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  1. Shias in Amsterdam

    Salaam to all, i will be in Amsterdam for two days Friday 29th and Saturday 20th December and wanted to meet up with some Shia muslims? any contacts will be appreciated. wasalaam
  2. Najaf Hawza Information

    Salaam & Ramadan Kareem. I am looking to join the Najaf Hawza with my wife and two kids aged 7 and 9 years old. Can anyone provide me with Schools, which are good for English Speaking Children? Also any information on Male and female Hawzas would be much appreciated - I am looking to move to Najaf by the end of this year with my family. Waslaam & Duas SD
  3. Shia's in Zurich

    Salaam Brother... Thank You for your response - The couple are from London, UK (Pakistani) - 34 and 35 - Any help would be appreciated - I believe they have already booked accommodation - however Airport Pick Up and to show them around / guided tour etc would be much appreciated.
  4. Shia's in Zurich

    Salaam to all.... I am looking to find Shia's in Zurich who will be willing to provide accommodation in Zurich from: Wednesday 8th Feb until Sunday 12th Feb 2016 for a Shia Couple. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Qom Hawza For Families

    Salaam to all, Hope the month of Ramadan is going well for all. I am looking for information for joining Hazwa for families ? What is the process for a couple with two kids aged 5 and 7 It is a family from UK who wish to join Hawza what help is available ? Any information would be much appreciated Was alarm SD
  6. Shias In Toronto

    Salaam, I would like to find out any Shias in Toronto and if they can give me the ulema who will be reciting the 2nd Ashra of Muharram? Also would like any available Shia brother who would not mind showing me around the centres in Toronto?
  7. Men With More Than 1 Wife

    Salaam, Thank you for your replies - The question I would like to ask is IF the husband is able to "treat each wife" equally - would you sisters allow ur husband to marry a 2nd wife? Also according to some maraje husband does not need the permission to marry a 2nd wife? Your input on the above will be much appreciated. Wasalaam
  8. Salaam sisters, I would like to know what our sisters think about their husbands wanting to marry a 2nd wife? And since God has given this right to men - why do so many females reject this idea? Apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I would like to know what all sisters think about the above? Wasalaam
  9. Asalumu Alaikum Brothers & Sisters, I wanted to find out if there are any Shia Brothers or Sisters who reside in Mecca, Medina or Jeddah and are able to find suitable accommodation close to the Harams for an Umra Trip of 10 days. If anyone can provide any useful information I would be grateful. Thanks and Ma'Salaama
  10. If Only I Had Been With You O Husayn...

    If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… I would have noticed the change in the winds direction When you walked out of Waleeds court leaving him in rejection The men of your family indeed accompanied you, While knowing your journey was about to begin with only a few If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… I would have witnessed the flow of your tears As you said your final farewell to your mother in despair You gathered your family in the outskirts of the city The birds, the animals, the sum, the moon looked on in pity If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… I would have followed the dust under your feet Knowing that it would lead to paradise where I will meet The prophet of Allah, who saw you give every last drop of your blood Knowing that the message of his dear son will spread like a flood If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… I would have asked your permission to be the first to give my life Running towards the battlefield ready to be cut by a sharp knife But who are those that are smiling on this great day Abbas, Ali Akbar, Kasim – it is none other than they If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… I would have witnessed the cries of Abbas your brother As he fell from the horse, armless & witnessed by his mother You attend to the body of Ali Akbar, your dear son As you lift the spear out of the chest of your loved One If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… My heart would burst seeing you left all alone You call out ‘Oh Abbas I am left on my own The babe falls out from its resting place Ready to give its 6 months life & death to embrace If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… You’re cry for water falls on deaf ears Knowing that your words wont effect nor tears The throat is cut, the arm is struck At last Ali Asghar can finally rest & be tucked If only I had been with you 0 Husayn… The tears will flow and the hearts will burst When your holy neck is severed by the one Cursed Zaineb is helpless – watching this horrific scene Unable to help, O Brother, this lady, this Queen Poem by SD
  11. Who's speaking in London this muharram?

    Salaam Alaykum, InshAllah at Al Zahra Centre, Watford we will have the following speakers reciting from Thursday 17th December 09 English Majlis - Mehdi Hasan Urdu Majlis - Nisar Abbas Daily Programs begin at 7pm. Hope the above helps, Wasalaam
  12. IS there Life on Other Planets?

    Salaam Alaykum, Some very beautiful answers to the above question - a few questions that stem from what has been said - It is said by Imam Ali (as) that when he was asked who was before Adam (as) the answer was: "Before Adam was Adam" is there any tafseer on this saying? A lot of questions stem from the answer of Imam Ali (as) Secondly since we are told by Imam Ali (as) that witihin us is a universe all together - does this indicate that we should concentrate on this universe which we are suppose to have within us. Personally I do not think we are the most advance society to date - there is evidence that centuries ago civilizations had access to much more advance technology then we do today. Hence possibility that contact was made with life on other planets ? I think from the above hadiths and Ayats it doesnt give you a crystal clear answer - which I think leaves one to dwell on this and maybe concentrate on his 'own' universe which is within him/her to understand and appreciate. ----As the famous hadith states: "To know yourself is to know your Lord"-----
  13. IS there Life on Other Planets?

    Salaam Alaykum, Since we all know that Humans are the best of creation of God! - yet created us on a planet that has the four seasons and every life one can imagine. Yet Allah Says that life exists on other planets... so how is this life or other planets helping us Humans? Or how are we affecting other forms of life on other planets? I dont think we are making any difference to other planets and how life is developing on other planets. Question the Quran & Ahlul Bayt has said there is life on other planets, surely there must be a purpose of such planets to exist and other forms of life to either benefit man or to harm man? Does that mean when the end of time (Concept of Time) comes to an END... Does that mean This whole Universe will be destroyed including all these planets and millions of stars and galaxies? Comparing the Earth to this Universe and other planets we dont even come close to the beauty and space that other planets hold. I guess the only reason why Earth is considered so specials is cause 124,000 prophets & Imamz stepped on this EARTH hence gave it its value? Plus if we are the best of Creation of God - Which I am not doubting - why has it taken us millions of years before someone could step on the Earth's Moon (Neil Armstrong) From the above its seems we are developing very very very slowly... Food for thought for everyone I suppose
  14. IS there Life on Other Planets?

    Salaam Alaykum, Dear Ali Mahdi, Thank you for the information, very fasinating and makes one think the wonderful creation of Allah(swt). From one of the Hadith you mentioned about our 6th Imam (as) - It seems like either the Imam does not want us to know what exactly is out on other planets? Why was Earth Chosen for 'mankind' to live on? And just recently they found another ring around saturn, which looks like a beautiful planet - Why havent we been adviced or given the correct tools to discover other planets? Why is there soo much secrecy about other planets? If there is life on other planets? Why can we not communicate with them? have we got any ahadith where the Imams have visited other planets? More information would be totally appreciated, wasalaam
  15. Salaam Alaykum, Not sure if this topic has been discussed or not, but wanted to find out if there is any evidence in the Quran or Ahadiths of our Imams (as) that state there is life on other planets? And Also why was EARTH chosen out of all other planets for Humans to Live? And the Imams to walk on? I would like to know any detailed accounts if any? Wasalaam