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  1. What Came First: Chicken or Egg?

    From the less evolved parent. Have you seen this thing where the little ducklings started following a guy because he’s what they saw first? He became the papa duck.
  2. Rationality of Infallibility (Isma)

    It's like engraving a stone. You can tell someone how to engrave it or you could show them. Showing them lessens the confusion because it is simply the act of being. A single word would mean a thousand different things. And to prove this point, we (sects, clerics, etc.) are fighting over different narrations and what they mean. Words confuse everything because the interpreter is limited to their understanding and not the understanding of the doer. I have a feeling I'll have to go into this deeper but lets see how it goes.
  3. Stephen Hawking died

    do you get your arguments from the back of a milk carton? How can you equate music to science?
  4. Makeup

    Then why use the word impermissible?
  5. Stephen Hawking died

    Hypocrite much? Compassion is to wish best for others, not throw jabs. I suggest "being human first" and then talking.
  6. Stephen Hawking died

    I didn't know you had Ilm Al-ghaib. Thanks.
  7. Stephen Hawking died

  8. Religious arrogance

    People here are just repeating the same thing with each post. Give some advice on how to stay humble rather than saying "you need to stay humble". Post your remedies.
  9. Makeup

    Could someone explain the difference between Haram and not permissible?
  10. Stephen Hawking died

    Not really. Hawking was a scientist not a philosopher. If someone believes in his philosophies based on his science that person is at fault for being so stupid. And if that person cannot distinguish the two elements, Allah will judge them based on their level of criticality (which doesn’t seem to be very much). You also have to blame the Islamic communities for not pushing our brilliant minds to the front. It is our fault as well. We’re too dormant.
  11. Stephen Hawking died

    There are plenty of replacements.
  12. مسكين علي حتى من موالينه مظلوم
  13. @Intellectual Resistance Actually no. I disagree that the dua should teach you how to talk to Allah. It may be 'A' reason but definitely not THE reason. As many scholars have said, talk to Allah in your own way, Allah knows what you want, but it is the act of going to him is more important. Talk to him simply. How many people actually mean 100% of the dua they are reading. Dua of a layman is not a category. What I meant by it is simply whatever you say with tawajuh to Allah.
  14. @Intellectual Resistance How can you compare the dua of an Imam to a dua of the layman? A dua by an imam is made to be used by anyone and everyone. A person who uses tawasul (Ya ‘Ali, etc.) is highly individualised. I will not get into the reason for tawasul as I’ll assume you already know the many arguments for it.
  15. @Intellectual Resistance a very narrow view of the philosophy of dua. You are simply extending the dua to be verbal rather than emotional. Intent is stronger than speech. I suggest getting into philosophy because all your arguments so far are very basic and can easily be shaken. Books over videos, brother.