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  1. The latest video by Islamic Pulse: British Shi'ism Exposed | The Shirazis, "Imam" Tawhidi, Yassir Habib, Allayari | BACKFIRE
  2. Need help for converting to shia islam

    We have a group on the app Telegram for reverts to Islam called "Rebirth." You can download Telegram at: https://telegram.org. Send me a PM for the group invitation link if you wish to join.
  3. Studying in Qum

    I am a Canadian student currently studying in Qom, Iran. A pre-hawzah program has been established under the auspices of Shaykh Shuja Ali Mirza in Toronto for Canadian students called "Jami'a Ilmiya" https://www.jamiailmiya.org and the graduates of this program will go on to study at al-Mustafa International University in Qom. You can check out the above link to register. You can also apply for al-Mustafa International University: http://en.miu.ac.ir/index.aspx?siteid=4&fkeyid=&pageid=47794 If you have any other questions, you can message me here.
  4. #16 Temperature Poll

    I love cold weather and hate hot weather.
  5. Hadith Of The Day

    Anas ibn Malik said, “The head of al-Husayn was brought to ‘Ubaydullah ibn Ziyad and was put in a tray and then ibn Ziyad started playing with a stick at the nose and mouth of al-Husayn’s head and saying something about his handsome features.” Anas then said (to him), “al-Husayn resembled the Prophet more than the others did.” Anas added, “His (i.e. al-Husayn’s) hair was dyed with wasmah (i.e. a kind of plant used as a dye).” Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 5, Book 57, number 91
  6. Record Your voice Ziyarat Ashura

    I am not in charge but they asked me to tell those recording themselves to show their faces and to film outside so the viewers can see where they are located. It will also be broadcast on Iranian state television.
  7. Problems that reverts have

    Salām ‘Alaykum, We have started a group on Telegram to discuss the problems and issues facing Muslims. If you're a convert to Islam, please join our group: https://t.me/joinchat/AUnBFz_f9b_tw19FwRdfiA You can download Telegram from: http://telegram.me
  8. Record Your voice Ziyarat Ashura

    Salāmun ‘Alaykum, Thanks Laayla for posting this. Please send the clips as soon as possible. If you don't have Telegram, you can either download it or email me at ali dot almahdi2 @ gmail dot com.
  9. News of death of brother Toyib

    إنّا لله وإنّا إليهِ رَاجعُون
  10. Thoughts (Temporary Placeholder)

    Thank you so much. I'm really honoured but I don't understand why I've been chosen when I barely post! There are so many other deserving members! I'm sorry I'm not very active any more but I'm too busy to post a lot
  11. study in Qom

  12. study in Qom

    Email me your SAMPA reference number and password and I'll look into it for you. My email is ali dot almahdi2 at gmail dot com
  13. I want to study in a hawza

    This isn't a correct and acceptable reason to enter the holy Islamic Seminary. It isn't a place for games. You should intend on applying and entering the seminary with the intention of gaining closeness to God and to learn Islamic sciences not just because you can't find something else to do with your life.
  14. study in Qom

    I study at al-Mustafa International University in Qom. It takes a few months for them to go through your application. Getting accepted is quite easy and they pretty much accept anyone from the West.
  15. When I first came to Qom, Mohammad Tawhidi was in my madrassah and I knew him pretty well but shortly after he finished Persian, he put on the turban and clerical clothes and got expelled from al-Mustafa International University and then he began making statements against Sunni figures. He's a very dangerous individual.