to tell you he is confused.
  10. Why do some Shias take the term "Rafidi" with pride? I notice this can be the case with Iraqi shias, even in shia nasheeds you can hear it.
  11. I'm sorry to hear this.