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  1. Allah (s.w.t) gives powers to his true servants. All of those people don't look for those powers.
  2. Or could be a weak hadith.
  3. How true is this hadith? The violin didn't exist till a few centuries after the 12th Imam.
  4. no yes
  5. السلام عليكم Where can I read about the life of Issa على نبينا واله وعليه السلام from Shi'a sources? In Christian literature we read about his life with his mother عليها السلام but rarely do I hear Muslims talking about it.
  6. I'm aware. I was talking about adoption.
  7. If the kid is male, he becomes a non-mahram after puberty. So even though this woman raised him, she cannot be around him alone. Unless she adopts him as a baby and suckles him. Likewise, if the kid is a female, she cannot be around the 'father' alone after reaching puberty and has to wear her hijab and qulnus all the time. And to answer you first question, you won't know the emotional pain of not being able to produce a child unless you or your wife are incapable. Desperation can lead someone to anything, unfortunately.
  8. Slept for 4.5 hours yesterday. Slept for about 6 today.
  9. Quan = fist. Bagua has 8 palms, 1 fist. I don't know a lot about Jinghan but to call Bagua "quan" is out of place.
  10. NS is pretty nice. People are generally very nice where I live. They're weird in the sense of they talk too much. One of them also tends to say a lot of stupid things.
  11. That's sad to hear. I'm moving there in the summer for a few months. Then back to NS again. I know a few people from Toronto here, stopped talking to them after a week. Weird kids.
  12. It's neither masculine or feminine. It's just been used as a male name.
  13. It has no name. You need to know when midnight is, calculate when half of it has passed and then calculate the 1/6 of the remaining time. Then you simply ask Allah (s.w.t) for what you want. From what I've read, this time is the best time for dua.
  14. وعليكم السلام Who knows. Could be from Allah or could just be in your own making. Don't think about it. Move on.