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  1. Salam, I recently had a thread remvoed because it contained a announcment by Hayaat tahrir al sham but surely it should be allowed to post news on them? I don't get it, I've seen videos of one of the commanders of 'Jaysh al-islam' preaching hate against Shias but it is allowed. I'm curious what are the criterias?
  2. There is one thing rejecting WF using the same reasoning many ulema in Iraq have in regards to seperation of religon from the state. However your rejection of it is based on the reason it is "un-islamic", that is claim requires evidence to support it. The burden of proof is on you.
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9yiHLCXkAAhab2.jpg:large
  4. What about in regards to non-muslims?
  5. Atleast there are many Indo-Paks on here, I'm the only Kurds on here. I do however feel sometimes left out by other communities on here.
  6. What does this hadith mean?
  7. Do mainstream sunnis acknowledge Muawiyah's actions? Such as this:
  8. @Hassan- Akhi can you link the source to that hadith please?
  9. Make sense, thank you akhi. What about Bralevis? They re the opposite right? More sufi like in aqeedah?
  10. Thank you for the answer. Aren't they just orthodox hanafis?
  11. Can someone explain Deobandis for me? I really like this Deobandi shiekh but don't know much about them:
  12. I do believe aliens exist but we sure as hell shouldn't wish they come down here to earth. If they saw what we humans were like, they'd probably annilhate us.
  13. If Assad did do the chemical attack, I wouldn't support him. A right action is a right action and a wrong action is a wrong action. There can be no double-standards.