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  1. !!! PLEASE make dua for this family!!!

    GoFundMe for widowed sister Over $90,000 has been raised for this sister in one day. The brother died yesterday morning and his janazah is today. People from all over came together to help, Georgia, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Cali, Philly,UK, black, white, arab, Shia, Sunni, Salafi, Sufi, even NOI. This was a believing brother. May Allah have mercy on his wife and children.
  2. Why do you wear hijab (If you choose to)?

    1) I have a greek name but for some reason all the Muslims call me Aisha, lol. I am from the USA. 2) Reason 1. Keeps people from bothering me. Seriously. You have no idea how same-sex harassment/courting/flirting has taken over the American work environment. But that's a topic for another day. Reason 2. It is a form of dawah. 3) Modest in dress? I guess so. I would not wear something immodest and put on a headscarf. But don't forget a woman can be immodest in behavior (I curse a lot a work, make dua for me).
  3. Any Niqabis Here?

    I only wear niqab when I'm in video chatroom. Too many weirdos in the world & I don't want them recording me, lol. It does freak some people out. I've never worn it flipped down in public. If I lived in a more Muslim area (Atlanta, Philly, Dearborn) I would love to wear it full time. I'm kinda anti-social and don't like strangers coming up to me anyway. But wearing it here in Alabama would just draw more bad attention.
  4. Website For Buying Hijab

  5. Brother has secret girlfriend

    You would snitch on your own bro?
  6. Any Niqabis Here?

    There is a sister in Philly who makes custom niqabs. They are so cute. https://m.facebook.com/janine.greenwood.144
  7. [LAWS]Bathing Dead Bodies

    It is still called ghusl. http://www.mfs.asn.au/ghusl--burial-steps.html
  8. Sister Banned From Masjid/accused Of Being Male.

    Im fixing to ask a Shia Imam/scholar about this.....
  9. Sister Banned From Masjid/accused Of Being Male.

    Her youtube response https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ptAHBK8dMqg
  10. Sister Banned From Masjid/accused Of Being Male.

    I just don't like how they let a pig....I mean officer :) come into the masjid and cause fitnah! If my ID and my passport says female that is the end of that! For the board/Imam to be passing around her medical records among the masjid MD's is foul! What's next? Will she have to submit to a GYN exam by one of the masjid doctors to be accepted? I would have no part in this community. :( This is a complete mess. Because now they are OK'ing speculation & rumors. I know a lot of sisters who don't look all Barbie doll feminine. Some are boney and muscular and flat chested and have strong facial bones. So now any sister who looks a little hard has to submit to an interrogation & sexual exam?
  11. Sister Banned From Masjid/accused Of Being Male.

    www.iccpaz.com LOL you can niqabis apart. Besides, no body else in niqab is out fighting the system but her.
  12. She's a white revert sister from Arizona. My PERSONAL opinion is that they are making this up as an excuse to ban her because she is VERY politically/socially active. By very I'm talking about getting arrested on live TV during a black lives matter protest, lol, in full black abaya & niqab.
  13. Would You Be A Second Wife?

    I'm looking at this strictly as to how this would benefit me & my family. If a brother wanted to take me as his 2nd and had the ability to give me all my rights (including a separate home, in my name, and maintaining it) yeah, I would go for it. That means all of my earnings would be for me & my children.
  14. [LAWS]Is It Haram To Join The U.s Army/military?

    I wish I could have.