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  1. Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day !!!

    May Allah Bless you.

    Have a blast....Enjoy !

  2. salam, salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  3. Salam, happy birthday to you.

  4. Ppl from Scandinavia?

    (salam) It means.. ''I want to ask about something'' !! :)
  5. Ppl from Scandinavia?

    (salam) Jepper... så er der en til fra Danmark!! hmm.. vil lii spørge om noed.. hvornår startede I med at faste..? Ramadan Kareem! ^_^
  6. Favorite Arabic Radood

    My fav radood is Bassim alkarbaei... he is Just really good!! and my fav latmiya is made be by him which called "ya reh alhab" it makes me cry every time I listen to it... Bur u forgot to put his brother on the list.. Hayder Alkarbalai!!!
  7. Suicide always wrong?

    (salam) Suicide is haram, because Allah is the one who decide when we are going to die... If we commit suicide we will die like a kafir.. Then Yes, Suiside is always wrong!

    I am Shia muslim alhamdullelah wa shukr..!

    LoL..I saw a ghost... :!!!:
  10. MSN pics. . .

    (salam) Thanx to all of u... I Really like all of them :wub: But this one is really funny :!!!: Allah Hafith
  11. Dubai/Shj meet

    Salam I was born in Dubai.. but left it when i was about 2 years.. Inshallah im going to travel soon, in my summerholiday... I have a good idea were we can meet... we can meet In burj al'arab..LoL :!!!:
  12. Do you smoke?

    NOOOOOO i've never smoked... I hate it! Thank god that I hate it!!
  13. New manar homepage

    Salam wr wb Thank u for the good ^_^ homepage bro... Fe aman Allah
  14. My Work

    Salam Seriously...I really like them.. the most one I like, is the one with the soldiers! :wub: fe aman Allah