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  1. 100+ killed in Parachinar, Pakistan on Sunday 25th June, 2017
  2. I want to wish all of you a resist-ful Al Quds day. I thought if we could start a thread of sharing the Al Quds photos around the world. I've some photos of Al Quds rally held in Karachi, Pakistan. Location: Karachi, Pakistan
  3. Whenever this apartheid state attacks Syria, my blood boils, I mean I cannot take this.. My blood boils when this Zionist state attacks. Aahhhhhhhhhh!! I wish I had behead every single in the Israeli govt.
  4. FB vs Shiachat?

    I've started pinning the shiachat website so yeh, now I'm trying my best to be online here whenever I open my browser. Facebook is a great place to learn the current political curve etc, so I open facebook daily just for 2 to 3 minutes just to know where is Syria positioned now, other than I hate facebook.
  5. Welcome Dark sky One more soldier in the army. Welcome.
  6. What? Should I believe Guardian? W** man? Are you serious? I don't give a s*** to these online so called websites. They are no more than litter material made up by the AFP and AP (France think tank agencies) and then quoted by the biased litter newspapers. LONG LIVE BASHAAR!
  7. He said that turks aren't those we think (Turkey) and over the time the land is changed. This might help you. It shows that how turks are spread ed around the world.
  8. Yeh I watched this video few months back. Great lecture! I quote this man when some one say that Russia is on the good side. Listen to what he does say about the turks whom he called "Russians".
  9. I learned this rule studying that the previous popular wars i.e WW1 and WW2 and Cold War involved a proxy war (regional small countries and today it is based on terrorist groups aka ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda etc). It is evident that now when US's proxy in Syria loss the traction in Syria, US would surely attack the Syria through military intervention. This also means that the so called stake holders of Syrian war would also involve themselves in this war and the result would be "worst nightmare ever seen". Just as no one stopped the WW1 and WW2, this war would erupt and no one, including the EU, UN could stop this war (actually the basis of where all the enemies and friend will get united).
  10. Erdogan calls Germany and Netherland Nazis

    Says who opened his gates for the world's notorious so called "moderate rebels" and the worst of the animals ISIS to kill anyone in their way.
  11. @Sinan Salam brother, I was bullied too and the quick solution to it is to first greet him frequently. When he taunts, just give a smile and say yeh there are some freaking mullahs in Saudi who support terrorism but I have never supported it, converse with him about the origin of the ISIS (If you know about the roots of wahhabism in Saudi). The more you react to his taunts, the more he would taunt you aggressively. Be patient as Allah is closer to you always.