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  1. Is this movie available online to watch? It's been a pretty long time since the release and here in the UK it's no where to be seen.
  2. Interview The Person Below

    Hot fresh crispy soft baguette...(with cheese and tomato) After prayer, when you raise your hands for dua, whats the one thing you never fail to ask?
  3. Do you have a lot of knowledge

    I used to participate but on the most part sit-in as an avid listener in those long sunni-shia discussions on paltalk and crazy skirmishes on Yahoo chat. To be honest, i found zero benefit other than learning about both approaches from their own perspectives - which is a huge bonus! I agree most of these discussions go no-where and seem fruitless. But what we cannot overlook in my experience, is awareness and opportunity to abolish misconceptions which have been firmly placed on the Shia approach. I always found people who remained quiet, listening in, who would then privately message me with sincere questions and a very tiny handful of them would eventually conclude 'I'm glad to have met you, I never knew this or that' or 'oh, i thought you guys believed so and so..... well that makes sense now'. Isn't that good enough? Remember a single drop of rain ripples through the entire ocean and yet we don't see it - likewise, truth regardless of impact, ripples through the generations and ages even if we can't measure it.
  4. lol With trump in office i thought it was a matter of minutes. Ok call me crazy, theres a prophecy about a horn/trumpet being heard before the end of time. Im convinced it was metaphorically indicative of Mr TRUMP opening his mouth lol. Don't know about you guys, Trumps trumpet, especially from what was heard in his speech at the Arab gathering recently is enough for me to sleep in my life jacket.
  5. Swedish woman ran across Iran

    Starlight, honestly can't make sense of it myself. She did that consecutively for 58 days, that's super-dooper-extraordinary. She doesn't appear young either which makes it more difficult to grasp....but then again maybe it's just us chair hogging, low-flexed lazy lamp posts who lost the miles on the possible. bed to fridge loooool. Glad to know i'm ahead of you, I pop out to pick up the milk from the doorstep too. You gotto up your game!!
  6. Swedish woman ran across Iran

    At a moderate pace, i used to jog between 4-5 miles per hour on our treadmill (short breaks included so maybe 5 miles on average). That was 10 years ago where I had maintained a pretty decent level of fitness. Though fit-fanatics can jump to 6-9 mph without burning a sweat. Her stats: 1134/58=19.5 miles per day. I'm guessing, give or take, 4-5 hours a day! Starlight, the ever so more burning question, beside SUPERWOMAN, how many can you run?
  7. I always believed this guy was swung in for a far darker and sinister hidden agenda which would materialise once the US and allies took rest and reasserted themselves. Especially after Russia's pulverising smash-up of western lead maniacs in Syria. They sat back in defeat, placed all their play cards on the table again, sought out their next treacherous move and bombs away! All that play-up showing mutual respect to Putin was just another dirty card which made my eyes squint in disbelief. I had no idea he would present his true colours so quickly, so desperately and most prominently under another false hollywood concocted chemical script.
  8. Swedish woman ran across Iran

    1134 miles in less than 2 months? SUPERWOMAN! I could probably do 2 miles a day, that's 120 in 2 months and id be dead beat for the rest of the year. 1134 miles, helloooooo? Thanks to superwoman the inner machismo got shot in the foot and im limping already.
  9. Challenge: Answer these questions!

    I'm somewhat surprised that the initial questioner is from INFOWARS. What went wrong there? I used to watch INFOWAR clips on youtube and I recall a repeated warming thought "Mashallah, there are rising voices amongst the Americans to bag up lies and misinformation". But after listening to those questions - I'M ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED!! Far from shortsightedness, this sounds well-intended! Maybe the questioner himself genuinely deems those questions as valid but INFOWARS being the boss-man would either have advised caution or suggested 'yep! we agree, run with it!'....that's dark, un-whole-y and sinister!
  10. bro it already exists Discussion board > Main Forums > Quran, Hadith and Dua forum
  11. I'm Fat

    Guest Homer, how are you getting on?
  12. What mildly infuriates you?

    White leather sofa jumping, littering, my office stationary using, loud, shoe to carpet wearing and demanding KIDS! What makes it worse, they are not mine so I can't go Jackie Chan on em. Opening a fast at the mosque when the servings look like 99.9% oil and 0.01% food with cold hardened naans. I lose my appetite in fear of a heart attack
  13. older SCers: What retro things were ace?

    Past: decent cartoons! Present: Trash Past: Real conversations! I got a handful of siblings, we talked, laughed and spent more time off-screen then on-screen. Present: There is no such thing called off-screen, even when the kids are off it, they're on it. Games, chat, social media, netflix, youtube, etc etc etc Past: If you needed something, you'd get off your backside and flex them muscles Present: Laziness and home delivery (i have to admit, i do admire home deliveries lol) Past: We were ourselves in a growing world of surprises Present: Celebrity imitations, trend fanatics and complex idealism around coolness and attitudes Past: More reliant on home food Present: fast food Maybe we're just getting old and boring - but i would trade the past for the present any-day!
  14. Do you support Neoliberalism?

    lol when neo-liberalism is the cause of opportunity for chumps like Trump to become president, it's pretty fair to say N-L is not just a failed rich mans monopoly but a far greater crisis that is yet to surface! My personal take, neo-liberalism is: 'communism got smarter'. When you know your empowered freedom remains in the confines of the powers to be and there is little hope for the vast majority to excel in those freedoms, then you know you are a product of liberal thought within a system of state ownership and corporate custody. The credit crunch of 2008 was just another reminder of how the private sectors dominance over the public sector results to inequality and instability. The perfect 2 negative factors which we can very easily observe through the lack of sustainable growth. The majority of experts (economists) have clearly informed and published records, informing respective leaderships of the dangers ahead and how we need to steer the ship away from the ice berg. Since the interest of sustainable growth and it purpose is not necessarily for the wider population, it shouldn't surprise us if the powers-to-be simply overlook these warnings. Call it remnants of communism or neo-liberalism, in the end, the economic theorised systems are just theories on paper and what we have are kingdoms of kings and their knights in shining armour yielding swords, spears and corporate horses. BTW, these hugeeee millions/billion dollar companies who have belted themselves into 'offshoring' their power and wealth, escaping equality of tax, is just a tiny fragment of what is wrong with our governing policies today. Yet, we the bread and milk earners, if we miss a payment, it only takes 3 reminders before they slap on additional proceedings with added charges. Then the day light gangsters (bailiffs) pop over to flex their muscles. Weird huh? But beautiful for the 1%
  15. Looking into Islam....

    If you have been looking into islam and now want to submit, which i'm assuming is your acceptance of the faith with clear understanding, then all you need to do is profess your acceptance. This is called 'Shahadah'. The process is very simple, uttering 2 sentences in arabic which translates to: “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” I'm not sure whether its mandatory to have a witness when making Shahadah but assuming it is or highly recommended, the best person to have by your side would be a respected community leader (a scholar, minister or a trusted aid). You could build your relationship with this individual and benefit from his knowledge to help fulfil all requirements of being a Muslim (after Shahada). About the family and friend reacion: If the concerns arise due to potential harm, mistreatment or coercion, you are permitted to conceal your faith. If the concerns are based around general resentment without harm, you don't have to necessarily inform others but at your own pace and convenience you could slowly bring them up to speed. Personally, I wouldn't tell anyone until i'm well-acquainted with the faith and with better knowledge I would be better equipped in order to fend of misconceptions and the bias that is flying around.