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  1. salam, bro where have you gone ?

  2. breaking family ties

    Salamaleykom Even though you are right about this,this does not by far describe the situation for the sister.It is quite obvious what is the issue here,and what is the reason she does not keep contact with her father. Sister UmAli,please do seek the advice of a Scholar on this.You wouldnt want to do anything wrong on such an important question.There are many concerns involved in this,including your children,and peoples personal opinions on half a truth dont help you.... Trust that Allah has seen his acts,and that He will give your father what he deserves accordingly. Your concern must be what is between you and Allah. The best of wishes to you,sister,and inshallah you will solve your problem. Feemallah
  3. Should I be banned?

    Salamaleykom Rahmallahwaldek,khoye! Feemallah
  4. Salman Rushdie

    Salamaleykom Filthy language,namecalling,lying,slandering is drawing a conclusion based on findings? Many totaly disagrees with Islam,but they do not act like spoiled 10 year olds with no sense of desency. Rushdie was not out to put forward his 'findings' or have a debate on them.That is solely clear.It is also clear that as Rushdie has grown up as a muslim,he knew very well the consequenses of 'expressing himself' in such a way. Like said,freedom of speech does not release you from responsibility.For your speech and your actions. It is a common understanding that if you want respect for your opinions you must also respect others opinions. Very obvious that if Rushdie wanted people to actually take his 'findings' seriously and concider them important he would have acted his age and written this book in a manner that would make a person pay attention to the points. Rushdie is not the only one who has written books or articles on these topics.But most of those who have,has no fatwa's on them,simply because they have not used Rushdie's 'method' of expression. It is such a shame to see that in your socalled civilized and liberal countries,you have no idea how to treat eachother nor respect eachother.Anyone can say anything about anyone,and the more trouble the statements make,the higher status the person gets.It is so primitive. A person being rude and disrespectful gets some sort of 'martyr' position. The western countries,with all their progress in technology and wealth,still cant develop into acting towards eachother with respect ,dignity and pride. And you expect the rest of the world to abide by your absence of importent human caracteristics that is needed to make a socitey function,for all members. Instead of jumping at Muslims and Islam every time one dont get approval for ones opinions,maybe one should think about the way one express oneself before speaking. It really aint all that difficult,if one is interested that is... If one likes for us as Muslims to accept opinions which might not agree with Islam,then act mature and logical about it.If one cant,then dont blame us for getting upset. Feemallah
  5. Salman Rushdie

    Salamaleykom The SV Unexpurgated Marketing Satanic Verses A couple of articles that will give a good idea of why this book has resulted in a deathsentence on Rushdie. Someone said that how does disagreeing with Islam result in a deathsentence... It is not the fact that a person disagrees that is the issue.Many disagrees,many have different beliefs and lifestyles.If that would be enough to issue a deathsentence,we would all be running around killing people.But we arent... Simply because every person is intitled to choose his own way.His choice will only affect him when he is standing before Allah. On the other hand,even if a person has another religious belief,that does not mean we should accept his words in any way the might be expressed. To disagree in a mature way with logic is quite different from mocking ,lying and gravely insulting. Rushdie also is not of a different belief,he grew up muslim,which makes this case even more serious.I believe the scenario would be another if it were written by a person not firmiliar with Islam and its background. Have to say I have not read the whole book.That because I refuse to pay for being able to read it.I tryed to loan it from the library,but... it is so popular it is rented out months in advance. Here Rushdie is concidered a genius who has sacrifized himself and his life for truth.His book is used a serious refrence in discussions and so on.. Aghstaferallah,how naive and gullible people are. Freedom of speech does not release you from responsibility,exept in the west,ofcourse... Feemallah
  6. marja's

    Salamaleykom - Ayatollah Fadlullah (works fine now) - Ayatollah Khamenei - Ayatollah Khomeini - Ayatollah Khoei :) Feemallah
  7. Buying from stores supporting Israel

    Salamaleykom No. Just because you can not do it perfectly,doesnt mean you shouldnt do what you can. No one expects you to be homeless and starving. The point is to try and obstain from those items which you can actually do without if they are produced by someone supporting 'isra*l'. Some things you just have to pay,like taxes,to be able to live. Other things,like coca cola,is really not a necessary product. A little is absolutely better then nothing. Feemallah
  8. Buying from stores supporting Israel

    Salamaleykom Visit inminds.co.uk for a wide list of companies and products tied to 'isra*l'. Feemallah
  9. To be a mother ... - Scared to death

    bismillah (salam) As already said,it is quite normal to be anxious and worry,especially when the time is coming closer. Dont be worried if many thoughts might stay with even months after the birth too,that is also normal. I've been thru it 3 times now,and everythime there has been something worrying me. Only,after the 1st time,I wasnt worried about actually giving birth though...pain and sweat you get quickly over. Al7amdolillah. Instead of being worryied you arent good enough,or you'll do something wrong,try and think of it as your worrying now,and being nervous,is natures way of preparing you for what is to come :) Every to-be-mom needs a 'wakeupcall' before the baby comes... You'll see that when your new baby is there,in your arms,the worries will be about gone :) If they arent,they will fade away with some time.What to do will just 'come to you'... ;) Inshallah,you will do just fine,and you and your baby will be healthy and happy :) PM me if you'd like... :) Feemallah
  10. bismillah (salam) I think there has been a misunderstanding here... This was not the part I thought were the issue. After this part,you say AllahoAkbar 3 times,and then you turn right and left. Sorry for being confusing you here... Feemallah
  11. bismillah (salam) I have never seen or known of anyone who does not do that.It is common. Feemallah
  12. Hamas' online magazine for children

    Good answer,way2go,very very good... Except you arent following now are you,like that was a surprise... After reading your statement,I believe that means if the native americans decided to kill your family and take over your house,you would just walk away with a smile on your face... You'd go over to canada,ofcourse welcoming the kicks in your butt on the way over,and just peacefully cuddle up in a tent with a book,and never complain.After all,it was their land once,and no matter how they want it back,you and your family deserves what you get. You are such an extraordinary person. How on earth do you do it... Even though the native americans would be in their right to take back their land,you would never ever accept anyone violating your property or torturing and killing your family.You would take whatever chance you could to stop it.And please dont give me a silly exuse,you know it is true... Stop being so hypocritical.... P.S A cute little twist on history you got there...
  13. Hamas' online magazine for children

    bismillah (salam) I find it rather pathetic that this question is totally overlooked. Morass,way2go... you dont see your hypocricy here? Babble all you want about your dear 'israel' and how unfair you think the Palestinians are. It just shines thru that you have no interest in putting up an objective view on this issue,nor interest in what is truly right or wrong. You 2 are walking propaganda for rasism and etnic cleansing,so dont come here complaining about us not loving you to death. I really thought 9/11 would bring some good change along with it,that certain people would finally get the picture,but some people are just a living proof that you couldnt be more rapped up in yourself nor could you be more ignorant and selfrighteous. When you dont give a damn about others they wont give a damn about you... thats the way it works.Get real... You want support for your arrogance? Go to an 'israeli' board,they'll just love you guys...
  14. Hamas' online magazine for children

    bismillah (salam) I sincerely hope you all will answer Brother Shabbirh's simple question.It might give us all a little insight in where everyone stands... Morass,it is so nice to see you finally showing your true self,my dear friend. Inshallah,your openmindedness and knowledge will give you what you so mostly deserve... Way2go,please try and understand that you are not on an american board,nor a jewish or 'israeli' one.You do not have to complain about the attitude here towards america and its likes,you should know where you are.... No matter how much time the 2 of you spend here,critizing,generalizing,complaining,condemning ,you will not get anywhere. In the end,your beloved america&co,will be exposed,and its leaders and supporters will have to pay the ultimate price. And you 2 will be among those who must answer to why did you not stand on the side of those being wronged.Why did you not defend what was right,no matter where the right belonged,even if it might not have been with your own. You can keep on nagin' all you like about the WTC.The fact of the matter is,it would not have happened if america and its rulers were all as good as you like to make them out to be. Get over it. Realize instead that there is something wrong with americas attitude towards others in the world,and try and change it... That would be much more honorable of you,then trying to wave peoples objection to greed and vicous inhumane politics who kill people everyday away. You act like my 4 year old who hits his brother and then come crying about it when his brother hits him back. Grow up a bit,you are not suppose to be behaving like children,you are adults. Take the responsibility of what you do,or what you support. As long as you willingly pay up for one part to support another part who uses that support to kill and torture a third part,you will be hated,and you will be attacked. If you can not understand that simple and clear logic,then,well..I dont know how to reach you really... f you seriously,honestly want the bombings and 'terror' to stop,then instead of sitting here yelling and swearing at us,which in fact wont change anything,go out and work to get your american givernment to stop supporting violence and killing of innocent people. Then you'll be 'of the hook'... We do not want america to be a big time financial supporter of us,we want america to stop supporting those who oppress us. Keep a neutral stand,not just in words,but in actions too... Then let us sort out our own problems. Is that really too much to ask? Honestly...
  15. Islamic rap/hip hop - Halal/haram/makrouh?

    bismillah (salam) Exuse me,but this is one of the most ridicoulus things I have seen so far. Allah is watching..when you let yourselfs be divided over issues that will save no ones life,or help the world or its inhabitants become better persons. One Imam says it is halal,those who follow him: listen to it if you like it. The other Imam who says it is haram,those who follow him: dont listen to it. And Allah is watching... Aghstaferallah,what a waste of good intellects... Feemallah