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  1. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    As for the initial OP - I can't see Trump making any decisions himself, whatsoever. He just doesn't have what it takes! Granted, hes a top notch spoilt brat of a business man but that's exactly his downfall. Who knows what deals have been placed under the table for Trumps successes for him to gamble bringing the CAP C to Jerusalem. Show any blind patriotic racist a pot of Gold and regardless of your skin colour he's your best buddy. I take it the shadow elites did more than just showing 'WHERE IZ DA MANEEYY' for him to sell himself so short and so quickly. Thats the problem with most business men, the Quick buck is too attractive to look the other way. Or was he in the loop from the get go - God Knows!
  2. Trump's Jerusalem decision

    Sis, the assumption 'God orchestrates everything' cannot be held credible via any scripture from the major 3 monotheist religions. I'm sure I may have misunderstood what you were suggesting and with an alternative approach I'm warm to the idea that should certain things come into play, God permits man to exercise his/her own free will whether good or bad (with the absence of Divine intervention). Israel oppressing people, robbing them of their land, forcing themselves as the gatekeepers of Jerusalem is not an Act of God. If a Messiah was to emerge from this very land, surely it would be amongst the honest orthodox Jews like the Naterui Karta who not only remain oppressed but voice their opposition against the Zionist State of Israel. If I could put it bluntly, would you approve the following statement 'God engineered the rise of Pharoah in order to introduce Moses to Mankind'. If this was true, the victim here would be Pharoah himself given that he was denied free will and was involuntarily held accountable for a crime which he will end up burning for.
  3. What do you Like Best about Amerika ?

    Internet wifi peanut butter potato chips The rest sucks! lol
  4. The earlier the better! It paves the way. Notme is spot on with the rebellious nature of teens and there is no getting away from negative societal influences which can further damage a young persons sense of priority and moral values. My sister doesn't force her kids but constantly reminds them and with regular local community activities where wearing hijab is the custom, especially in mosques, it's a great way to develop their moral inclinations.
  5. This solves another issue - men were giants back then! Well now we know - prada heels! cheeky I had no idea and thanks to you I was forced to leave my comfortable chair to test it out lol... I'm 50:50, mostly on the back heel but equally reliant on landing on the front portion (i'm assuming 'ball of feet') when balancing weight/stride. Then again, wouldn't fast paced walking and running entirely bank on the front portion of the feet? Nah, aint gonna test that - burned too many calories already lifting a cup of tea 8 times.
  6. Burning questions

    You shot one and in its place three emerged lol. They are plotting and planning, 3 measuring up and the almost recovered 4th lurking in the shadows. I think an AK-47 might be in order.
  7. Introduction To Shiism

    Brother Ibrar Malik, The Shia heed to the succession of 12 Imams who are considered the rightful successors of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Anything, or anyone who forms opposition to the book of Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى, Prophets or Ahlul Bayt (i.e. Imams), it is not necessarily that we dislike them, but in our enjoining of truth and forbidding of falsehood, we are left no alternative but to oppose those who transgressed. 'Disliking' can have preferential inclinations for some readers. The Shia opposition is to highlight the elements which are damaging the true message, it is unfortunate, the names you mentioned have a hand in those misfortunes.
  8. I don't know where to put this...

    Sorry but for the very school that robs Islam of it's heritage, mocks the truthful and more importantly ''cuts off'' ties with the Prophets pure blood line - would you believe anything they produce? Maybe it's just as weighty as Abu Hurairas hadith factory. Hold on a minute- we surround burial sites of Prophets and Imams and these wahabies call us heretics. Am i to believe they are worshipping hair now?
  9. Difference between Sunni and Shi'a

    Walaikum aslaam Brother MustafaMC, You raise some very important and quite possibly the underlining key points as to why The Shia also practice 5 daily Salaahs. Zuhr and Asr prayers 'can be' combined which is in accordance with Islamic Law. Like wise, Maghrib and Isha can be combined. Combining prayers denotes to praying each prayer one after the other, whereby each prayer remains distinct. I must drop some concessions here. Amongst the Sunni brothers, there are some who have risen to the challenges by voicing their God given right in denouncing Yazid. As for his father Muaviyah, besides the battles, the one who encouraged cursing of Imam Ali (as) for decades is honoured widely amongst the Sunni brethren. He is considered emir-ul-momineen (commander of the faithful). The hypocrisy is so great, so translucent, even the followers of Ahlul Bayt (as), the Shia, find ourselves 'internally struggling' to aid our brothers from their lack of discernment. But it gets a little deeper! Yazid is the consequence of Muawiyah. Without saying more, Muawiyah is the consequence of who? Exposing Muawiyah opens a door of questions, querying the depravities that took form in the chain of leadership and whether such personages were credible. The vast majority of our Sunni brothers and sisters are deprived of such knowledge. Opportunities for questions to be raised are denied and on top their books of history cunningly misinformed with fallacies in defence of an unrighteous few. I do not blame ordinary Sunni MUSLIMS, nor do I challenge their fate, but in this enforced process they cannot see that it's the Ahlul Bayt who is robbed of their appointment. We too share your concerns brother! Is there anything in particular you want to discuss? These subjects are a universe of their own, we need a small planet to get some bearings.
  10. Mecca or the Mechanical

    I totally agree. With the recent tragedies attributed to miscalculated crowd control (and else), your thoughts are the first thing that came to mind. Saudis issue haj quotas to keep the turn-out in line to avoid over populating the pilgrimage site. Yet, no quota is set on the brick and mortar circus. I see a more sinister plan at play having boxed in the site and leaving little next to zero room for expansion. They can't even manage the current flow of visitors let alone the fast growing numbers expected in the years to come. Then again, it's hardly bad planning, at least the Saudis can enjoy a fillet-o-fish from McDees and maybe a pumpkin spice Latte from Starbucks....what more do they need for a free ticket to heaven.
  11. The merits of Talhah

    Brother repentance has many faces but only heeding to the truth and directing loyalties where they are due is worthy of admiration. Did Talha join the ranks of Ali (as) in an effort to fend off the aggressors? When it comes to admiration of the repentant, I seek shelter under glorious names with the likes of Hur at Kerbala. Not only did he abandon the camps of Yazid, he followed through by joining the other side in full knowledge of death being imminent. That there is repentance which we understand, whereas assuming pacifism or neutrality cannot be seen as repentance but a weakness/disregard which has a story of it's own. Forget the Battle of Jamal, more concerning is the issue of Talha and Zubayr breaking bayah with Ali (as). They denied their Khaliph, their Imam, broke ties with the appointed hand of spiritual and political affairs. If it couldn't get any worse, they readied themselves to spill blood against the very hand they once supposedly honoured, respected and were certainly not oblivious to the Merits of Ali (as). This constant instruction we force ourselves on - 'he was a good Muslim' - what does it mean? I mean, we can all be good people and deliver greatness when needed. We can all believe, love, honour the honourable, etc. But do we all follow through? If the trains going to derail, then it's certain the path was never secure. It might have been a good train, a train that served some purpose at some point of time, might of even lost a wheel along the way but in the end it derailed! A repentant train gets back on the track and reaches 'that' destination, unfortunately this repentant train got back on the tracks and we are still scratching our heads - 'where to'?
  12. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    SHIAMAN is the MANNNNN!!! thanks bro! For me this would be perfect with english subtitles. Now the second phase of search commences for the urdu DUBBED version for me lovely bubbly mum!
  13. Muhammad: The Messenger Of God (Film 2015)

    Is this movie available online to watch? It's been a pretty long time since the release and here in the UK it's no where to be seen.
  14. Interview The Person Below

    Hot fresh crispy soft baguette...(with cheese and tomato) After prayer, when you raise your hands for dua, whats the one thing you never fail to ask?
  15. Do you have a lot of knowledge

    I used to participate but on the most part sit-in as an avid listener in those long sunni-shia discussions on paltalk and crazy skirmishes on Yahoo chat. To be honest, i found zero benefit other than learning about both approaches from their own perspectives - which is a huge bonus! I agree most of these discussions go no-where and seem fruitless. But what we cannot overlook in my experience, is awareness and opportunity to abolish misconceptions which have been firmly placed on the Shia approach. I always found people who remained quiet, listening in, who would then privately message me with sincere questions and a very tiny handful of them would eventually conclude 'I'm glad to have met you, I never knew this or that' or 'oh, i thought you guys believed so and so..... well that makes sense now'. Isn't that good enough? Remember a single drop of rain ripples through the entire ocean and yet we don't see it - likewise, truth regardless of impact, ripples through the generations and ages even if we can't measure it.