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  1. Will you care to explain the belief about Quran in the light of following: "Jabir reported that he heard Imam Baqir saying: 'No one can claim that he has compiled the Quran as Allah revealed except a liar. The only person to compile it and memorise it according to its revelation was Ali ibn Abi Talib and the Imams who succeeded him". (Usul Kafi: 1:228) A man said that someone was reciting the Quran in the company of Imam Ja'far. The narrator said that he heard certain verses in the recitation which were not according to the recitation of the people. Imam Ja'far told the person reciting: 'Do not recite like this. Recite as the people recite until the (promised) Mahdi arrives. When the Mahdi arrives, he will recite the Quran according to its original revelation and the Quran compiled by Ali will be brought forward. (Ibid: 2.622) both are from usul-e-kafi. Your comments on that?
  2. It has been allegated/opined by Shias that Hazrat Usman (ra) was indulged in financial mismanagement (particulary in nepotism). Can you Give references from Sunni Books or atleast the books agreed upon by the mejority of sects.
  3. Khutba Hujja tul Wida:: Are there any conflicts on it too?? Lemme know coz my discussion from now is based upon it. It was said in a revelation from Allah that day " We have complete your religion today and have selected Islam as your religion." Well WE HAVE COMPLETED YOUR RELIGION TODAY. That means essentially that God has compeleted it. No more alterations/additions/subtractions.. Then who are we/you to introduce these bizzarre type of acts into it. Nabi nay kabhi matam kia. I dont think so. Hazrat Hamza was martyred but he cried on that. His sons died and he never did matam rather he strongly regretted such an act. What kind of ppl are we who are adding our own acts in the love of those who hated such acts. Just have a look on the history of Azadari, In 1920s that taazia, jaloos, zanjir aur koilon ka matam was introduced in indo-pak.
  4. Just looked at Shiites especially from the eye of a non-muslim. What would a non-muslim think about us when he sees ppl beating themselves and shedding their own blood. I once stumbled upon an article featured at greenfootball.com(if i am not wrong) which said that a special sect of muslims goes into a psychic stage at a specific time of the year where they start shedding their own blood. Well this is what he said. never mind. they have their own view but for once i had to agree. For any sane man, kindly quote one sane non-muslim reason so that i can prove to my non-muslim friends that you do right.

    Happy EID DAY!!! May Allah SHower All his Blessing On US
  6. Females in Hell...

    i was just heard it from my TEACHER :o If you say, i can provide you his ADDRESS :)
  7. Challenge From Sarmad

    Wow... main nia B.sc main 186 marks score kihay hay maths main 200 main sia, laykin yah question yaqinon main solve na kir pata... (Kia kirain. eductional system theek nahen, ahsay question parhatay tu ajj shart hum bhi geet laytay :P) 'YaMola' You've done GREAT JOB. Sarmad Sahib. app shart haar gay hay. ........ :o
  8. Does that mean we should all sit down in grief for these ten days and raise a lot of hue and cry and after that forget what happened. in my opinion the important thing to remember is for what cause did they give their lives for. correct me if i am wrong and i intend no hard feeling to all shia muslims but tell me if crying does help. does it help rinse our sins? does feeling grief guarantee a sinner a place in heaven. no. we must remember that hazrat hussain and his family gave their life for the right and fought against the might. i hope you ppl get my message. we should all solemnly observe these days but should not forget the lessons after that otherwise its just a catharsis or futile excercise rendered by our filthy souls to those who gave their souls to Allah in HIS way.

    Happy Eid DAY May Allah shower All his Blessing On US

    Ya Allah Madad. "Mayray lia Allah aor us ka Rasool he KAFI hain"
  11. Why don't sunnis do mattam?

    Well, if you can provide me some ayyat from Quran, and Ahdees that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) Also Did it, then me also do it. Aor ofcourse, main nia yah community apni Islah k lia join ki hai.
  12. (bismillah) Last Few Years Back HAfiz Mahir Mianwalvi Put Some questions on Shia SECTs, i Still didnt Get any Satisfectory answer From Shias, i'm not going to open a very huge Discussion but, place some question here just for the sake of knowledge. i think, first i should introduce myself, My name is Syed Mohammad Mudassir Bokhari, i'm from Multan, recentely done my BSC, i'm fond to read Islamic History Books, and its my hobby as well, :) well i'll post all the question, but just change the order, because, in start Most of the question are comman conflicts and everyone know about them. Q. Kia Hazrat Umer (R.A) Hazrat Ali (R.A) k Lasani Damaad Aor Syeda Ume-Kulsoom Bintay Fatimah k Shohar nahen they ? Agar app ko Inkar hay tu kia Tasleem kirnay walay mandarja Zael Shia Hazrat app sia kam-tar jantay they ya in main insaaf ka kooch Sha'a'ba Tha? 1: Sahib KAFI nia kin Ghanday Alfaz main is haqekaat ko Tasleem kia hay. "Yah Pahli Sharam Gah hai jo hum sia cheni ga'e hai" 2: Allama Shostari lithtay hain: "Agar Nabi nia Dukhtar Usman ko di tu Hazrat Ali nia Umer ko Day Di " 3: Allama AbbuJaffer Tusi (Al-Istabsar Page: 175):"Jab hazrat Umer fa'ot ho gay tu Hazrat Ali UmayKulsoom ko Idaat guzarnay k lia Ghar lay ahay", neez, tahzeeb main yah bhi rawayat hay k UmayKulsoom Bintay Ali aor UmayKulsoom ka Baita Zaid Bin Umer Bin khitab aik he sa'et main madfoon howay aor yah maloom na ho saka k phalay kohn mara, aik dosray ka kohe waris na howa. 4: Syed Murtaza ilm Mahdi mutafi nia Shafi main litha hay k Hazrat Ameer nia apni Baiti ka nikah hazrat ki marzi sia nahen kiya bulkay yah Aqad bar bar ki darkhasit per howa. Nika tu barhal ho gaya. Agar Hazrat Umer momin na they, hazrat Ali nia apni baiti sia zulam kia aor najaez kam kirwaya. Thanks, and just waiting for your respone.