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  1. Hadith from Imam Ali A.S. ; sitting for food

    I think sitting like slave is when you sit after sujood. it is said that this posture gives the feeling of being full because it takes a longer time for the food to reach your mouth. الله اعلم
  2. How can I know I'm asking for the right thing

    It's best that you get it at the right time.
  3. What's your BMI?

    What are your PRs bruh
  4. Istakhara

    Find a local Scholar to do it. However, I have to warn you. A lot of scholars are against istikhara for marriage and will not do it for you.
  5. Thoughts 2017

    We are all trying to get to the same place, but everyone's journey to the peak is different. Look at mine and learn from it; copy it not.
  6. Has dhakku died? *Rumour*

    @DigitalUmmah احسنت اخي
  7. Has dhakku died? *Rumour*

    From what's been posted here, I don't see anything wrong with this scholar. In-fact, you cannot ask Imam Ali عليه السلام for a child, you can only ask THROUGH him. This has been talked about so many times.
  8. ليلة القدر

    ذكر الشيخ عباس القمي قدس سره تحت عنوان الليلة الحادي والعشرين من اعمال ليلة القدر هذه الجملة الآتية: وقال شيخنا الصّدوق فيما أملى على المشايخ في مجلس واحد من مذهب الاماميّة: ومن أحيى هاتين اللّيلتين بمذاكرة العلم فهو أفضل. وهو يذكر بان تذاكر علم معرفة الله وعلم معرفة اهل البيت والمعارف والتفكر في القران ونهج البلاغة أفضل الأعمال في هاتين الليلتين فما بال الليالي الأخرى؟ اللهم صلي على محمد وآل محمد
  9. Qatar's fallout with Gulf neighbors

    Lol, do you guys actually believe this little movie they're creating? Weird how when the world's direction is set towards these countries a guy blows himself up in Iran. I highly doubt any of this television show is actually real.
  10. Does this mean we shouldn't fear Allah?

    You slipped when you said "both". We should be afraid of Allah (s.w.t) being displeased with us. For if the only way for Allah to be pleased with us is by sending his punishment to purify us then we should welcome it with open arms for the sake of his acceptance
  11. Does this mean we shouldn't fear Allah?

  12. Does this mean we shouldn't fear Allah?

    Do people fear Allah or Allah's punishment?
  13. Instruments in house?

    Scholars differ. The above posts are Sayyed Shirazi's fatwas. Not all the marjaas. Ask the representative of your marjii in your country.

    Sunnis believe that a gecko told on the prophet. LOL
  15. niyyah for a Nathir

    السلام عليكم I made a nathir to pray a certain amount of prayers. What should I say for my niyyah before praying every 2 rik'ah?