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  1. Premarital intercourse

    I have said this before and the counter argument was "use protection". Which is just something people say and not actually do.
  2. Premarital intercourse

    I like this answer. I am looking for answers that would be brought into discussions with non-muslims. The general population here in the west do not consider marriage. I know of people who have not gotten married but have been together for a decade and have conceived a child from such a relationship. I would argue that the psychology of marriage vs premarital relationships is that the former would psychologically program both parties to be more committed to the relationship, and commitment as a moral and ethical value would be ingrained in the person so that it would work for their benefit in other areas of life. Others would argue that they have been in a relationship for so long without any problems with commitment or infidelity. I personally would answer the question in two ways: Firstly, Islam tries to protect the majority. The majority of people have a problem with infidelity and the general population isn't as committed as these rare or low percentages of people that may be able to make it work without being married. Secondly, to me, it seems hypocritical to suggest that one is committed yet does not got married straight away. Marriage is of the souls, not the bodies.Like monad suggested, it becomes a contract between the two parties, an area that premarital relationships lack. Could people build on these points please?
  3. سلامٌ سلام Looking for a book(s) that discusses premarital intercourse philosophically, and if possible contains narrations from our prophet صل الله عليه واله and Imams عليهم السلام. I have read most of the books/articles related to this topic on Al-Islam. But none of them really delve into why it is wrong philosophically. I liked one book which discusses how premarital sex was a revolution against the church's teachings (Celibacy and monasticism) and how this revolution went to the other extreme rather than finding a proper middle ground. I am not finding anything that would help me discuss the idea of why intercourse shouldn't be premarital with westerners. I personally am convinced why intercourse should only be done in marriage, but I view the world differently from the layman.
  4. Going to mixed gym

    Yes but they aren't squatting in the streets mate.
  5. What do you all think of this picture?

    Very interesting. Mind explaining more?
  6. What do you all think of this picture?

    Lets just remember that no one truly shares the Shia vision of peace. So these are temporary allies. However, be certain that America and its allies are married to each other and will do everything possible to destroy our ideology. We are alone.
  7. Why studying Philosophy is wrong

    Somebody should tell Mr.Yasir that philosophy is not one subject, This isn't elementary school where they teach "science" instead of physics, biology, and chemistry.
  8. بسمه تعالى السلام عليكم What’s the علة of praying with a louder voice during Fajr, Maghrib and Isha, and a lower during Thuhr and Asr?
  9. The republican tax bill would kill PhD students

    The dumber they keep the population, the easier it is to control them. The American motto.
  10. Question to God

    The irony is, I am willing to bet that if people actually meet God, the question they'll ask is, "Are you really God?"
  11. Huge earthquake hits Iraq and Iran

    Theory: HAARP
  12. How is Khalid ibn Al Walid viewed by Shias?

    You basically listed things ISIS have done.
  13. What if God was fictitious?

    And who's to say anyone of us is wrong? Intelligent design is no coincidence.
  14. snake

    There's no such thing as 'bad animals'. All animals are useful. Can you wear it? Sure you can. Can you wear it during prayers? I have heard that you shouldn't wear anything that depicts an animal during prayers. والله اعلم
  15. Thoughts 2017

    Either I talk in my sleep or my twitter account was hacked. Both are worrying, so, bye bye twitter.