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  1. ذكر الشيخ عباس القمي قدس سره تحت عنوان الليلة الحادي والعشرين من اعمال ليلة القدر هذه الجملة الآتية: وقال شيخنا الصّدوق فيما أملى على المشايخ في مجلس واحد من مذهب الاماميّة: ومن أحيى هاتين اللّيلتين بمذاكرة العلم فهو أفضل. وهو يذكر بان تذاكر علم معرفة الله وعلم معرفة اهل البيت والمعارف والتفكر في القران ونهج البلاغة أفضل الأعمال في هاتين الليلتين فما بال الليالي الأخرى؟ اللهم صلي على محمد وآل محمد
  2. Lol, do you guys actually believe this little movie they're creating? Weird how when the world's direction is set towards these countries a guy blows himself up in Iran. I highly doubt any of this television show is actually real.
  3. You slipped when you said "both". We should be afraid of Allah (s.w.t) being displeased with us. For if the only way for Allah to be pleased with us is by sending his punishment to purify us then we should welcome it with open arms for the sake of his acceptance
  4. Why?
  5. Do people fear Allah or Allah's punishment?
  6. Scholars differ. The above posts are Sayyed Shirazi's fatwas. Not all the marjaas. Ask the representative of your marjii in your country.
  7. Sunnis believe that a gecko told on the prophet. LOL
  8. السلام عليكم I made a nathir to pray a certain amount of prayers. What should I say for my niyyah before praying every 2 rik'ah?
  9. baydh
  10. - Internships - Read as much as you can - Learn a new skill - Learn... simply
  11. Your time comes when Allah wills Anyone who wishes death are either depressed or 100% sure of their aamal
  12. How much time you got?
  13. He's going places
  14. My whole life
  15. Mantiq Al-Muthaffar has some incorrect things so find a version with tashih