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  1. they are burning the name of Allah on the flag! Guess that didnt cross their mind, did it.....
  2. Explosion In Ashrafieh

    salam, To uncover the truth, you only need to look at who benefits from all this..... A week ago, Geagea said that the elections campign will begin in Ahsrafieh?????? He travels to Saudi Arabia then, and meets with Hariri (who knows the travel plans of AlHassan) in order to plan the next stage in their plans. As soon as Alhassan arrives back in lebanon...booooooommmmmmmm........ Now the opposition street will use the blood of alhassan to bring down the government and take full advantage of the assassination in order to come to power, attack syria and pressure Hizbollah and their allies in the country. Death, destruction and backstabbing even your closest friends are part of the international game at the levels of these lunatics!!! Dont be surprised by anything.... P.S..... Some food for thought.... why that within an hour of the explosion the March 14 alliance announced it was Alhassan that was killed, when investigators on the ground only moments ago had announced that they can not find his car or body???? People have inside info and they are not gonna divulge it for their own benefit... wsalam
  3. Friday is the 1st of Ramadhan

    Asalam ualykum, there is no need to make such comments about a lifelong scholar and source of emulation for millions of muslims! What moon?! what Planet?! This is not an attitude that is befitting of a shia Muslim which yearns to follow the example of Ahlul bayt and their high level of akhlaq. Ayt. Fadlallah, is saying that it is possible to have the first day of Ramadan be on 2 different days in different parts of the world. If you share the same longitude of a an area that has sighted the moon, then you fall under the same sky. Since the moon has was born on thurs. Aug. 20th in the south Indian Ocean and stretching westward, the whole of the world has the first of Ramadan on Friday. (the only exception will be Australia, new Zealand and to other area east of where the moon was born) Please use the following site for verification www.moonsighting.com wsalam
  4. Asalam ualykum, I am a history teacher in the USA and would like to ask for assistance. I am trying to start up a penpal program for one of my classes and having a hard time doing it on an international level. If there are any brothers or sisters that are in high school (10th, 11th, or 12th graders) ages 14, 15, 16, that could ask their teachers to set up a penpal, I would greatly appreciate it. Another option would be for brothers and sisters on this forum to let me know if they would be interested in joining a penpal program. The students are all shia, muslim from lebanon, Iraq, palestine, pakistan, and Syria. I can match you up with a sister or brother and you can both correspond by mail or email, we can decide later. So if anyone can assist that would be great!!! and Ajarakum Allah!!! to contact me personally, do so at modabaja@hotmail.com wsalam
  5. Pierre Gemayel - assassinated

    salams, My 2 cents....... Israel with internal lebanese traiters (gaegea) The silencers were sent via the US embassy which is one Km away. The killing was done and the culprits went there, it takes 2 minutes to get there. No muslim in their right mind would walk the streets in that area in broad daylight and take out a member of a respected family. Like a gangster taking out another person on the others turf in their faces in the light of day, psycho and would definitely be caught and killed. Also, Geagea said a week ago that he beleives that there is going to be assassinations of parlimentarians and ministers soon. What is this guy a prophet, or did he have some freudian slip? I think he knew what was about to go down..... The Hizb, was about to start their democratic and peaceful protests, and this puts all their plans on hold. It does not serve their purposes. I only hope that the people and the evidence that they have will yeild good info on who is really behind it and it is not hidden and the blame put on the wrong people. Mossad+USA+Geagea=problems for all of lebanon.
  6. Where are all the Sunnis?

    salams, Hey monkey, no one asked ur stooges in the gulf to kill someone and then walk in their funeral.....ok...... buzz off....no one asked those hypicrates and enemies of Islam for help......like sayid hassan said..."we dont need your help, just stay silent, and dont give backing to the enemy" wsalam ala man itaba' alhuda
  7. salams, 3 billion is 100 times more, not 30 times more than 30 million dollars...... wsalam
  8. Please pray for Lebanon

    Listen Moron, You have no idea what the situation is like. The Israeli's invade Lebanese airspace and its waters on a daily basis. They have kidnapped fisherman and farmers on the seas and on the lebanese lands. You shut your ignorant mouth and go play your little playstation. Or better yet, go and listen to the lies that are spewed out by the bias American Media that only shows one side of the story. The killing of civilians in their homes mostly children and women is unjustified under any circumstance. They had their army attacked and they retaliate against civilian infrustructure. Anyways, enough with wasting my time with ignorants that live across the sea........May Allah protect the people of Lebanon and Palestine and the whole of the Muslim Ummah.
  9. More Bakri/Wahabi Misyar Filth

    salams, Bro Coloreal, you are right in what you say! The issue here is the name that is being used. The sayid is saying in general that no matter what name you call it, as long as it fullfils the requirements of temporary or permenant marriage, then it is valid. You guys are speaking as if the Sunni marriage is not valid or something. Do this....Get a paper and make 2 columns. Put all the requirements for Misyar on one side and the requirements of Muta'a on the other side. You will see the striking similarities. You have to understand that the Sunni world is finally coming around to the reality of the modern world in regards to this issue. It is unfortunate that they will not name it Muta'a, but none the less they are coming over to see the validity of the practice as seen through the eyes of the Shia'a Muslims. I fail to understand you guys obsession with daming the Sunnis/bakris or what ever name you call them to eternal damnation. It is your duty to pull them to the path of Muhammad wa Ale Muhammad (as) with a sweet tongue. They are getting there, so dont push them away and make enemies of us. You Ajer is with Allah (swt) wsalam
  10. salam, I have been always told that it is not wajib, but mustahab! You can say it in your athan but you should be aware and you intention must be that you know it is not part of the original Athan. It is like, when you say extra things in your prayer....you know that these things are not part of the obligatory parts of prayer, but you say them for extra credit. Same thing with the sahadah. There are Marjie that will allow you to say it in your athan, but not in the Iqama. They say that the Iqama could be counted as part of the prayer, and we dont want to add things to it. Anyways, I dont think this is that complicated an issue. wsalam
  11. Men praying behind women!

    salams, Thank you, I truly beleive in this practice, no doubt, for various reasons. I do however have a right as a muslim to run any practice through the gaunglet of criticism to see if it stands the test. Every time I said something, she would say, well dont women look at mens behinds with attraction. or you dont think that men can be distracting to women. She always flipped it. I will never give up most people when they want to learn more about Islam, but the west is very ethnocentric, in that their practices are the apex of human acheivement, and others have to yearn to catch up to them. I will, with this lady, try to avoid a discussion only because she is not asking to learn, but to mock. I will ask politely to change the topic, and possibly refer her to adequate resources. This is the reason I asked for web or literary refernces, that anyone can assist me with. I mean can we say that women can lead prayer with men, with certain precautions taken? I am not sure, amongst the muslim community, this doesnt seem to be that big an issue. I mean, can god only hear her if she is at the front of the mosque, or church or temple? salams
  12. Asalam ualykum, I was approached by a very hard headed So called Christian Feminist Psycho, lol and asked that is it true that women have to pray behind men in your mosque? I tried my best to give her the full picture about the limitations on intermingling and contact between the sexes in Islam and that it is indecent for women to bend over in front of men, and that it is not an issue of women being inferior.... She was harsh and borderline rude, she was like "give me a straight answer"! She was saying that I, as a women, cant pray in front of god in (she kept on saying temple) and worship, I have to be in the back. I need a book, and or web link that fully explains this issue. I think she was try to get at the issue of men leading prayers and men giving khutba, and so forth, and why not the women leading prayers. She was asking because she was listening on the radio to Amena Wadud, I belive, who was the one that led that prayer in New York. This lady has totally screwed it up. She heard her say, that she is a Doctor, and that men are controlling the religion, and all this gibrish. Sorry for making this so long, but this discussion with this lady disturbed me, and she did not ask me to be enlightened, but to mock....she had already made up her mind. Any link and or conclusive reading material would be greatly appreciated. wsalam
  13. What is the Shia position on the Nusayri sect

    salams, There are 3 types of Alawis in the past and today, and they are: 1. The ones who believed that the message was brought down on the Prophet (pbuhahf) by accident and it was suppse to be brought down on Ali (as). They are no longer in existence. 2. The ones that belived that Ali (as) was a god (astgfarallah) as the christians did to Prophet Issa (as). They are no longer in existence today as well. 3 The third group are the ones that belive that there was one true succesor to the prophet and he was Imam Ali (as). They dont take the first 3 calpihs, but also do not take the 12 Imam side either. They beleive in the one legit Imam after the prophet. ---They are the oens in existence today, and many are in Syria! Sayid Moussa Alsadar once visited them and asked them questions about their beleifs and he came to the conclusion that they are the closest to the shia of the other sects, and they are definitely Muslim! I hope that was helpful, wsalam
  14. Fatima(as) Incident

    salams, Even a Fathlallah follower says that there is no doubt that it did happen. lol....!!!! The details are scetchy, but all I can say is that if Umar did or did not do it, it does not lessen or add from how screwed up he was in everything else. I know from countless sources that he did threaten sayidda Fatima (as), and to burn the house down with all those in it. If he did act in a way to lead to her Martydom then that is an addition to all the other dispicable acts that he commited to the whole of the Ahlul Bayt. Did or didnt do it, he cant not get to a lower point in my mind anyways. salams
  15. Miracle in Columbia the place

    salams, what if it was the other peoples god that saved them!? peace