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  1. Do people fear Allah or Allah's punishment?
  2. Scholars differ. The above posts are Sayyed Shirazi's fatwas. Not all the marjaas. Ask the representative of your marjii in your country.
  3. Sunnis believe that a gecko told on the prophet. LOL
  4. السلام عليكم I made a nathir to pray a certain amount of prayers. What should I say for my niyyah before praying every 2 rik'ah?
  5. baydh
  6. - Internships - Read as much as you can - Learn a new skill - Learn... simply
  7. Your time comes when Allah wills Anyone who wishes death are either depressed or 100% sure of their aamal
  8. How much time you got?
  9. He's going places
  10. My whole life
  11. Mantiq Al-Muthaffar has some incorrect things so find a version with tashih
  12. I read it's صل without the ى
  13. I don't understand the point of this thread. Can someone explain why this is a shock or important?
  14. Action of moving your arm is one but there are many underlying factors that cause your arm to move. Edit: or rather, the factors of moving your arms are many but the main cause is the brain. You think about moving your arm before you actually move it. if a cup falls your brain sends a signal to your hands to catch it.
  15. Baghdadi is a joke compared to Sufyani. Sufyani will cause unbelievable bloodshed. Far more than what's happening in Syria.