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  1. Level7Even

    Have you ever wanted to build a water-well for those affected by poverty and drought but never had enough funds to do so? Well now you can make it happen and reap the rewards of charity each time someone drinks from it. LEVEL7EVEN, a design agency based in Sydney, has released a limited range of Islamic inspired tee shirts and caps for both brothers and sisters with 10% of each sale going towards the building of a water-well in drought-stricken Somalia where an already estimated 29,000 have died and another 9.5 million people are facing death from the worst drought in 60 years. Buy your LEVEL7EVEN tee shirt and help us make this happen. We have already raised $1000 of the $4000 and we need YOU to come up with the rest. Visit our facebook page on www.facebook.com/LEVEL.7EVEN for more information and to view our styles. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity." All we need is $4000. Order your tee shirts and caps now and spread the word :)