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  1. We should all be social

    Being an extrovert is more about being outspoken. This personality type may have little to do with action and more to do with the style of communication. With a diversity of personality types around the world, I doubt that Islam or its Messenger preferred one personality trait over the other. In the end, it comes down to "intention" ......
  2. life in grave

    It mostly happens because our minds like to play tricks and because we are creative when it comes to imagination ..... I am not denying a possibility of connection with another life-form but lets face it..... most of what we experience is bs....
  3. lawful earning percentage

    What do you mean by "halal percentage of earnings"? Do you mean % profit per product?
  4. Stone heart.

    Assalam u Alaykum Perhaps you are going through the phase when repeated acts of recklessness have made you "stone-hearted", but deep down you know that you are doing something wrong. If it helps, I have read this tradition that the sign of a momin(a) is that he (or she) is quick at realising his errors and repenting for them.
  5. The last chapter of the book, Al-Khisal, that I have is chapter 23 (Volume 2). Which is why I am struggling to find the relevant narration.
  6. I would rather prefer that you tell me the exact reference. I ask this because I have this book in a language that I can read and understand and I want to read the narration in its entirety. Thank you
  7. Shirk

    What kind of Shirk activity did you do? What makes you a Shia?
  8. Brother, you still have not shared the exact reference of this narration. Should I conclude that you got this reference from an anti-shia website which I do not want to name here?
  9. Omer bin AbdulAziz Economic Policy

    According to my limited knowledge, Umar bin Abdul Aziz is/was a legend. I really don't care about the actual consequences of his policy making except that his intentions appear to be sincere after viewing history in its entirety.
  10. What do you do when you're home alone?

    Laugh all you like.... Parents have a tough life you know ...
  11. Maybe the context of a narration or a hadith and its comparison with the Quran and other ahadith/narrations should come first before you consider the science of Rijal (secondary nevertheless an important tool in my opinion).
  12. What do you do when you're home alone?

    It may sound lame but I really study when I am home alone. Or I browse FB/SC.
  13. What's the exact reference in Al-Khisal of Sheikh Sadooq?
  14. Can you please share an exact reference?
  15. Take it easy man. My comments are in response to another post that the Pakistani agencies are apparently keeping an eye on this forum to decide whether to block it in Pakistan or not. If anything, I was sarcastic towards the agencies of Pakistan (and I wouldn't mind using similar comments for Indian agencies). For clarification, refer to my later comments: ^ this is again a subtle hint to "the agencies" (of Pakistan or India for that matter) who are apparently watching us. But sorry for hurting your feelings. India Zindabaad too.