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  1. Which arm of the state is responsible for the interpretation of the law? The Judiciary. Yes? And, what happens when the judiciary interprets the law and in response, the President (The Executive arm) undermines the Judiciary? A degradation of the rule of law (separation of power).
  2. Masha'Allah, your voluntary gifts to the united Administration will not go unnoticed. 9.7 inch Ipad is indeed required to keep the adorable son busy while I browse Shiachat. #TotallyNotInterestedInBribe
  3. haha that's pure evil .... Hillary v Trump Part 2!
  4. When all other efforts fail, a duwa (from the sincerity of our heart) plus a sadqa (charity) are our best weapons against all difficulties. Visiting the Holy shrine of Imam Reza a.s is also highly recommended but I would prefer that we focus on practical applications such as feeding and clothing the ummah of our Prophet instead of focussing on rituals. We can send our Salams and Salutations to the Prophet and His Household from anywhere. Praying for a speedy recovery of your mother, Insha'Allah.
  5. I share no love for the 'ultra liberal' US media and the Obama administration including Hillary. But let's not confuse the rule of law with the rule by law. Trump's administration thinks that the rule of law is the latter. Do you too?
  6. It's obvious. Who has been a better mod since the last election and why?
  7. Thank you Hasan. These are interesting reads. Allow me to read them thoroughly and get back to you.
  8. Friday night.... and I am bored. We should really have a re-election between @magma and @starlight . See who wins this time
  9. Well, if we're serious about having this club we gotta create a union and demand rights from @Ali. I say, we deserve $50 buks each/mth for our services. After all, who's going to click the 'Shiamatch' banner if it wasn't for our combined wisdom being spread on Google? THEY TUKK OUR JOBS!
  10. It could be one of the many factors but it may be too early for me to conclude that it is a definitive one. Such investigations generally rely on our approach to the issue. For example, are we questioning the addiction from the point of view that anal behaviour is the core issue surrounding homosexuality? Or are we questioning why homosexuals are simply attracted to one another as a stimulus to anal behaviour? [This statement gives benefit of the doubt to homosexuals that their attraction to one another is more than the urge to perform anal behaviour. In other words, anal behaviour is not the only issue. The attraction needs to be addressed too]. Am I on the same page or way off tangent?
  11. Good. Stick to this view as being important to your faith. Just don't claim it as science. Political correctness? It's about manners which are lacking in this thread and arrogance which is on full display. Many heterosexual Muslims nowadays are guilty of the crimes (rape, murder, fraud, violence, abuse, arrogance, self-love, etc) that were similarly carried out by nations of the past and which were punished for committing such sins. When a man of wisdom wants to educate others, he does not go about insulting them and degrading them by comparing them with the nations of the past. The story of the People of Lut was not just about people being homosexuals. It was about a nation's open transgression and open challenge to God; they did not make any effort of following divine commands and simply refused to obey despite receiving clear guidance directly from the representative of God. In comparison, people of today do not have direct guidance of God's representative, to begin with. They are also not trying to openly challenge God's Might or His Hukm after having received clear guidance. The reality is that this world is full of ideas and belief systems that are equally convincing, contradictory, confusing, complicated, ambiguous, and debatable etc. Whereas, the only person to unite people under one banner is the last Imam (according to shias) who will remove all doubts, answer all questions, offer proper solutions to all problems and stand firm against those who then openly transgress. Until this Imam is ordered by Allah to reappear, Muslims should show a bit of humility, worry about their own daily life transgressions (which Allah keeps secret) and if need be, use their little knowledge and wisdom to advise others in a tone that is appreciated by others. p.s you now have a long history of being so obsessed with homosexuals that you have shown no regard to general mannerism, have in fact insulted other members at times and have shown no signs of improvement despite being advised in private. If you continue to be disrespectful like that you are no longer welcome on this forum.
  12. It's better to show humility or take one's time in responding to serious academic questions than to be a stage stooge. If you are so eager to listen to Sunni Speakers, you may want to consider Javed Ahmed Ghamdi of Pakistan who at least provides reasoning for his views and is a critical thinker.
  13. First and foremost, you should not try to become a Shia Muslim by default. Instead, you should question its principles and decide whether they are reasonable and convincing enough. As for your questions: 1. Two primary Shia criticisms against the caliph Abu Bakr is that firstly, he usurped the right of Imam Ali as the rightful Caliph/Imam of the Muslims and secondly, Syeda Fatima Zahra died while being angry and upset at him for his actions after the death of the Prophet P.b.u.H. [There is a well-known hadith of the Prophet (P.b.u.H) that whoever upsets Fatima upsets Him and Allah] 2. There are narrations in Sunni and Shia books referring to 12 Caliphs or Imams either from Quresh or from the Ahl-ul-bayt. 3. Unclear? Please repeat the question. 4. There are contradictory and weak ahadith in Sunni books just like there are weak and contradictory ahadith/narrations in Shia books. 5. Unclear? Please repeat the question. 6. Appropriate responses to those claims have been provided on Shiachat on many occasions. 7. Because it is allowed (out of necessity) according to both Sunni and Shia books. The Asl is 5 prayers with 5 Azaans but Zohr & Asr and Maghrib & Isha can be combined if needed.
  14. 1. In all honesty, we shouldn't be the ones giving you hope for Allah's mercy. He is the One who has already promised His Mercy to those who sincerely repent even for repeated mistakes. In fact, if I remember correctly, losing hope in Him (His Mercy) is a major sin. 2. Let's not take narrations out of proper context. Repeating a sin is like mocking your Lord if your initial intention was to ridicule/abuse the mercy. You are not mocking the Lord if you have a sincere intention to quit a sin but end up committing it again. What is more important for you is to seek forgiveness as early as possible after having committed a sin and to sincerely find ways to identify the root cause and eliminate it to the best of your ability in your present circumstances.
  15. Being knowledgeable is not just about sharing information. Because anyone can read and share it online. The difficult part about being 'knowledgeable' is to produce information. Producing information requires the skill to read different views, question them critically, reflect upon one's own views (past & present), reach a conclusion of one's own based on reasoning/logic/research and then share it with the people. Additionally, always keeping the door to critical analysis open to polish/update one's views. Shiachat is a diverse community. It is full of members (of different beliefs) who are available to answer or discuss questions that are outside the box and that are not generally entertained by scholarly offices. Yes, some past legendary members have left. But those whom they replaced had left as well. This is the circle of life. We move on and find others who have a different perspective to share. Some of the old fellows are still here (waiting for a debate/discussion worthy of their time). Others have better things to do. The new generation, in my opinion, is not going to spend as much time investigating things as we used to (once upon a time) because their lifestyle is different; life & technology nowadays has so many options to offer them (or might I say, to basically distract them).