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  1. A Question About Shimr(la)

    (salam) Maybe he was talking about Shibith ibn Rib'i? I have heard that he fought in the battle of siffin on Imam Ali (as)'s side, then joined the khawarij, and later on joined Yazid's army.
  2. A Shia Muslim Man Takes Part In Honour Killing

    Actually, Rand is an arabic name too. Could or could not be true....
  3. Who Wants To Start A Hacking War?

    We are the followers of the infallibles, we're supposed to be above actions like these..
  4. Syeds

    ^Even so, being a descendant of the Prophet doesn't exempt you from the hell-fire if you deserve it.
  5. Theperfectionistas Blog

    I really like your blog- you have yourself a new follower! You can check out my blog if you want but it's no where near as interesting as yours: http://spill-beans.blogspot.com/
  6. Salam Alaykum all, Today I tweeted about some lessons I've learned from Imam Hussain (as) using the hashtag #IlearntfromHussain Then I thought 'Why not spread awareness and make this a trending topic?' A topic becomes trending when a large number of twitter users use the same hashtag in the same period. If you are a twitter user and willing to make this happen, join in and help spread his teachings.
  7. Shiachat Hacked... Silence From Admins?

    Please don't bring the old domain back :( It's blocked here. I was so happy that I can finally visit ShiaChat after a year I miss this place :(
  8. Salam aleikum sister! Are you from france? :D

  9. Drying One's Hair

    Leaving your hair to dry naturally is better than using too much heat on your hair, it isn't good for it. And since you've always been doing it, there's less chance of getting a cold because you might have become immune to it lol.
  10. Consistent (sub)conscious Sexism On Sc

    It's really not an issue. I haven't ever been called brother because of my username. I doubt any guy would call himself strawberry

    The most organised website ever in Arabic is Sheikh Habib al-Kadhimi: http://www.alseraj.net/ar/index.shtml The front page is updated everyday with short hadith, daily reminders and tips and five minute lectures. Only takes a few minutes of your day everyday.
  12. Invasion Of Iraq

    I wouldn't disagree in that there were some good consequences to the invasion, namely the removal of Saddam. But it's definitely not the best thing that happened to us. Don't forget that there are often two faces to the same coin. The same America that invaded us helped Saddam rise to power when it suited them. I wouldn't say we are ruling our country by ourselves either. There are many many other factors involved.
  13. Wanna Be Bride

    I tried to watch 3ayza itgawiz but I just felt it was really lame lol, and the acting is just too over-done. But I watch Bab-al-Haara and sometimes Zwarat al 5amees and Laylat 3eed. Zwarat al 5amees shows such a corruptive society it's not even funny No good Iraqi shows this year, but anyone remember 7ub wu 7arab?
  14. If You Could Make One (non Religious) Book..

    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari