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  1. Huge earthquake hits Iraq and Iran

    Mostly Kurdish victims, sad.
  2. Will iran and saudi arabia go into war?

    Why do you always respond to me in anger and personal attacks? If you don't like me personally, then kindly ignore me. Also why do you always nitpick in what I state? You chose to read that and not the rest? I said right after: Hence when you state this: This doesn't contradict my point on sectarianism being a by-product. This exactly relates to the point Saudi uses sectarianism to further its state interests. It's not a case that Saudi is inherently sectarian, it can increase and decrease the sectarian levels in its country through the shiekhs.
  3. Will iran and saudi arabia go into war?

    1-I have no clue why people are turning this into some religious/sectarian war, it isn't. Simply put sect is used as a tool to further both Iran's and Saudi's state interest in the region. It is merely a by-product IMO. This is a good article that explains my point: http://carnegie-mec.org/diwan/74633?lang=en 2-Saudi and Iran will go to war indirectly via their proxies, it seems to be more likely than ever. Though it appears Saudi has far more international allies than Iran does. Iran only really has Russia, whilst Saudi has the USA and the entire west behind its back.
  4. https://english.alarabiya.net/en/News/gulf/2017/11/07/Saudi-Arabia-We-will-treat-Lebanese-government-as-a-declaration-of-war.html
  5. Length of dishdasha in different countries

    I notice every country they have different preferable lengths of dishdasha. In Iraq they like to have it below the ankle, I find it odd as they have little to no reasoning behind why they do it.
  6. How much Ammar nakshawani charge for a lecture?

    He never asked how much he charges... You appears to behave like this on everything thread.
  7. Iran funding Al-qaeda

    I never said I trust them, you are putting words in my mouth.
  8. When speaking about a dead person?

    On a marja it can be used correct?
  9. When speaking about a dead person?

    How comes I don't see it being used by muslims regularly?
  10. When speaking about a dead person?

    Who else?
  11. Iran funding Al-qaeda

    Ansar al-Allah fi iraq, is a kurdish salafist AQ affiliate. It was led by Mullah Krekar.
  12. Iran funding Al-qaeda

    Salam, I never said I trust the CIA. I'm playing devil's advocate for the most part.
  13. Iran funding Al-qaeda

    Ansar al-Allah is part of AQ...
  14. Iran funding Al-qaeda

    Even ansar al-Allah in iraq during late 90s and early 2000s was said to be funded by Iran:
  15. Iran funding Al-qaeda