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  1. The creation of the structure may have taken 2000 years or the other number (50,000 = 1 day if I remember correctly) but that doesn't mean we were on it after it was created. It means that the structure took that much and then millions of years of changes (natural event: volcanoes, earthquakes, meteorites, etc.) took place before we finally were sent to it.
  2. I just want to mention that 2 days could mean 2000 years according to one ayah. Some people on this forum suggested an even longer period but I don't remember the exact number
  3. Tomatoes, Lettuce, avocados, cabbage, cucumber, hummus. Sometimes I put bell peppers. Sometimes Greek yogurt and cheese for some good protein and fat. Sometimes boiled eggs on the side or fried eggs and put it inside the sandwich. Red meat and chicken are too expensive for me so I stick to frozen fish.
  4. Life is both useless and the most useful. You should let it go and not cling to it. But you should use it wisely to get close to Allah.
  5. Good graphics, meh concept.
  6. I felt the same way when I first started doing in in college but now I don't really care. If you stick a note somewhere near you and they read it they'll understand and leave.
  7. Find a vacant area and pray at college. That's what I do. If you're worried about someone talking to you, tape a paper on your back that says "Praying, do not disturb".
  8. بسمه تعالى السلام عليكم Has anyone heard of the "scandal" that happened a few decades ago when Louis Awad wrote an essay about the Arabic language? I'd like to hear some of those who have read his views. What I found interesting is this: He wrote that the word صمد is an old egyptian word that means "Trinity". (ثالوث) His essay was banned in Egypt I believe.
  9. ٥٩٠٢ ] ٤ ـ وبهذا الإسناد عن أبي عبد الله عليه‌السلام قال : قال أمير المؤمنين عليه‌السلام : إذا ظهرت القلانس المتركة ظهر الزنا Sister Hameedeh translated it on another thread:
  10. 4- People are the cause of violence. Their incorrect interpretation makes them violent. That's why the layman shouldn't interpret anything without a teacher. 5- Wanting someone of the same faith makes life easier. Racism connotes to race, not religion. 9- How's he emotionally manipulating anyone? Is he asking for money? Asking us to do something? He just reads matam. Some people don't react to it. Not all people cry. If the story of Hussain عليه السلام doesn't make her cry then she doesn't understand it. 10- We don't really know what heaven and hell really are. 12- Anyone with any butchering experience knows that the way you put down an animal reflects its taste. Halal method of butchering insures that the animal doesn't suffer. Animals have feelings, you know. 14- Hijab is to cover the chest area. I think she means the headdress (Qulnus). It actually does have to do with Islam. Imam Ali عليه السلام spoke about those who wear it revealingly.
  11. Obviously. I've lived with a guy who watched anime 24/7, he ended up doing the same hand gestures, saying the same phrases and just general being an exact replica of a cartoon.
  12. There's a difference between Muslim and Muimin
  13. Ask yourself why you are not.