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  1. I apologise in advance but your husband is an idiot.
  2. Practice is the key. Plus the realisation that everyone in the audience is a vulnerable soul. They all are.... So be yourself, be confident and realise that they are all kitties staring at you and judging you from a distance..... but they are so vulnerable that anything you say has twice the impact on them ..... listen to this orator/politician from Pakistan; how he shuts up everyone in his Security Council Speech despite being a national-interest failure:
  3. Good! I don't care how busy you are in your corporate law mumbo jumbo ..... Since you have always been interested in psychology, I am going to make sure that you complete this course...
  4. Assalam u Alaykum We are willing to sponsor any advanced member with a good track record to complete the following short online course. It is beneficial for personal development (career wise such short courses are impressive on your CV regardless of your background) as well as to the Shiachat Community. Introduction to Clinical Psychology - From University of Queensland (Australia). Verified Certificate for $99 [We will cover this cost] 7 weeks course - 1-2 hours per week. Self-Paced Advanced members of all race and religions (or no religion) are welcome. In fact, we will allocate a separate quota for our minorities if we have to ..... Members will have both options: to either keep their learning private & confidential or to reveal their account identity to 1) encourage others for future courses and 2) to be acknowledged as 'semi-specialists' of the relevant subject What you'll learn Common psychological disorders including anxiety, mood disorders and Schizophrenia Treatments for psychological disorders How stress affects us and how we cope Theories about personality and intelligence What normal ageing is Members who want to help raise funds for this project are welcome.... Let me know here or in private. Members who are interested in another course on that website or similar websites .... please let us know ... Regards Abbas @Ali @magma @hameedeh @repenter @Qa'im @starlight @notme @Abu Hadi @Shaykh Patience101 @Khadim uz Zahra @Haydar Husayn @Dhulfikar @Haji 2003 @Muhammed Ali @Heavenly_Silk @Gaius I. Caesar @Hamzah313 @Cake @ShiaChat Moderator @von Lohengramm @Pearl178 @Abraram @Martyrdom @wolverine @baradar_jackson
  5. My mistake..... I had not allocated permission to the veteran group. Settings changed. Sis @hameedeh , thanks for manually overriding individual member settings.
  6. Hi All There comes a time when us oldies have to let the younglings decide the future of the forum. Not that I am quitting yet but it is always a roller coaster ride trying to manage family, work, studies and SC at the same time. Therefore, I see having young blood with passion and commitment as an essential element to the long-term survival of this forum. We have to continue to pass the torch. Which is why the Admin team has decided to select @magma as part of their team. I would like to make specific mention of our other senior mods in the team who are also well deserving of the title. But I didn't bother them with the responsibility at this stage in consideration of the fact that they are for the most part in my situation (if not worse). In comparison, Magma has plenty of energy and time to devote to SC. So please join me in welcoming Magma as our new Admin. The brother has earned this title with his sheer commitment and devotion to the forum. Before making him an admin, my advice to him was as follows. This standard applies to all Admins so please free to let us know if you feel that we are falling short of these characteristics. Always align your decisions with our vision and mission statement. Avoid decisions reflecting a conflict of interest and personal vendetta. Think of the greater good of the Shia community (specifically) and the Muslim community (in general). Ignore personal attacks from members as well as mods. Always base your decisions on merit and principles that can be equally applied in other similar situations.
  7. No. Because Arz in this verse generally refers to land rather than 'entire Earth' as we understand it geographically in science today. If you go back to 71:21-22, Prophet Nuh is referring to a specific group of people who disobeyed him and plotted against him.
  8. I think that there is a lack of credible reference/evidence that Allah ordered Prophet Noah to take a pair from all species of the Earth (But plz feel free to correct me).
  9. I don't want to speculate but if a disaster is imminent in a locality and you are a Divine representative of God, you will at the very least try to save as many species as possible. The survival of most other species ensures the survival of human beings who are dependent on nature. A negligence or an omission of such an act will cause havoc.
  10. Because our years of collective experience and observation enables us to assess the character/nature of someone in the first instance, i.e 'judge', It's a matter of survival. For example, will this individual or animal hurt me or not?
  11. @alina92 and @Learner2526 Thank you for your feedback. It will help us stay committed to our mission as stated by @Ali in 2003: 'The two major goals that we strive for are to first provide a website to allow all Muslims and Non-Muslims alike to interact and discuss religious issues; secondly, to promote the Shia Ithna-Asheri school of thought. We shall try to bridge the gaps between fellow Muslims, as well as uphold the teachings of Allah (st), Prophet Muhammad (saww), and the Ahlul-Bayt (as)'
  12. From what I understand, it was limited to a particular nation/location. That is, there is no mention in Quran that the entire Earth was flooded.
  13. Which arm of the state is responsible for the interpretation of the law? The Judiciary. Yes? And, what happens when the judiciary interprets the law and in response, the President (The Executive arm) undermines the Judiciary? A degradation of the rule of law (separation of power).
  14. Masha'Allah, your voluntary gifts to the united Administration will not go unnoticed. 9.7 inch Ipad is indeed required to keep the adorable son busy while I browse Shiachat. #TotallyNotInterestedInBribe
  15. haha that's pure evil .... Hillary v Trump Part 2!