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  1. White leather sofa jumping, littering, my office stationary using, loud, shoe to carpet wearing and demanding KIDS! What makes it worse, they are not mine so I can't go Jackie Chan on em. Opening a fast at the mosque when the servings look like 99.9% oil and 0.01% food with cold hardened naans. I lose my appetite in fear of a heart attack
  2. Past: decent cartoons! Present: Trash Past: Real conversations! I got a handful of siblings, we talked, laughed and spent more time off-screen then on-screen. Present: There is no such thing called off-screen, even when the kids are off it, they're on it. Games, chat, social media, netflix, youtube, etc etc etc Past: If you needed something, you'd get off your backside and flex them muscles Present: Laziness and home delivery (i have to admit, i do admire home deliveries lol) Past: We were ourselves in a growing world of surprises Present: Celebrity imitations, trend fanatics and complex idealism around coolness and attitudes Past: More reliant on home food Present: fast food Maybe we're just getting old and boring - but i would trade the past for the present any-day!
  3. lol when neo-liberalism is the cause of opportunity for chumps like Trump to become president, it's pretty fair to say N-L is not just a failed rich mans monopoly but a far greater crisis that is yet to surface! My personal take, neo-liberalism is: 'communism got smarter'. When you know your empowered freedom remains in the confines of the powers to be and there is little hope for the vast majority to excel in those freedoms, then you know you are a product of liberal thought within a system of state ownership and corporate custody. The credit crunch of 2008 was just another reminder of how the private sectors dominance over the public sector results to inequality and instability. The perfect 2 negative factors which we can very easily observe through the lack of sustainable growth. The majority of experts (economists) have clearly informed and published records, informing respective leaderships of the dangers ahead and how we need to steer the ship away from the ice berg. Since the interest of sustainable growth and it purpose is not necessarily for the wider population, it shouldn't surprise us if the powers-to-be simply overlook these warnings. Call it remnants of communism or neo-liberalism, in the end, the economic theorised systems are just theories on paper and what we have are kingdoms of kings and their knights in shining armour yielding swords, spears and corporate horses. BTW, these hugeeee millions/billion dollar companies who have belted themselves into 'offshoring' their power and wealth, escaping equality of tax, is just a tiny fragment of what is wrong with our governing policies today. Yet, we the bread and milk earners, if we miss a payment, it only takes 3 reminders before they slap on additional proceedings with added charges. Then the day light gangsters (bailiffs) pop over to flex their muscles. Weird huh? But beautiful for the 1%
  4. If you have been looking into islam and now want to submit, which i'm assuming is your acceptance of the faith with clear understanding, then all you need to do is profess your acceptance. This is called 'Shahadah'. The process is very simple, uttering 2 sentences in arabic which translates to: “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” I'm not sure whether its mandatory to have a witness when making Shahadah but assuming it is or highly recommended, the best person to have by your side would be a respected community leader (a scholar, minister or a trusted aid). You could build your relationship with this individual and benefit from his knowledge to help fulfil all requirements of being a Muslim (after Shahada). About the family and friend reacion: If the concerns arise due to potential harm, mistreatment or coercion, you are permitted to conceal your faith. If the concerns are based around general resentment without harm, you don't have to necessarily inform others but at your own pace and convenience you could slowly bring them up to speed. Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone until i'm well-acquainted with the faith and with better knowledge I would be better equipped in order to fend of misconceptions and the bias that is flying around.
  5. Because they are artists, masters of abstract concepts. You know that feeling of anxiety before sitting an exam when you're not sure how things will pan out. Now take that feeling and multiply it by infinity, equals = Woman! I'm not even married but thank God I know what it means when it is said 'marriage is a test'
  6. From the light which parted, from the beginning of man, in the present time and in the voyage of time ahead: Allahumma salle ala Mohammad wa alihi Mohammad, wa ajjil farajahum
  7. The word 'Khatamun' does not necessarily translate to 'seal' alone. It holds a number of meanings, i.e. last, ended, finished, seal, concluded, closed, etc. Some translations assign 'seal' and others, maybe more commonly, apply 'last'. In reference to the return of the Imam and Prophet Isa pbuh (Jesus), both will return as guides, establishing God's decree ultimately from the Quran. Our obedience to these Guides would be equal to that of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The Quran informs of the completion of religion and a second verse informing of Gods unyielding protection of the revealed. Therefore, it is clear, the Book will remain until the end of time and further revelations would be needless. Khatamun-Nabiyyun corresponds with the completion of 'revelation' and the fulfilment of religion, hence the line of Prophethood is complete.
  8. Bro no recipes - just cut, slice, dice and grill. I don't even marinate the meat, i dont add anything other than the occasional salt and pepper. I like my own hand-produced grills plain and simple. Once cooked, i do fancy a few spots of sauce. I'm not a reg cook, It's an occasional alternative to the majority of dishes which are produced in our household by women who loveeee the sauces, masalas, chillies, pastes, who knows what they put in those boiling pots to poison us lol, but you can't deny - it tastes good! Amongst the personalised grills I select a few from the following options and swap things around: GRILLERS: Chicken Lamb Kebab (ready made though - with the mix) A few types of fresh fish and sometimes the conventional boxed cod Pasties (cheese n onion, halaal meat ones if in stock or veggie) Potato (usually sliced chips) Any type of Veg (much variety to choose from and make it the central theme of any dish) Onions (does that come under veg?) Tomatoes (they'll stick to the plates so place them in foil) NOTES: - IMPORTANT: Google 'different types of veg' - I got a print out listing most of the available ones in UK stores and listed the benefits too. Though i admit i can't be bothered with most types, they just don't sit well with me - When cooked, eat while its hot/above warm. Most dry grilled food becomes more and more inflexible (stiff) as it cools off. - Some items will cook faster then others so stand guard until u know your timings - Dont forget to clean the grill lol SIDERS: (non-grilled options to add to the mix) Boiled eggs Salad Heinz beans Canned Tuna Rice Pasta (anything really - for me it has to be easy as just open, quickly cook and munch up) SAUCE: Spots of Ketchup / Mayonnaise, whatever tickles your fancy Nandos Mild peri peri sauce (love it) (nothing beats cutting up a lemon and squeezing the life out of it, esp. for grilled meat) There are so many options, maybe most I haven't even tried. If I were selling these grills, any brand, my sales pitch would be "space, time, distance and electric grills! What do they all have in common? easy....there aint no limits, just the further you leap out - the greater the surprise"
  9. Bro pick up one of these electric grills. I bought one 2/3 years ago and ever since been using them for cooking meat, veg and even cheese toasties (ok i shouldn't have mentioned that last one). These are great and work with zero hassle and top you don't need to add any oils. It's as easy as slicing up potatos, carrots, peppers, onions, asparagus, corn, meat, fish....throw em in and if you need something crispy and soft (to replace toast) add some potato waffles....20 mins in, you're ready to go. Do something different with the anti-bread campaign and who knows your appetite might adjust. George Foreman grill (got mine from Ebay - i think it was this one, mine serves 4 portions rather than 7, could be a listing error)
  10. If fasting works for you, why not fast beyond the month of Ramadhan? Make it a regular thing, maybe start once a week, then twice, thrice..? BTW, for some reason even for me, veg and fruits are like magic during fasts, nothing like my usual intake. In terms of liquid, water becomes my sole intake but as soon as the 30 merciful days retire the all-consuming crave-muncher returns. So I guess fasting could be a real option for you. Plus the added benefit of spiritual growth, greater productivity and just feeling GREATTTT!
  11. A PERSONAL CHOICE: Used to listen to him occasionally even though he allows knowledge to overcome humility at times. But as soon as he made those remarks about Imam Hussain (as) and Yazid (la), I was speechless! I guess I was expecting something more from a knowledgeable man "but if you ain't from the kingdom of wisdom, for me your kingdom-ship has already sunk". Maybe I would have returned in hope at some stage but how could I when there's an untapped huge selection of great Shia english speakers and certainly not forgetting the unconquerable written material. You know what they say "oi, sort your own self first before u start playin Mother Theresa to the world"
  12. Cheeeeesus, I thought i turned the screen off after the above reply. Came back and it sucked me right back in. I tried my best not to keep asking the same mundane question every time I meet a revert. It feels like i'm invading your most beautiful secret, one that has a special place between you and the Creator. But i'm a wretched sucker for a revert story, so, before i lose my marbles, how did it all happen?
  13. Looks like our Tampa and St. Petersburg residents on SC (if there are any) are busy busy A massive congratulations on your reversion, hope you will remember this minion 'saas' at least once when making supplication/dua I can't be much help though, I'm in the UK. I did briefly google up a little and came across another thread with a sister inquiring the same. Maybe you can contact her using the private chat feature to see if she found something local. Also another link below of mosques possibly in the local area. Please note: I searched yellow pages for 'Shia mosques' and it resulted with the following string though I cannot confirm if all of these are Shia mosques. Jaaferia Islamic Centre sounds like a definite one.
  14. Bro there is a very well-researched account on Ibn Saba available on packed with references. A short account: There are various reports suggesting - - a fictitious character - 2 (or more) personages misunderstood as one - Some references point towards his Jewish origin remaining intact and a defector of Al-Jizya - Some refs highlight acceptance of Islam but actively defiant against Abu Bakr and his Islamic tax bailifs - Some narrations incite a political agenda promoting rivalry whereby seeking Ali (as) but obviously unsuccessful - Some narrations, quite a few in fact, highlight 'heretic' beliefs. More importantly, according to the literature, there is much examination of chain of narration and some/many of these hadith are considered weak or fabricated Another problem we have are non-shia websites emerging online falsifying reports. In the past i used to look into the references provided and a couple of times made long trips to the Musjids of our brothers in faith to confirm the listings in their books of hadith. Non-existent! Though not all references but usually it's the ones which attempt to connect Ibn Saba as the founding father of Shi'is.
  15. Sounds like a high-ranking flying beetle brigadier dropping bombs. Maybe a 7th GEN air combat weapon with nano-tech bomblets. Forget drones! i want one of those! Maybe get one to fly over Trumps head and drop some poop DISCLAIMER! (CIA, FBI, Mi6...): Contents of this post do not exercise the willingness or desire to inflict grievous bodily harm! It's a joke. The author does not desire the usage of conventional warfare, i.e. aerial bombardment or an equally hazardous poop blitz, which is deemed unethical. The term 'poop' literally translates to 'excrement', unburdened of secret code or clandestine agenda, just poop. The author further wishes to demonstrate the harmless nature of poop through word-association: if you say 'poop', the author says 'toilet-paper'. Should toilet-paper be considered two words and an incorrect sequential follow-up, please consider paper on its own and contemplate the associated toilet. In worst case scenario, the author may consider the distinct singular ‘toilet', which would suffice. But the idea of citing a device whose sole purpose is to ‘flush away’ is extremely dreaded considering the expression has various connotations. Especially in these volatile times, as it may be observed as an act of unsolicited aggression. Therefore, with special care, the author employs word fusion using a cemented hyphen to produce toilet-paper with the sole objective and diligence to proclaim poop.