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  1. Even if burning alive is really considered as one of the punishments for example for homosexual intercourse, if I were a judge I would never dare to do so ! because as I said Ali ibn abi Talib did not burn the wrongdoers alive or at least there are one or two vague hadithes about this. Most of hadithes show that they burnt the dead bodies not the alive bodies. Or Ali executed by gas not fire itself. Anyhow we are not infallible and we are just trying to discover the truths among so many hadithes. Burning alive is not mentioned as a form of execution for the sodomy in the Islamic punishment law of Iran, only execution is mentioned, which shows the form of execution is not important so there is no need that one insists on burning people alive while jurists themselves are in doubt about it. We should wait that Imam Mahdi himself returns and clarifies this vague points of history and fiqh. Allah knows the best.
  2. Well, to tell the truth most of what I have heard and read from the authentic hadithes in the books of Shias and the view of Shia jurists is that in some occasions Ali ibn abi Talib burnt the dead bodies after execution. For example : there is a Sahih hadith in the book Kafi that at the time of second caliph a gay person was arrested because of homosexual intercourse. Umar asked the elites what to do with him, Ali proposed to execute him by beheading and then burning his dead body. Also Ali executed the followers of Abdullah ibn Sabah by gas (produced by fire), not fire itself. Also he executed the certain forms of apostates by burning their dead bodies after beheading. There is a hadith that the gay person himself confessed several times to Ali ibn abi Talib and begged for the punishment. Ali proposed several forms of death that one of them was burning. The gay person himself chose burning but then he repented and Ali also let him go. Anyhow one can not deduce from the manner of Ali ibn abi Talib and Ahlul bait that they burnt the wrongdoers alive, according to the view of Shia jurists there is no authentic and reliable evidence to show that Ahlul Bait burnt the wrongdoers alive. So some of Shias do not consider burning alive as an allowable punishment and those Shias who believe it is allowed, they also believe that it can be changed with other forms of executions and I feel they prefer never burn the wrongdoers alive just because of one or two vague hadith !
  3. In fact Press-TV is not established for self-criticism. The mission of Press-TV is not so. What would be the point that they establish a purely English media to criticize themselves while most of Iranians do not speak English ! If they want to criticize themselves, they use their internal Persian media for their internal issues. For sure Iran has many shortcomings and no one claims that it is perfect and for sure Press-TV itself has shortcomings. The mission of Press-TV is to highlight the other side of the story. So you are free to listen, watch, compare and think so that you can have a realistic perspective about the truth.
  4. In the view of Arabs being old itself on it's own was a value. The tribal values of Arab nation. While in the view of Islam ........ Those who captured and occupied Fadak and refused and rejected Ali and Fatima can not be honest.
  5. They are two sides of one coin.
  6. Bissmillah Being rich and aristocracy may not be equal. It is possible that someone becomes rich but he does not live in an aristocracy. I do not know about the people you mentioned. But I am sure the leader of Iran lives like the ordinary people and the former leader of Iran also did so and usually marajih are so this is a known Islamic value, specially in the belief of Shias. Yes there may be some scholars who are not so we do not care about them. We are against aristocracy and unfortunately this disease exists in Iran like any other places.
  7. Mulla Sadra the Shia philosopher used the hadithes and narrations and Quran and then established one of the most advanced theories. Even if Sufies have reached somewhere it is because of Ahlul Bait. This philosophy is established on the beliefs of Ahlul Bait and logical deductions from those beliefs. So it is wrong to say it has no root in Islam and Shia and the beliefs of Ahlul Bait. People are free to use their wisdom without wisdom religion means nothing one can not believe in the existence of Allah and his oneness except through wisdom. Wisdom is the first step. Of course it is weak to understand everything but it can understand many things.
  8. If this is not tafviz then what is tafviz (tafwid) !? Allah delegated things, even decisions to imam and then he remained idle somewhere ! Maybe he has not used the word independent explicitly but what he says is showing this. I understand that he may want to say Mahdi is the meditate between earth and sky but he is in fact saying irrelevant things and he is exaggerating badly. In any case such clerics should get a good lesson from marajeh, one should not be allowed to play with the beliefs of people so easily. I can not rely even on one word of such clerics.
  9. She did. She (AS) should have obeyed and defended the imam of his own time Ali ibn abi Talib (AS) and she did this and she became martyred out of this. Of course she is a hujjat for us since she is infallible and moreover she would never disobey the imam of his own time Ali ibn abi Talib (AS).
  10. No you can only curse in your private ! It is better that you curse all the enemies of ahlul bait in general. In this regard even Sunnies may curse with you !
  11. No. Even in Zyiarat Ashura caliphs are not cursed explicitly.
  12. Salamun Alaikum According to the hadithes that we have from Jafar ibn Muhammad (AS) we should not curse them in public so that to annoy Sunnies and we should have fair behaviour with Sunnies, attend their funerals, pray with them and ....... Aslo Ali ibn abi Talib prevented his soldiers from insulting the army of Muawiah. This is the Sunnah. If you want to curse do it in your private life and read Zyiarat Ashura and do not annoy Sunnies. Instead use logic and so many reasons that we have about the realities of the history of Islam. """ 'Provoking the Feelings of Sunnis is a Plot Funded by the English Treasury' When you say offensive things, a wall is built around them whose material is anger and hard feelings. Under such circumstances, they cannot even stand listening to the truth. We have many cogent and logical ideas. We have many ideas that are cherished by anyone who thinks if they have the opportunity to hear them. You should allow these ideas to be heard. You should allow these ideas to have the opportunity to infiltrate the heart of the other side. When you swear and when you insult the other side, a dam is built around him with the result that your ideas are not heard at all. They will not listen. Under such circumstances, malicious, dependent and mercenary groups who receive money from America, from the CIA and from other intelligence services – groups such as DAESH, Jibhat al-Nusra and other such groups – create the situation that you witness in Iraq, Syria and other countries. And they do so by using a bunch of ordinary, foolish and ignorant individuals. This is the enemy’s job. He is waiting for an opportunity. In fact, he uses every opportunity. We have many truthful, logical and firm ideas. One small example is what I said to you today. This was related to Ghadir. """
  13. Iraq is not a settled country and it has not a settled government it is the land of fitnas nowadays. And it is very possible that such things can be false flags or mixed with propaganda or orchestrated by hypocrites. This is a big lie that a Shia kills a Sunni out of sectarian issues. We should not get deceived. The plans of colonialists and their propaganda machine are very very complicated. Instead we should look at the leaders of Shia in Iraq and elsewhere. We should look at whether the Shia leaders are after such things or not. For sure Ayatullah Sistani never endorses such things. But the fact is that Iraq has not a settled government and anybody can easily kill a Sunni and pretend that Shias kill him because of sectarian issues. Instead if we look at Iran we see that since it is a settled country and has a settled government such things are very rare except that foreign terrorists enter and make fitna. However the western and some of Arab media supported by Saudies are very inclined to propagate lies and make sectarian conflicts. So we should be careful not to accuse all Shias or Sunnies because of vague events.