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  1. Abbas.

    Struggling with Silah e Rehmi

    It helps to have no expectations in return for the good that we do unto our relatives or anyone else for that matter. Because if you do not receive good from them, your initial act of kindness was to please Allah anyway. And if you are the subject of their fitna, your nobility will rise in the court of Allah because of your patience and forbearance.
  2. Abbas.

    Did Umar bury his daughter alive?

    To be fair, the claimant has to prove from a reliable Sunni source that such a "horrible incident" ever occurred.
  3. Abbas.

    Why Shi’a is the right path

    Salams I would suggest that you first remove the labels such as Sunni or Shia from your identity. Afterwards, study the principles of both schools. That is, consider the rationales offered by the both of them regarding Islamic ideology as well as its practical programs. Simultaneously, read and assess the authenticity and the lessons of Islamic history without bias.
  4. Abbas.

    Sahabas and the caliphate

    Answer 1: You are making it sound like the Sahabas were also infallible beings. No, they were not. They held a difference of opinion on various subject matters. The appointment of Caliphate was one of the first issues that occurred while the Prophet had not even been buried. How the three Caliphs got appointed is an interesting tale from a Shia perspective. Answer 2: There is a part of history that agrees with your version. And then there is a part of history that disagrees. It is up to you as a student of history to seek the truth. Answer 3: I think that I understand your point of view. But would you care to share a few examples?
  5. It appears from the translation that this speaker is focussing on self-reflection. Self-reflection requires humility so that one can acknowledge one's weaknesses and become a better person. But his sincerity is being translated as "oh look, shia kafirs admitting that they .....". Speaking of self-reflection, we (Muslims) have a knack for feeding on junk information. Something to ponder...
  6. Abbas.

    The logic of Athiests

    Actually, not. Because the mere existence of the One and the Ony Creator of everything can be reasoned with .... through observation, experience, and examples of our daily lives. However, the existence of a complex Creator is something you have assumed out of thin air; in fact, the only way you presumed the Creator as a complex physical entity was on the grounds that the creation is also a complex physical being. In your material world, when you add complexities to a Creator, what you do not understand is that you are limiting the Creator. The Shia School does not attach such limits to the One and the Only Creator.
  7. Rather than judging your father in public, I would suggest that you focus on your goal of becoming an independent and a sincere Muslim who pays due taxes. I do not think that you will be questioned on the day of judgment regarding the obligations of your father. As for this world, you are bound (by fate) to face the consequences of how people around you act and react. The important thing is how you respond ..........
  8. Abbas.

    The logic of Athiests

    Didn't you just assume that God is a complex being like other creatures and therefore in need of a Creator?
  9. Abbas.

    going against the Quran

    I am sometimes surprised at a Shia who knows very well that Imam Ali respectfully sent Ayesha home after the battle of Jamal yet he/she insists upon cussing her or calling her an adulteress (God forbid). That being said, the quoted verse can hardly be used to justify the ill-doings of anyone including members of the Quresh tribe or the family of our Prophet who claimed (or still claims) their relationship of blood/kin with the Prophet P.b.u.H. Imam Ali's commentary after the battle of Jamal is worth consideration. Point being, there is room for critical analysis throughout history and no one including the "Infallible Shia Imams" are guarded against criticism just because they are related to the Prophet. In fact, in the shia school of thought, the 12 Imams of the Shias are more than just the Ahl-ul-Bayt (in its literal meaning i.e household) of the Prophet p.b.u.H. Their merit is that they are the successors of the Prophet P.b.u.H and the Divine Representatives of the One and Only God. Returning to the actual discussion, no doubt, all wives of our Prophet (P.b.u.H) are to be respected on the grounds that they are related to the Prophet p.b.u.H. But I am sure that our Prophet P.b.u.H did not advise us to ignore the ill-doings or fallacies of His family or His nation (which was also very dear to Him as a whole). Surely, if one of his family members was on the wrong path, He would have wanted another family member or a member of His beloved nation to correct the wrongdoer from amongst His specific family or the greater family of His Nation. Therefore, if there is a legitimate criticism against anyone from the household of our Prophet P.b.u.H, it should be open for discussion rather than being tugged under the carpet just because the people being criticised are related to our Prophet by blood/relation/tribe.
  10. Abbas.

    Answer requested a.s.a.p. pork, work

    In my humble opinion, these one-liner responses are mostly confusing and in fact misleading. One needs to take into account the entirety of the circumstances of a person and the customs and strict conventions of his location. And since these (one-liner) answers do not justify themselves with proper principles and rationales, they fail to give satisfactory answers to a variety of questions with similar scenarios (i.e there is a lack of a proper precedent for similar cases). Therefore, if you seek a fiqhi response, please try to consult a local competent scholar who follows the fundamental teachings of Sayyid Sistani.
  11. Abbas.

    Solving problems by Duas/Amal

    Are they charging you a fee for their services in the name of "hadiya"?
  12. Abbas.

    We have no divine nature

    How long has she spent in isolation to reach that conclusion?
  13. Abbas.

    Khums in interfaith/sect marriage ?

    This is an interesting question. I don't have the right answer based on Quranic verses and the Sunnah and traditions. But my understanding is as follows: Firstly, taxes such as zakat and khums etc. are principally the right of a government (be it Islamic or not). Secondly, if shia Scholars consider the earnings of a wife to be voluntary in nature, those earnings should not attract a tax of zakat and/or khums. The earnings of a guardian of a family should attract taxes (only). But if a government acknowledges a single mother as an independent person (in the state) with the ability to earn and provide for the family, the government has the right to enforce taxes (be them Islamic or much-more-than-Islamic). p.s plz do not rely on my personal layman view.
  14. When you fulfil the rights of Allah and His creatures (human beings and others) without showing off to others, I promise that you have pleased the court of Allah.
  15. Abbas.

    When the women is jealous

    It is not as if there is a blanket mandate for men to be jealous per desire and in all circumstances. Jealousy and envy are an ill trait. If I am not mistaken, iblees was also jealous from Adam (but the essential source of his decline was his pride and stubbornness). However, Islam has a way of addressing people in their specific societal roles. For example, the above saying concerns jealousy in men and women in their roles as husbands and wives. Islam has allowed women to marry one person at a time. Moreover, a husband has a natural tendency to protect his wife from external threats. Therefore, his emotions of jealousy against another man trying to approach his wife are viewed as a sign of faith. But since Islam has traditionally/historically allowed men to marry multiple wives at a time, a woman's jealousy in her role as a wife was seen as her lack of faith in God because she could not be patient regarding what had been allowed by Allah. That being said, it should not be assumed in today's era that the only reason women reject or do not allow their husbands to marry again is because of jealousy. Sure, jealousy is a factor. But, the purpose of marriage is to protect the institution of a family. Therefore, if a loyal, loving and a God-fearing wife fears that her immediate family will be ruined because of the misadventures of her husband, she has all the rights to question his motives and bring forth the Quranic condition of whether her husband will maintain justice. But that's just my lay opinion. Please seek further guidance from scholars.