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  1. Salam Alaykom, I don't know where to start, but here we go. I've been under the attack of black magic or (taweez) for about 4 years. Same for the other members of our family. Some of them have been under the effect of black magic for about 15+ years. At first, it had a lot of negative effect on me which made me go crazy (literally), but now Alhamdallallah, if someone does it on me, I don't feel the effects that much, maybe it's because I've become more religious, thank God. The good thing is that we regularly check with a Mullah who is an expert on this and he tells us whats wrong and if there is something like black magic (taweez), then we try to remove it, which costs alot of money. At the same time, the mullah can also tell who are the individuals that are doing this to us. We first found about it before my engagement, which I was most effected by black magic and the most severe ones too. It turned out to be my cousin, who wanted to break my engagement apart, not because he wanted my fiance, but reasons which I still don't understand. I'm saying this cause he was already married. Unfortunately, this did not end there. This continued till my marriage and after it. So, basically he did not let me enjoy my happy days, because I was always in a bad mood, I argued with my parents and I felt depressed, even though everything was going according to what I wanted in life. This was not the only reason he did this, he also didn't want me to do my higher education. The reasons for him doing this was to stop me from going to university and stop me from getting married. Long story short, he eventually stopped doing it, which kinda ended in a dramatic way, which we dealt with it face to face. Still I am being attacked by black magic sometimes now, but it's someone else. When we first heard about it that my cousin was doing this, we were shocked at how we got betrayed by our own relative. We didn't do anything, but good to our cousin. We helped him in the most difficult times of his life and what did we receive? we received a stab in the back! This is what always happens to us. We give shelter to a snake beneath our sleeves. Sorry, for the long details, but I had to add the backstory to it. The question is what should we do with these relatives who do black magic on us? How should we deal with them? Some suggests that we should cut relations with them, but on the other hand, we should also think about (Sile rahim), keeping family ties. Despite everything we still see each other and visit each other, but I don't think anyone would forget the things he has done. We have relatives who are machines of envy and jealousy. It's not just my cousin, there's a whole bunch of them that do not even wanna see me smiling. They envy me not matter what I do. If he truly repents and changes as a person, I am willing to forgive and forget, but what if that black magic really did took effect and broke apart my marriage and my life. What would I have done at that moment? Whenever I think about this scenario, I boil with anger. I mean he tried to take away the only women I love. I would really like to hear your insights and would like to know what would you do in this scenario?
  2. Hope everyone is well. It's been a while, since I came to know something devastating and it has been bothering me, because I think it has affected my life negatively. Here's a little bit of backstory: I found out that it is highly likely that my father brought haram earnings into our house. Hence, that means throughout my teenage life and early 20s, I was having haram food and possibly spending money from which khums was not paid. I currently live in a house which my father bought a few years ago and I spend from money obtained from selling our property, which I think is haram and khums is not paid from them, both the house and money. Now, I am unemployed and I'm trying my hardest to find a job to earn halal rizq, but it's very competitive and I have no choice, but to spend from possibly haram money. My father is separated from us, because he married a vulgar woman, living in his mansion and traveling the world, while he doesn't care what we are going through. Now, the question is how does this work? I had no involvement in what my father did, because I was too young to understand. What about the house we are living in? Is Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى going to hold me responsible as well and will this affect me this world? I believe it has, because of all the problems I have in my life, it could be a result of this. As a I said, I have no job. I'm searching, but I get rejected everywhere I apply. This is maddening. All these years, I thought my father was a noble man, but no he was the opposite, he was just pretending... Or maybe Shaytan got to him at some point. Please, I need your input.
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    Aah, you're right. Forgot that Nawroz is a Solar Hijri calendar event. Kinda got it mixed up. So, yeah the reappearance that might take place in Ramadan or Muharram according to narrations, could coincide with Nawroz in that year.
  4. The Light


    Me too, doesn't seem authentic. There are many other narrations, which say that Imam Mahdi (as) will reappear either in Ramadan or Muharram.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your advice, but my intention wasn't to judge, but to give the readers a gist of the scenario, so they can give me advice on how I can approach this problem. Because, the actions of my father directly affects me and my family. Let's say as an example, my dad, is someone who doesn't fast or listens to haram music. Well, I couldn't care less, because it doesn't affect me. So, yeah, I wanted to make it clear to myself, and make sure I have nothing to do with this, because at the moment everything is wishy-washy in my life.
  6. That's a brilliant example. Haven't thought about it much before, actually. That's right, things aren't that black and white in this matter.
  7. I see, that does make sense.
  8. Thanks for your insight. I should've phrased my first post better, as I said "All my problems in my life, could be a result of this". Not all my problems, as you said there is no one who doesn't have problems in their life, be it whatever background, but I sometimes suspect that some hardships we are facing could be a worldly consequence of haram sustenance. We may never know for sure.
  9. I think I should add to make things more clear and I should've said it first (my bad), is that I understand that sins don't transfer from father to son or vice versa, but the key thing I am concerned about is the worldly consequences of a father's sin on his family. Because, I heard many times that if a father persists on sinning, then something might happen to that father's offspring as a form of punishment. Additionally, I've also heard that sustaining yourself through haram food, has negative effects on the soul, and because of that duas might not get answered.
  10. I'm not sure, if that's the case. Well, my relationship with my father is not bad. I do have contact with him, we text each other occasionally. I visited him a few times, even after he married another woman and hurt my mother emotionally. Sure, I'm not perfect, my father and I had some small arguments in the past, but not something that he could become angry with me forever.
  11. I hope everyone is in good health, inshAllah. I've heard/read from some speakers and other sources that momins (pious people), have more trials in their life and normally their lives are more difficult. That got me thinking. So, if a believer's life is going very smooth without too much troubles and trials. e.g., lives long, has wealth, is normally happy etc. Does this indicate that something is wrong with regards to his/her deeds? Or is it that some servants of AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì will have lots of blessings in this life and also have a high station in the hereafter? I think it might be a good topic to discuss. Please share your thoughts.
  12. Yeah, your right. Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى is merciful. It's just sometimes, I just feel uneasy when I think too much about it and yes, charity is a good idea. InshAllah, I pray I become self sufficient soon.
  13. Salam, A lot of people give personal opinions in regards to Jannah, and even ignore what the Quran and Ahlul bayt (as), have said about it. According to what I have heard from scholars who talk about jannah, is that it is going to be physical and spiritual. People who will live in there, will experience physical pleasures, such as eating, drinking, relaxing, intercourse etc, which is far more greater than the pleasures we experience in this world. In addition, there will also be spiritual pleasures and according to scholars I've listened to, is that spiritual pleasures are more better than physical pleasures in Jannah. And according to one of our classical scholars, it is wrong to believe that Jannah, is a place where we are all souls, because that is a Christian belief that, God will turn us humans into angels in Paradise. It is unislamic to have that kind of perception of Paradise, because it is important to believe in a physical resurrection. I don't remember which scholar it was. I had a link to the book, but cannot find it. If anyone has the link, then please post it.
  14. The Light

    A few questions about prayers

    @Hassan- Great reply. I checked Ayt Sistani's fatwa closely and yeah, I noticed it's only wajib to say it loudly/silently for the surahs. Thanks a lot for clarifying.
  15. 1- I've seen two different pronunciations for the tashahud, so I'm confused, because Arabic is not my mother tongue. Which is correct "ash hadu ana muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh" or "ash hadu ana muhammadan abdahu wa rasuluh"? Is it abduhu or abdahu? 2- About praying loudly and silently. I know that for fajr, all of it should be prayed loudly. For dhuhr and asr, you pray silently all of it. For maghrib and isha, the first two rakats are loud, and the rest is silent. The question is when you pray silently, should you say everything silently, including the niyat, takbeeratul ehram and the two surahs of the Quran?
  16. The Light

    Force Hijab

    @Sumerian Salam, What if the muslim who repents for neglecting his salat, and tries to make up for all the missed salat, but dies before completing all of it? Will there be exceptions?
  17. Just like good deeds and repentance cleans one from sins. Is it true the other way around, that certain sins can wipe out all good deeds? For instance, I heard a lecturer say that if a muslim is going through trials in their life and if they complain about their situation by saying, "Why me?" or "Why is God making me suffer?", Allahسُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, will wipe out all their good deeds and will no longer try them, because he/she failed the test. This is just an example, I've heard, but I'm not sure of anything else. Is this true? Cause it sure is frightening and it kinda makes me feel that, if someone like me can ever be successful in religion.
  18. The Light

    Small Mistakes In Wudu

    (salam) I wanted know whether if you do these mistakes during wudu, does it make your wudu invalid? 1- wiping your head twice, because I doubted that if I wiped properly or not, does this make your wudu invalid? 2- When wiping your head, do you have to stop at the hairline where the roots of the front hair are? and if you mistakingly go over that hairline, is your wudu invalid and you have to start all over? 3- After washing your hands from the elbow to your fingertips, you must not wet your hands again to wipe your head and feet. What if I mistakingly do wet my hands unintentionally because I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing, does it make my wudu invalid and I have to start all over again? I know, they might sound stupid, but I'm a person who doubts alot, I have this mental problem where I doubt alot. I did wudu three times today one after another just because I thought I didn't do it right and I got so frustrated. :mad: And I can't perform salah when I'm angry.
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    Music in ramadan?

    Thanks for explaining, brother.
  20. The Light

    Music in ramadan?

    I still haven't understood what is meant by "Entertainment purposes". By "entertainment purposes", does it mean music which is suitable for haram gatherings, e.g. concerts, nightclubs etc? Or does it include listening to music for your own fun. For example, there is a catchy music/theme from a video game, is listening to it for your own entertainment, haram?
  21. Wa alykom asalam, It was one year ago, that I wrote this, and really I cannot recall clearly what was going through my mind at the time. Who knows, I might have made an assumption based on a few lectures/videos of him I've watched. May AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì forgive me if I've attributed wrong things to him. If you think he doesn't have those beliefs, then ok. Nonetheless, I still think he's quite extreme and he should calm down a bit. Other than that, he's really good at debating.
  22. The Light


    Does that mean if a music has lyrics or words, but it's not about haram stuff, can we listen to it? Cause I thought that any music that has words in it, is haram.
  23. Yeah, fair enough. Well, it is what it is. I just had the feeling that this is very close to the sunni way of salah, except that shia women should not fold their hands, so it was a bit disturbing at first glance. Anyway, it's in line with the teachings of Ahlul bayt(as) and scholars confirm this, so who am I to say this is weird. Thanks for clarifying.
  24. To tell the truth, I was quite shocked when I first read this a while ago and it's still hard for me to believe that this is a way shia women should do their salat. I'm not saying I deny this, but it's shocking, because due to the belief that praying with hands down is the correct way and never imagined there would be a separate way for women. I mean doesn't this look weird for women to put their hands on their private parts during salah. What if they pray in public? Wouldn't this draw attention? If I were a women, and I prayed like this, I would feel extreme shame even within my family members. Supposed to? Or is it recommended?
  25. Is it allowed to ask AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì to send his wrath and punishment on someone who has taken your rights or has deceived you in this world? If yes, are there any surahs/duas to be recited, so AllahÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì can destroy your enemies? The rights of my family and I are taken and I feel helpless. It feels like I am being oppressed and I can't do anything.