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  1. How does it feels to be a mother/father ?

    That was a previous DP with my nephew. Returning to the actual topic, being a parent is like.... a feeling that you can only understand when you become one. You'd die for them, you'd sacrifice for them ..... despite the high-risk gamble that they'd never appreciate you.
  2. How does it feels to be a mother/father ?

    Na man. I just picked a random googled pic and chose it as my DP Gonna lynch you ...!
  3. How does it feels to be a mother/father ?

    Yes. I should ban you for this insult...
  4. How does it feels to be a mother/father ?

    It's hard to describe the feeling. You only get a sense of it when you become a parent....
  5. This video supercharged me today ... Worth watching. 


  6. I really liked this. But I want more.... a week is too long lol Maybe have a daily poll instead? (Open for 24 or even 48 hours to cover all time zones?) Members' feedback would be helpful ..... ------- @Reza love the status updates at the bottom. Assuming you added it. thx!
  7. Yeh I like it covfefe! (FAFAFA) thx
  8. umm i dunno... maybe better but still not comfortable with it.....for some reason. What background colour scheme did we have before the upgrade? Can we test that plz?
  9. A lighter grey should do the trick..... thx Just test it and see how members and I react
  10. Thank you @Reza for some of your hard work behind the scenes. I personally don't like the greyish background. Looks kinda dull. If other members agree, maybe we can change it to a lighter colour? Edited: Also, popular contributors' list shouldn't show more than ten members.... Cz it's like everyone who raced won a medal..... lol
  11. 504 Gateway Time-out

    Dear All I just spoke with Ali regarding this issue and would like to assure you that he is taking this matter very seriously. Unfortunately, our platform isn't the easiest to manage, nor are we all IT professionals. Our resources are limited. Add to that, family, work, other worries of life; it becomes a predicament. Yes, we can always get someone to wipe and reformat - a fresh start - but we will let you all down by going that pathway. We appreciate your patience. We also appreciate your continuous feedback. I assure you that we're not sitting idle. I will inform you as soon as I have an update for you or when we're able to resolve this matter permanently. Thank you
  12. Hadith authenticity

    As far as I understand, the doors of forgiveness and mercy shut close only at the time of death. Otherwise, we can, and will always have the opportunity to seek forgiveness no matter how many times we commit sins. The content of the shared narration is a lot more dubious because it gives an impression that the God of Islam is not merciful towards those who fall short despite trying. I always thought that the God of Islam, as per its Messenger, judges humanity by its intentions and sincere efforts. Someone in the chain of narration or in the chain of interpretation has entirely misinterpreted the message, in my humble opinion.
  13. Are you writing a book?

    I'd like to subscribe to your articles please
  14. Abu Lulu: Muslim or Majoos?

    These narrations and their interpretations are troublesome for the Shia School. On one hand, we believe that Imam Ali was the infallible Imam. We believe that he only lived his life to please Allah and His Messenger p.b.u.H. We also believe that Imam Ali did not live a life to satisfy personal desires and grudges. We believe both as a matter of principle and historical accounts that Imam Ali was always just, so much so that he ordered proper treatment and due punishment for the person who attacked and eventually martyred him in the house of Allah. Flip the coin and we are faced with a proposition that Imam Ali wished death upon Umar. Well, if Imam Ali wished Umar to die the way he did, I am sure that there was no one on Earth, other than the Imam himself, who was more capable and deserving to take the presumed revenge on behalf of Syeda Zahra s.a. After all, the master of momineen was her husband who loved Syeda Zahra more than Abu Lulu, you and I. If we claim that he had no choice but to wait for a momin brave enough to take revenge against Umar, that is an insult to many of Imam Ali's other close followers. It also makes Imam Ali's personality very fallible when on one hand, he gives advice to Umar (for which Shias take pride) while on the other hand he secretly wishes for Umar to die. As if it is another Game of Thrones. It just doesn't add up that an Imam who had the universe at his feet (as per Shia school) desired/needed Abu Lulu (or anyone else for that matter) to conspire against another conspirator (as per Shia school).