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  2. http://www.aljazeera.com/video/news/2017/05/manchester-sees-rise-hate-crimes-attack-170528074827341.html The number of hate crime incidents reported to police in Manchester has almost doubled since the suicide bomb attack at the Manchester Arena on May 22 that killed 22 people and injured dozens of others. A total of 56 hates crimes were recorded by the Manchester Police on May 24; a significant rise from the 28 reported two days previously. Police say 28 is a fairly typical number. "It is important that we continue to stand together here in Greater Manchester," Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, said. "Particularly against some of the hateful views that we've seen from a very small minority of the community that have no place here."
  3. Hmm how respectful... I'm talking about death, some of us have dead mothers and you are here trying to speak bad against your own mother who is living. What would you do if she died today? Would all this matter? Of course not, focus on long term things and not these trivial emotionally based things. God help you
  4. Man you should be lucky you have a mother, some of us don't even have that luxury. Making threads about her like this isn't good.
  5. You didn't read your own source, did you? This is the page and it says nothing on that pharaoh praying:
  6. So I cannot use sites from the Netherland? What logic are you even employing? Here is information about the site Now tell me it isn't an academic site... You haven't actually shown me any site. Which site just link me one legitmate site that supports what you are claiming. If you can show me just one, I will accept what you are saying. Deal?
  7. The sites are all pininterest, a photo upload site. Literally anyone can title the picture anything. Go ahead and show me one site, it's amazing how you shift the burden of proof on me, when you made the claim.
  8. @Student_of_Deen You seem to be in shock and denial, did you actually read my source? Let me post an excerpt on the photo: Actually none do and you haven't provided any evidence showing they do.
  9. So if I am a mujtahid and see a hadith and quran matches and from that make a ruling, do I not need to use logic to deduce that is the correct ruling? You keep saying "it's not this, it's not that...", well then why don't you show what it is with evidence. Even your own Salafi website confirms what I'm saying:
  10. Ham isn't haram? Show me proof from islam.
  11. That's haram...
  12. You are entitled to your beliefs.
  13. Is the index finger pose something shias do too? I notice sunnis do it and even when on their knees they do this. I'm wondering from sunni perspective is this somthing prophet did?
  14. I myself took a DNA test and disocvered some Neanderthal ancestry in me.
  15. The Ibadis are the earliest sect in Islam and even they pray with hands beside them... Secondly what is the reason of folding the arms?