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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the next great leap in humanity at the Arab Spring talks is "we need to start taxing the free-zones, no more incentives - how else are we gonna add another Lamborghini to our collection in 2020".
  2. I'm not against the struggles for change, nor do I consider them a futile burden, it's an act of worship so there is no harm in trying. But to actually fix the worlds social, political and economic problems remains impossible and the scale of impossibility is expanding. Especially in the West, bringing religion to a blind date with politics would even have Cilla Black laughing. There is no left wing, right wing, combine the 2 and make a bird of a solution in sight! So this perfect islamic society you speak of, may just become a reality unless the "the great era of deception" is not ours (or the generation to come). If not, what on earth would that era look like? The Wahabi-Zionist-Western private walker alliance - can there be a more uglier deceptive masked face?
  3. Latest News, from the ECO-NOMAD green robot: TimeforM, also known as ''long chin, tailspin", has been diagnosed as a short term technical glitch which appears here and there with some disturbing but safe interruptions. All services will resume as normal and users are advised not to worry as this minor technical issue is harmless. For all SC users who experience this blip, please be patient, a new update will be rolling out in 2017.
  4. I agree. I personally believe we are beyond resolving this problem. If change is inevitable it's going to come at a price. Lawless disorder or anarchy may just fit the bill. Nationalism, self serving habitual politics and lack of awareness was always going to be the downfall. How do you even solve a problem when the problem itself is the mindset, like a minor state of hypnosis, stuck in a matrix. Well we all know what happened in the Matrix - 'a worthy saviour'. Maybe i'm just being pessimistic but seriously I can't see change for the better. Pockets of change could purchase a happy meal for a day but for a full nutritional healthy meal the kitchens gonna get real hot.
  5. Zuckerberg $44,600,000,000 and this guy just started yesterday. Sorry had to spell out the 0's to wrap my head around it. "He and his wife have pledged to sell 99 percent of their holdings in Facebook — over 400 million shares, worth about $50 billion — to support philanthropic causes. " Sometimes it's not the business which embodies the character of Man but the power of external stimulus. Zuckerberg may just be the definition of the compassionate self.
  6. I shouldn't even feel the need to respond.... The comparison does not do justice. You took an entire school of thought (Fiqh-e-Jaaferia) and deliberately expressed a view in utter negligence. That too with a premise which begs 'evidence' and yet without any evidence you judge with conjecture. Your reasons, 'because they did not translate or add source' is no way, any way, sufficient. With that in mind, you further associate our scholars with those who take partners onto Allah (swt) as Lords which is clearly pointing towards the assembly line of Kufr. This also implies those who follow in guidance (fiqh) are equally disbelievers, subscribing to shirk. I don't believe we need to provide reference from weighty sources to remind you of your sin, you should know better as a Muslim. As a general rule, a non-discriminatory and intellectually unbiased seeker of knowledge would not make such statements without thoroughly examining the issue first. This rule applies to everyone regardless of faith, creed, etc. You have to admit you did jump in feet first - i guess it happens.
  7. 'Hypocrisy of the twelver shia world' - that's harsh! You present yourself as a Muslim who seeks in-depth guidance before concluding on matters and yet without observing how the Marja's derived their rulings you pass your judgement. The hypocrisy is yours. Your intentions are pretty clear: To insult an entire group of people based on your lack of understanding. The Quran reference (9:31) '....associating partners with Allah' (shirk) was not only unnecessary but disturbingly prejudice. But it's OK, we the shia have no other choice but to maintain patience for the greater good with the hope those who transgress can regress.
  8. Though 'your' income would be deemed halaal but as a general rule permitting a service to grant and aid fulfilment of haraam transactions, whether profiting or not, is impermissible. You are also responsible for the running costs of your business and if these contribute, again whether you benefit or not, you will be held accountable. I understand according to Ayatollah Sayyed Sistani, in some rare social or non-muslim religious circumstances there are conditions whereby certain products intended for non-muslims by non-muslims are conditionally permissible. These conditions are based entirely on the sellers and buyers faith and religious laws and the exceptions do not apply to all products/services. DO NOT take the above as a confirmed ruling as your circumstances and intentions are unknown. It would be better for you to directly get in touch with your Marja by providing details of the in's and out's, and the niyyah behind the permissions sought. If you do you pop them a question, I would greatly appreciate if you could share the reply here too.
  9. In the SC search engine type in 'Islamic store name'. A couple of previous threads will pop up with great ideas. How about (assuming it's an online store)
  10. Sin would apply on both. Both the service provider (Ebay Inc.) and the private seller will benefit from the income. Ebay takes a slice (final value fee and a listing charge) from each product sale hence they are liable for their source of income.
  11. Brother P. Ease I am assuming you are referring to the Kufa shias as those who took the pledge of allegiance for the 4th Caliph? If this is correct are you also suggesting only the Shia (by definition) took this oath of allegiance or do you agree that the allegiance was given by the vast majority of Muslims in general (in Kufa)? Please keep in mind: Giving bayah with the belief of Imamah is one thing, accepting the leadership of someone worthier is another.
  12. Bro amazing pictures. I missed most of the above from my visit. Landed and caught a ride straight to the PIND. I did get to see murry and sindh which makes up for the mountains. BTW whats with the mini statue of liberty and the dwarf eiffel tower?
  13. "your organisation is terrible"..."you are fake news" lol Funny but some genuinely serious stuff
  14. You want to impress him by addressing the differences between Shia and other Muslims? I think he would be more impressed if you knew a little more about his beliefs, practices, etc. Don't you?