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  1. about "Becoming an Advanced Member"

    Salaam Alaykum. I had a question and I thought that this may be the best place to ask it. I apologize if it is not. Is it possible to delete or edit posts that a member has made? Thank you.
  2. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    سلام. من برای شما ایمیل فرستادم از ایمیل خودم. ممنون
  3. Insurance

    I think it would also be useful if the scholars were named. In the Islamic Republic of Iran, every law must be approved by scholars before being implemented, but there is also a large insurance system with various competing companies. I don't think anyone would dispute the reputability of the scholars there, so I believe that the scholars who oppose insurance should be named.
  4. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    سلام. به نظر میاد خیلی سخت باشه به ۵۰ پست برسم. من اینجا یک ایمیل مستعار مخصوص این کار می‌گذارم. شما لطفا برگشتید یک ایمیل به اون بزنید و اینجا خبرم کنید تا از اونجا ایمیل اصلی‌ خودم را بدم و توضیحات کامل با مدارک از ایمیل اصلی‌ خودم بفرستم. ببخشید بابت مزاحمتی که ایجاد کردم ولی‌ لطف شما را فراموش نمیکنم. کمکی‌ که من میخواهم هیچ نوع تقلبی یا کار خلافی نیست ولی‌ از دهها نفر کمک خاهستم و شما تنها آدمی‌ هستید که تا اینجا کمک کردید. ممنون mrefshagar@gmail.com
  5. about "Becoming an Advanced Member"

    I apologize. I think that mistake just cost me 15 or more actual posts. But, the reason that I was trying to reach the 50 was so that I could send a private message regarding an important topic under the multilingual Farsi discussion, in which I had numerous posts, called "Komak be porose..."
  6. Free Books Right At Your Door

    Thank you for this extremely valuable information. Now, to think of which books to request.
  7. Qom

    You guys have got it so easy compared to foreign students who want to go to other universities in Iran. Enshallah you will be successful.
  8. about "Becoming an Advanced Member"

    It's hard to reach the 50 minimum posts to activate private messaging so I thought I'd get an extra post by posting this.
  9. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    سلام. خیلی ممنون از محبت تان. من اگر به ۵۰ پست برسم می‌تونم پیام بفرستم و بگیرم. چون در سایت عمومی‌ راحت نیستم آدرس ایمیل را بگذارم. در پیام خصوصی برای شما ایمیل خود را میفرستم و در آنجا توضیح کامل میدم. زیارت انشا‌الله قبول باشد التماس دعا
  10. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    سلام. خیلی ممنون ولی‌ کسی‌ را ندارم خودم که بتواند کمک کند. اگر داشتم که اینجا درخواست نمیدادم ممنون از زحمتی که کشیدید. اگر خبری شد خوشحال میشوم
  11. Help You In Iran

    Salaam o Alaykum Brother Emaad, Thank you for your offer to help people with the ziyarat. I had a request that I posted on another topic http://www.shiachat.com/forum/topic/235019751-komak-ba-porose-kare-edari-dar-iran/ I didn't want to take up the space in this topic too, but I wanted to know if you could help with this process or know anyone else who can. Thank You.
  12. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    Aya rahnamayie darid ya kasi ra mishnasid ke betoone komak koneh? Man ba sazemanhay ziadi tamas gereftam vali be nazar miad ke adam bayad oonja hozoori yeki ra dashte bashe ta karha rah bioftan.
  13. Where To Get A Black Turban?

    Since I saw this question, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows where to get those shirts with the special collars that some Iranians wear, like the type that Saeed Jalili always wears. The ones that I've seen in the US have collars less than half of the width and they look very western.
  14. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    Akhe faghat tajob kardam as being web hameh daneshgah dorost hadz zadid.
  15. Komak Ba Porose Kare Edari Dar Iran

    Baleh. Man ghablan ba shoma sohbat kardam?