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  1. Do you ever cry?

    Depends really! I'm sure there are people (or men) who carry the worlds problems on their shoulders and depending on their situation they may have greater claim on 'letting it all out!'. Nothing to be ashamed about, it's Man being a Man and not resembling a hollywood hard-man stereotype. Then, there are some, whose claim for emotional distress is just off my radar of appreciation. For eg, 'Someone scratched my new Ferrari (with titanic tears)'. Nah mate, check yourself and don't wreck yourself! Personally, all Praise to our Merciful Lord, (generally) I have never encountered emotional distress to the extent where I felt the need to rain down some tears. But I have to admit when I do weep during family/friend funerals, Majalis, etc....i'm a big softy and the pacific oceans got nothing on me.
  2. Virtual Currencies

    Anything in particular?
  3. Virtual Currencies

    Can we all just agree pls! Honestly, it's baffling enough to create currency out of nothingness and that too with hefty invested block-chained regulatory beginnings to add value. If this was a religious argument, the atheist has already won - 'see i told you so, nothing creates something'. I do not for a second believe the digital madness has any association with 'per chance'. I don't believe it's a couple of goggled-eyed script writers who one day whilst picking their noses and scratching their bums, suddenly had a lightening light-bulb moment and kaboom, what seemed rebellious at first turned to fortune. Highly unlikely. My opinion does not count but I do believe there is more than what meets the eye, maybe a schemed window opener for a one-world digital currency or what not, the conspiracy tail is as long as Uncle Sams pinocchio nose. But regardless, whether its RISKY with a schemed head-on bailout or its a slippery slope to a regulated future, it's here and it's working. Regardless of all the negative implications, the system is rigged to work whether for a specified time or for the long haul, so why not have a crack? As long as you don't throw in your life's earnings but play with a light spread of margarine on bread amount, you can lower the risk and hope for the best. Now where do I place 1 pence to make 2 billions in 3 years? That's what i'd like to know
  4. Haven't played hardly anything much....recently got BF1 on my first PC build and I'm literally blown away. Can't get enough If you're on it, lets key up and make the world a better place.
  5. What is your goal today?

    lol That's how I feel when my goals don't materialise. I think you're onto something. How about I pinch myself, you slap your wrist and just so Hasanhh doesnt feel left out, we'll put him in a mid-air collision imminent MIG lol
  6. Virtual Currencies

    thanks Starlight.... A part of me was wishing it wasn't lol The enthusiasm just got stronger
  7. Virtual Currencies

    Don't mind me asking, how do our scholars view virtual currency investments? Simply put, permissible or impermissible? Or do certain conditions apply? (Ay. Sistani's verdict?) For a long time I have had friends, work colleagues and other associates who have seen sizeable returns, some minor losses, lots of bragging and some pointless blabbering too. I have been interested myself for a long time but just never got around to wrapping my head around it. With Ripples recent surge in December and a friend who invested a large sum prior, i admit it's caught my attention, once again. I'm interested and want to know more. Oddly enough, I was googling today and thought i'd pop in here to see if there's any mention....and boom a currently active thread! So whats the verdict on the crypto madness?
  8. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    As for the initial OP - I can't see Trump making any decisions himself, whatsoever. He just doesn't have what it takes! Granted, hes a top notch spoilt brat of a business man but that's exactly his downfall. Who knows what deals have been placed under the table for Trumps successes for him to gamble bringing the CAP C to Jerusalem. Show any blind patriotic racist a pot of Gold and regardless of your skin colour he's your best buddy. I take it the shadow elites did more than just showing 'WHERE IZ DA MANEEYY' for him to sell himself so short and so quickly. Thats the problem with most business men, the Quick buck is too attractive to look the other way. Or was he in the loop from the get go - God Knows!
  9. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    Sis, the assumption 'God orchestrates everything' cannot be held credible via any scripture from the major 3 monotheist religions. I'm sure I may have misunderstood what you were suggesting and with an alternative approach I'm warm to the idea that should certain things come into play, God permits man to exercise his/her own free will whether good or bad (with the absence of Divine intervention). Israel oppressing people, robbing them of their land, forcing themselves as the gatekeepers of Jerusalem is not an Act of God. If a Messiah was to emerge from this very land, surely it would be amongst the honest orthodox Jews like the Naterui Karta who not only remain oppressed but voice their opposition against the Zionist State of Israel. If I could put it bluntly, would you approve the following statement 'God engineered the rise of Pharoah in order to introduce Moses to Mankind'. If this was true, the victim here would be Pharoah himself given that he was denied free will and was involuntarily held accountable for a crime which he will end up burning for.
  10. What do you Like Best about Amerika ?

    Internet wifi peanut butter potato chips The rest sucks! lol
  11. The earlier the better! It paves the way. Notme is spot on with the rebellious nature of teens and there is no getting away from negative societal influences which can further damage a young persons sense of priority and moral values. My sister doesn't force her kids but constantly reminds them and with regular local community activities where wearing hijab is the custom, especially in mosques, it's a great way to develop their moral inclinations.
  12. This solves another issue - men were giants back then! Well now we know - prada heels! cheeky I had no idea and thanks to you I was forced to leave my comfortable chair to test it out lol... I'm 50:50, mostly on the back heel but equally reliant on landing on the front portion (i'm assuming 'ball of feet') when balancing weight/stride. Then again, wouldn't fast paced walking and running entirely bank on the front portion of the feet? Nah, aint gonna test that - burned too many calories already lifting a cup of tea 8 times.
  13. Burning questions

    You shot one and in its place three emerged lol. They are plotting and planning, 3 measuring up and the almost recovered 4th lurking in the shadows. I think an AK-47 might be in order.
  14. Introduction To Shiism

    Brother Ibrar Malik, The Shia heed to the succession of 12 Imams who are considered the rightful successors of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Anything, or anyone who forms opposition to the book of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, Prophets or Ahlul Bayt (i.e. Imams), it is not necessarily that we dislike them, but in our enjoining of truth and forbidding of falsehood, we are left no alternative but to oppose those who transgressed. 'Disliking' can have preferential inclinations for some readers. The Shia opposition is to highlight the elements which are damaging the true message, it is unfortunate, the names you mentioned have a hand in those misfortunes.
  15. I don't know where to put this...

    Sorry but for the very school that robs Islam of it's heritage, mocks the truthful and more importantly ''cuts off'' ties with the Prophets pure blood line - would you believe anything they produce? Maybe it's just as weighty as Abu Hurairas hadith factory. Hold on a minute- we surround burial sites of Prophets and Imams and these wahabies call us heretics. Am i to believe they are worshipping hair now?